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  1. neonted

    Srp art binge

    I'm gonna start making random Srp character art. I have hit massive a massive artblock and don't know what to draw, but I want to draw! So I'm using yall as a creative outlet tyvm. Here is some random stuff I've made recently.
  2. neonted

    spooky- don't open

  3. neonted

    Item glitch

    IGN: neonted VEHICLE OR ITEM NAME: Fendi Backpack EVIDENCE: Picture provided ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: So my Fendi backpack turned into a stick with the same name as the backpack when i went to take it off. Happened the 2nd time I took it off my character.
  4. neonted

    Ban Appeal

    Your In Game Name:neonted Admin Who Banned You (Tag them with @ before their name, it should be in your ban appeal.): @suneaterchan Server [Discord/SchoolRP]: SchoolRp What were you banned for?: Failure to comply with staff after several warnings Why should you be unbanned?: First off i didnt...
  5. neonted

    Grade Not Upgrading

    For the past 10 hours or so my character has been stuck at the *youre at max grade* and it wont go up from grade 7 ign:neonted rpn:Ryuji Takanashi