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  1. chIqe

    _Shed's Biography: Vivien Sodenbergh

    Vivien Sodenbergh Basic Information (Written IC) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First Name: Vivien Surname: Sodenbergh Birth name: Vivien Solana Sodenbergh Preferred Name: Vivien Aliases: Viv, Vi, Vi-Vi, Solana, Sober, Soso Gender: Female Age:23 Height...
  2. chIqe

    _Comb's Biography: Giovanna Novikov

    GIOVANNA NOVIKOV Basic Information (Written IC) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First Name: Giovanna Surname: Novikov Birth name: Giovanna Novikov Preferred Name: Gia Aliases: Giovanna, Gia, Vans, Gigi Gender: Female Age:14 Height: 5’5 Weight: 110lbs...
  3. chIqe

    Accepted _Shed | Biology Professor Application

    OOC SECTION What is your Minecraft username?: _Shed Do you have any previous bans/warnings?: One previous ban over a year ago was appealed. (On a separate account) What is your time zone?: CST What is your discord username and discriminator? (e.g. Tippie#6666): Chloeee#4947 Link all...
  4. chIqe

    Roman Novikov Biography| _Waff

    Roman Novikov (Roman at a party for his high school. Prom King) Basic Information (Written IC) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First Name: Roman Surname: Novikov Birth name: Roman Novikov Preferred Name: Roman Aliases: INU, Romy, Ro-Ro, Uncle Ro Gender: Male...
  5. chIqe

    Soren J. Paskova's Biography

    Soren J. Paskova Basic Information (Written IC) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First Name: Soren Surname: Paskova Birth name: Soren Johann Paskova Preferred Name: Soren/ Johann Aliases: Soren, Johann, JJ Gender: Male Age:19 Height: 5’10 Weight: 170lbs...
  6. chIqe

    Accepted Lawyer | _Comb's Application

    PLAYER INFORMATION In-game Name: _Comb Previous bans (include appeal links): Yes for ERP, around December of 2021 on alt IGN:_Waff ( I no longer have access to my ban appeal link, though it was accepted) Discord Tag: Chloeee#4947 Do you have a working microphone?: Yes, and I am fully...
  7. chIqe

    Malakai G. Laurent

    Malakai G. Laurent Basic Information (Written ICLY) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First Name: Malakai Surname: Laurent Birth name: Malakai Grayson Laurent Preferred Name: Malakai Aliases: Kai Gender: Male Age:18 Height: 5’7 Weight: 150lbs Build: I’m...
  8. chIqe

    Whats your favorite quote from.... pt.2

    Once again, I am intrigued. Let me know what your favorite quote is from Euphoria. Place a warning for spoilers if applicable!
  9. chIqe

    Favorite Srp quotes.

  10. chIqe


    Cute!!!!! Cant wait to meet them <3
  11. chIqe

    What's your favorite quote from....

    LMAOOOOO TRUE <3 I never understood it...
  12. chIqe

    What's your favorite quote from....

    I'm not sure what time it is for whoever is reading this, but I thought I would indulge your mind with a bit of entertainment. What is your favorite quote from the Twilight movies/books?
  13. chIqe

    Reyes Sauveterre

    mommy-sorry, mommy-sorry <3
  14. chIqe

    Reyes Sauveterre

    REYES SAUVETERRE Basic Information (Written IC) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First Name: Reyes Surname: Sauveterre Birth name: Reyes Isabella Sauveterre Preferred Name: Reyes/Rey Aliases: Rey, Rey-Rey Gender: Female Age:18 Height: 5’4 Weight: 110lbs...
  15. chIqe

    ~ Mr.Belov's Biography ~

    Shaun A. Murphy-Belov Basic Information(Written IC) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First Name: Shaun Birth Name: Sergei Anthony Murphy-Belov Surname: Murphy-Belov Preferred Name: Shaun, Mr.Belov Gender: Male Age: 28 Height: 6’4 Weight: 170 lbs Build: Ectomorph...
  16. chIqe

    Edward F. Belov's Biography

    Edward F. Belov Basic Information (Written IC) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First Name: Edward Surname: Francis. Belov Birth name: Evgenii Francis Belov Preferred Name: Edward Aliases: Ed, Eddie Gender: Male Age:18 Height: 6’4 Weight: 160lbs Build: Ectomorph...
  17. chIqe

    Accepted Science Teacher Application

    Out-Of-Character Information What is your Minecraft Username?: _Shed Do you have Discord (If so, what is your discord username?): Chloeee#4947 Do you have a microphone?: Yes. How old are you? (Optional): 18. What is your time zone?: CST (UTC -6). Do you acknowledge that if you are...