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  1. hebwig

    Official EVENTS | Event Zones & Information

    Inspired from our sister server, FantasyRP, event team is now introducing Event Zones on SchoolRP! These are places on the map in which you may request an interaction with by contacting one of the zone managers below for special insight on Karakura's lore! Whether you're talking to former...
  2. hebwig

    Format Event Team | Information, Format, & More

    INFORMATION: ➢ Interested in SchoolRP's event team? You've come to the right place! We are a group of ten individuals who actively help out different factions with all sorts of events; crime-related, school events, alternate universe events for our event server and major vacation events for our...
  3. hebwig


    This is a short story belonging to my original characters on SchoolRP. Perhaps you can metagame Hisakawa Aruto's existence. . . _______________________________________ This wasn’t a place for legends. The hall was only for those on their way to becoming a legend, a place comparably smaller...
  4. hebwig


    REGULAR KARAKURA HOSPITAL APPLICATION This application includes many spoilers on original characters belonging to the SchoolRP universe. Out-Of-Character (OOC) Section IGN (In-Game Name): fagh Previous bans: I have a previous ban, dated to 2016, which lasted for three hours. The reason...
  5. hebwig


    ____________________________________ The last purge to take place was in SchoolRP's 2017 map, Takashima, where families and friends disappeared left and right through chaos. On May 1st of 2021, the event team will recreate it on a larger, more detailed, and more chaotic scale. Taking place in...
  6. hebwig

    SchoolRP | Event Suggestion Thread

    ────────────────────────────────────────── The event team of the RPH staff are looking for your event ideas! Recently, we have been striving to involve the players more in hosting their own events and getting a hands-on experience with the team. If you have an event that you or your group of...
  7. hebwig

    Monoamine Oxidase Enzyme Concerns of Karakura

    デュエット/ duet [!] This information can be metagamed. Many have spoken of food in Karakura laced with a translucent green luster, firstly ignored by its consumers. However, many have fallen subject to "poisoning" efforts done precisely by a popular group of individuals in this town. For...
  8. hebwig

    ulkuva's Hospital Application

    Current In-Game Name (IGN): fagh (main account: ulkuva) What timezone are you in?: Central Standard/Daylight Time Zone (US, GMT -6) Do you have Discord, if so what is it?: Yes, ulkuva#9031. Specify your activity on the server and how long you’ve been associating yourself on Roleplay Hub: I...
  9. hebwig


    Under permission of the Journalist Club of Karakura Schools, I (Renge Yamabuki) were able to share a poll regarding the quality of school and its events, faculty, and students. Below is a summarization of the results per this poll. The first question asked toward students, alumni, and teachers...
  10. hebwig


    ──────────────────────── [CLICK ME FOR DISCORD] ──────────────────────── Tanteidan X is the tenth spinoff of the Tanteidan Kyowakoku, a nation-famous volunteer organization that prides itself on solving corruption and mystery in the world of crime and occult. It is essentially an organization...
  11. hebwig


    IGN: ulkuva DATE: 07/08/2020 FEEDBACK: It has come to my attention that actions which are copied and pasted have returned to the rulebook. I am strongly against this decision and I express why (and a better solution to balancing CopRP vs. GangRP) below. I vividly remember as a staff member...
  12. hebwig

    Custom Animal Whitelist Permissions

    IGN: ulkuva DATE: 09/04/2020 WHAT YOU NEED TO SUGGEST OR MENTION: Allow those with the custom animal whitelist on school grounds, but say that there can be IC (in-character) consequences (being thrown out, maybe even assault permissions?!). Or, allow them to only go on the outdoor parts of the...
  13. hebwig

    RENGE YAMABUKI | 山吹 恋華

    This biography has been omitted for lack of character spoiling.
  14. hebwig

    Official KAMIGE | カミゲ | Anonymous Chatroom, Join Link & More

    "Whether you're a criminal or a student or just a resident of Karakura, it's about time you joined . . ." ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ KAMIGE is the revival of Karakura's first underground anonymous messageboard, made for all things related to Karakura. Whether you're fawning over the college football team...
  15. hebwig

    ✧・゚: * skin requests *:・゚✧

    No no no no i dont do mind craft skins anymore! It's been two years fellas! Stop it now!
  16. hebwig


  17. hebwig


    IWOJIMA MLYNEK MEASUREMENTS: HEIGHT: 172 CM WEIGHT: 68 KG BWH: 88CM - 68CM - 93CM DESCRIPTION: A rebellious young woman of little words with dyed green hair that is as straight as bone. She has a faintly Polish accented voice and freckles spotted across her entire face. She wears bulky...
  18. hebwig

    [IC] Karakura Awards Ceremony

    KARAKURA HIGH SCHOOL AWARDS CEREMONY BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE SCHOOL COUNCIL AUGUST 24TH @ 9PM BST Attention all students of Karakura High! You are invited to our very own Awards Ceremony coming up next week! At the ceremony, we will be announcing several awards for several categories. Some of...
  19. hebwig

    Maou Hilde || マオヒルデ

    [ CHARACTER BIOGRAPHY ] AGE: 15. YEAR: Grade 9 (Freshman/Year 1). ETHNICITY: Japanese-American. RELIGIOUS DENOMINATION: Agnosticism. SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Homosexual (Lesbian). BIRTHPLACE: Karakura, Japan. Thank you to @Aania for allowing me to use this screenshot of the map...
  20. hebwig

    erove's doodle requests !!

    hey !!! i've decided that i want to do doodle requests for no particular reason, but if you want one you can just submit a little application here! they're very simple, hence why they are requests and why they are free. and, of course, i'm not going to have you request anything when u dont even...