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0Kashoot_Myself0 - Language Application

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by SaphireFox15, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. SaphireFox15

    SaphireFox15 Canada Level 1

    Mar 29, 2020
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    2:02 PM
    IGN: 0Kashoot_Myself0
    Language your character knows: Spanish (Please remove Gaelic)
    How does your character know this language?:
    Toma Hisashi

    He was born in Ireland, where at the age of 2 his parents got a divorce and dropped him off at an orphanage, he was bullied by his peers and even his new friends when everyone hit the age of talking, when he turned 8 his self-esteem was very low and he talked to people with his head down in a quiet voice. He waited 5 years to finally get adopted, his new parents were in Ireland for there honeymoon when they decided to adopt a kid as they were 'Unable' to have one of there own. As soon as all the papers were signed they got on a plane to head to Mexico, Querétaro City where he would then spend the majority of his life! Since everyone there was speaking Spanish it was very hard for him to learn but he managed with his parents translating everything to him, when he turned 14 he was finally going to school where he could learn the culture and language! During middle school he had an E.A follow him around to translate everything the kids were saying as well as a special learning teacher to teach him Spanish. 3 years go by and he now just went to small learning sessions with the Spanish teacher every lunch to help him with grammar problems and slight slurs he was having, this happened over the course of 3 months when the teacher decided it was time he didn't need help anymore and set him off all on his own. At this point, he could read, spell, and even sing in Spanish! During his time in school, he was very unhappy since he had no friends and everyone talked behind his back though he never said anything as he was too scared to confront anyone... This led to severe anxiety, trust issues, and low self-esteem stress also eventually caught up to him and he just couldn't handle it anymore.. when he was 16 7 months into grade 10 he asked his parents if they could move somewhere far away from Mexico, and turns out his parents were also thinking the same thing and wanted to move to Japan so of course, they did and moved. He was set back a grade in high school though this didn't affect him, the learning gap did and he was set back to square one.. New language, New Culture all over again in Karakura high school.
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  2. Xeltzy

    Xeltzy United States Level 2

    Apr 19, 2020
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    Very good
  3. NukaRndz

    NukaRndz United States Level 67

    Oct 16, 2017
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    What's next?!
    There are two main ways to request your language from here

    Firstly you could do /help on the server with your application linked, and ask nicely for an Admin+ to help you out so you can be given your Language

    Your second option would be to
    Link this application in #help in the discord linked here;
    and ask if any Admins or higher are online for you to be given the language.​