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  1. will!

    mendes and cabello

    mendes and cabello
  2. will!

    i love it when you call me senoritaaaaa

    i love it when you call me senoritaaaaa
  3. will!


    20/01/22 Meikan Masuo Hi, Karakura. Sorry that this report took so long to make. It's been five days since the event at the town hall and my goal in mind was to give people enough information to create their own opinion on the situation, albeit the lack of controversy that the court case and...
  4. will!

    birdy wayne

    when can we get the mf biography, brooke.
  5. will!

    Mia C. Bozzelli (will finish eventually...)

    suggestion: before you continue on doing your biography, i suggest you come up with a biography format, that way you can sort of answer questions the given circumstances your character faces, like when they were born. what do they have that stands out etc.
  6. will!

    any performance clients good for the server

    leave optifine alon :(
  7. will!

    Karakura News | Kishi Division breaching

    update discord in ur signature
  8. will!

    What is all of your signatures?

    wtf man.. i was so hyped about th release of it. -1000 social credit
  9. will!

    What is all of your signatures?

    compendium when
  10. will!

    Karakura News | DAY IN THE LIFE: SHOPKEEPER!

    15/01/22 Meikan Masuo It took me over a week to plan and decide who to interview, but as soon as I saw that they were open, I sniped an interview with your local bakery shopkeeper, Minari Seo. I have more planned for this series, so stay tuned and of course, enjoy! MM: Hi! What's your name...
  11. will!

    If you had 10 million yen…

    I would invest half of it into a potential shop if I decided to ever run one so that I would be able to start with enough funds to keep the shop going for a bit. With the other 5 million, I would probably use it for things such as skins (not auctions, as they can be quite pricey depending on the...
  12. will!

    Who's your favorite author?

    apologies for the late response! i was planning on responding to this earlier, but my fav author is michael morpurgo
  13. will!

    What is your favourite SRP Moment?

    that moment when Meikan Masuo 1v2'd Seno Soda and Io Sonozaki because she trespassed
  14. will!

    Karakura News | DAY IN THE LIFE: CLUB-LEADER!!

    05/01/21 Meikan Masuo Interviewed someone today. Felt nice. To be more specific, I was interviewing a new club leader who joins the leader roster of 11 to around about 13 people.. Anyway, today we interviewed the Frenchman in charge of the Cosplay Club, Valentin Moreau. MM: Hey man. Wanna...
  15. will!

    Karakura News | Flora Bust makes a comeback!

    tozen akihito is like deepwoken lore
  16. will!


    01/01/22 Meikan Masuo Hey folks! I hope you’re having a great day, ‘cause I most definitely am! In this series of reports, we’ll be going over what it is like for members of each side of society and what they go through on a daily basis. Today, we’ll be interviewing a suspended student, who...
  17. will!


  18. will!


    actually it's tion wayne not russ LOOL
  19. will!


    it's a russ millions song
  20. will!


    man, I'm still upon the roads, could've left, still chatting to my bros on the tech fuck that, man, I don't give a F what you wanna get, smoked? Cigarette