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  1. Orien

    Debate Club | Oriqx_

    IGN of Club Leader (In-Game Name): Oriqx_ RPName of Club Leader: Orien ‘Oreo’ S. Lacrosse Discord Tag (Discord#0000#): Oriqx_#5498 Permanent Discord invite to the club discord: Click Me! Why should you become a club leader over other applicants, what abilities or ideas do you have that could...
  2. Orien

    Housing Problems | OrienDreads

    USERNAME: OrienDreads APARTMENT COORDINATES (F3 TO VIEW): 1653 , 29 , 1254 ( 1653.0.37 , 29.00000 , 1254.300 ) ISSUE: Just bought an apartment and there is the past owners chests still in the apartment, they're unbreakable. All I need is for some with a 'GMC' to go in a remove it. ADDITIONAL...
  3. Orien

    Orien S. Lacrosse

    Orien S. Lacrosse —------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ◜Basic Information◝ The birthdate of which Orien was born, was honestly not that special. He was born August 21st, 2003 in a small village in Russia. It is to...
  4. Orien

    My White Cat Backpack Glitched AGAIN

    My Problem Was Fixed In Game
  5. Orien

    My White Cat Backpack Glitched

    IGN : RestingSoul ITEM : White Cat Backpack EVIDENCE : WHAT HAPPENED : I was trying to put it on by right clicking and then it turned into this .