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  1. epimyth

    Housing issues

    USERNAME: Epimyth APARTMENT COORDINATES (F3 TO VIEW): X: 1532.300 Y: 18 Z:758.417 ISSUE: I can't remove any blocks, and /apartment reverse doesn't work after trying it twice. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: N/A
  2. epimyth

    Sumiye Quinn | Character Biography

    OK.. HAIDEN.
  3. epimyth

    Sumiye Quinn | Character Biography

    Sumiye Quinn "UGH, BOYS!" FIRST NAME: Sumiye LAST NAME: Quinn PREFERRED NAMES: Sumi Sum Sumiye Miye Mi GENDER: Female PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers AGE: 18 OCCUPATION: Highschool Student [Track Team] HEIGHT: 4'11 "I'M STILL GROWING!" WEIGHT: 72 pounds (5.1 Stone) DOB: March 4th, 2003...