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A Guide to Roleplay

The key to having an enjoyable experience on SchoolRP is, undoubtedly, your roleplay experience. In order to even have a roleplay experience, you must put effort into becoming involved in roleplay. You need to remember to keep the experience enjoyable for everyone around you, too. Whether you are an experienced player or not, this guide will likely be helpful in one way or another and I truly recommend seeing it through to the end.

Before beginning, you must bear in mind that involving yourself in roleplay will require an open mind. It takes interacting with other players from all different origins; Players that you might not be familiar with, players who have been on the server for a longer or shorter time than you, those who may have different roles or roleplay styles, etc. It will take patience and willingness to put yourself into different situations. A player’s tag or skin should not determine whether or not you should roleplay with them.

Roleplay, in the recent months, has become secluded to specific groups and players have grown close-minded and stuck to specific cliques. It’s time to become a community again.

**This is not a guide to character creation or roleplaying in general. If you’re in search of one of those, you should check out the guides–some of which are official, and others, community-made.




**PART ONE is recommended for new players to read through. If you already know your way around the server and are experienced, PART TWO will likely be the most beneficial–even for older players!
I recommend ALL members of the community read this. Staff, player, community team member–no matter what, read it. No matter who you are, taking what is written here into account should benefit the community GREATLY.



The first step to getting involved in roleplay is locating people to roleplay with. This is primarily geared toward those players who may be newer or unfamiliar with SchoolRP’s mechanics & trends. Certain locations on the map are particularly booming in activity. If you’re struggling to find a situation to involve yourself in, you may be interested in seeking out what might be considered the “social hotspots” on the map. Even if you run around the entire map, you may find that most public areas are empty.*

A frequent occurrence on SchoolRP is the fact that many roleplay scenarios become private and/or secluded. Players will consistently roleplay within a small group inside of a private location, like an apartment. This can make it difficult for other players to locate active roleplay and even discouraging when they’re pushed away.

TIP: Try getting out of your comfort zone when it come to RP. Do something you haven't done before!

There are two specific locations where players can be found roleplaying. The most well-known of the two is what has been dubbed by players to be the plaza -- the location you’re summoned to as soon as you type /warp spawn. Many players hover around it in search of roleplay or even just something to do themselves. Secondly, the family store just down the street to the left of the plaza is another great location to roleplay. While it is far less populated than spawn, small events go on there occasionally -- even those run by players! It’s worth checking it out every now and then for something interesting.

Access to other locations, such as sports team houses, are limited to specific roles. Unforgettably, the school is another hotspot for roleplay during school hours! Players spread out throughout the school, making those 2 hours of school time each IC day one of the best times to seek out roleplay.

Bear in mind though – These are all locations on the server where roleplay may be the most prominent. That isn’t to say you cannot find it elsewhere! Perhaps in some more obscure locations, those you may not think about. . .you will find the most interesting roleplay.


The next step to roleplaying is getting involved in roleplay. Thankfully, on SchoolRP, there are plenty of ways to do this – whether it’s by walking up to an ongoing situation & writing out your character's reaction to become a part of it, or by inserting your character in a sports team. If you are stumped, here are a few ideas that may help you out, but this is only the tip of the iceberg! Remember. . .it’s roleplay. There are endless possibilities as to what you may decide to do.

TIP: It's important to be involved in the community! Put yourself out there and create a name and reputation for your character. Develop bonds and create interesting dynamics and an engaging narrative.

It is no secret that one of the easiest ways to get involved on the server is through sports teams. It could be through a roleplay-oriented team like swim or cheer that relies on bonding and writing, or a sport like football that thrives off of a plugin, practice & skill. There are quite a handful of sports teams, all of which players are free to try out for if they’re interested and meet the criteria. Likewise, there are plenty of clubs that players are free to join should they choose to. Some require application.

By joining these teams & groups, you may be left to wonder what benefits it might bring you other than a weekly practice date and the possibility of participating in a seasonal tournament. Believe it or not—these groups of players are usually brimming with roleplay opportunities! You are met with like minded individuals with common interests out of character, those who are wishing to involve themselves with the community a bit more. In-character, it’s not much different! Joining teams reels you into what you might be able to consider some kind of “pre-set” group. Even if you feel lost, you can always say hi to a teammate and get involved with your team in roleplay. Frequently, teams will hold closer bonds and partake in events together—even those that are only dedicated to in-character bonding!

Who is to say you cannot start a scene, too? Sports teams, since their initial debut on the server, have always held a reputation. It has been noticeable in the past few months that these reputations have died down. Players have become more secluded, and no one really has a “name” for themselves anymore. It’s all player-dependent though. It is up to you to get out there with your team… you can even work together. It is the perfect way to begin getting involved on the server.

Sports teams & clubs also have the privilege to participate in specific events, clubs even harboring the opportunity to pitch them on their own. Even as a player, depending on your stand in the community, you can influence it.

TRY OUT INFO HERE: #announcements
CLUB ROSTER HERE: #council-and-clubs-roster

Perhaps roleplaying on a sports team or even just as a student is not your cup of tea. Thankfully, much more than just student roles are offered on the server! Easily, you can indulge in different genres of roleplay. Police officer? You bet. Shopkeeper? Teacher, even? Roleplay-packed government roles exist, too, like lawyers and judges. Each applicable role offers unique roleplay experiences, all of which involve…. the community! Being in touch & a part of the community is, once again, incredibly important.


Did you know players are even able to start their own groups and organizations? Even gangs, if you’re feeling wild enough. You have the power to start something incredible all on your own. In-character bands have become popular in the recent months, and many have had their own flash events revolving around those bands! It’s all organized by players… and it’s a great way to interact with the community. These all promote unique roleplay experiences & community interaction!


Primarily hosted by the server’s event team and coordinated by our own administrator Hebwig, server events are another great way to get involved! This could be by assisting behind the scenes or attending them firsthand.

The event team is wonderful at creating events that allow for the inclusion of players. There’s usually various chances for the playerbase to directly involve themselves and become a part of that event. What they may feat, you have to discover on your own accord…


Finally, one of the best ways to involve yourself with the community is to simply get out there. Approach whoever and roleplay with everyone. Do great things on your own, even. Create a character that becomes a star, pizza delivery person, vigilante—whatever your heart desires! You require no special permissions to roleplay. Write whatever narrative you want to.

Etiquette when it comes to roleplay & writing is crucial when creating not only an enjoyable and entertaining roleplay environment, but also a fair roleplay environment. The baseline is fairly known across the server. No one appreciates toxic comments in /looc, or when someone takes an action your character did as an out of character offense when it’s… strictly in character. These are perfect ways to chase away members of your community. What else may drive away players, though?

As already touched on, one of the most important “rules” of roleplay—if not the most important—is understanding that roleplay does not equal real life. What your character says and does is completely separate from you as a person. A character is fictional, remember that! Roleplay can easily become awkward when someone self projects onto their character excessively. Sharing a few traits isn’t an issue until your character becomes yourself. Likewise, what another person's character says or does to yours is strictly roleplay.

You should not view your character as yourself. Let this also serve as a friendly reminder that, just because a character is disliked, does not mean it is necessarily a bad character! This can be true in some cases (Mary sues, poor representations, or generally poorly written characters such as throwaways) but in most cases, it’s just distaste toward a character’s personality and not you as a person or your skill. Player A may dislike Player B’s character for having bad morals, but that does not mean Player A doesn’t like Player B, and that doesn’t mean that Player B wrote a bad character.

Powergaming, yet another commonly known rule, is something you should stray from doing. What it’s typically known as is overpowered actions or actions where you force the other party’s reaction in your own action. This can be seen in other ways too, though—even in ways you might least expect it. Having your character lack a reaction to an action is a common occurrence that often goes unnoticed. Keeping roleplay scenarios balanced is critical!

OOC behavior in roleplay is rather significant. While roleplaying, you should always ensure to be respectful of who you are interacting with. That especially means following Server Rules and Health & Safety Guidelines. It should be common sense to talk to other players with courtesy, but this still tends to slip players’ minds. Remember to keep boundaries in mind, too. Making players uncomfortable while roleplaying is never favorable and should be avoided at all costs, even if most sensitive topics are already forbidden on the server.

Once more–OOC should never carry or seep into IC. Do not antagonize your roleplaying partners. You also should refrain from using the excuse of something being “IC” to be toxic toward a player you may dislike out of character. While it is roleplay, it is never acceptable to use it as some sort of smokescreen to avoid consequences.

Respect is important to portray to other players, and it’s important to take the time to understand other players’ feelings. Note that you are on a roleplay server. Many players put a lot of effort into their characters and care about said characters.

When actively roleplaying, try your best to match the other party’s energy! If someone attempts to roleplay with you, even if you don’t know them, it’s always worth giving them a shot. That means offering a full-hearted action in return, as opposed to dry or lacking responses in hopes of them leaving. Who knows… that unsuspecting person could become a good friend! It is always worth giving people a chance. Once more, keeping roleplay balanced is crucial. Adequate reactions should always be delivered. Otherwise, it’ll halt a storyline.

If you find that roleplay is running dry, remember you have a lot of creative liberty on the server. You can create scenarios, discover conflict, come up with your own story, etc, in order to create a fleshed out roleplay situation to further the narrative. You do not have to wait for something to happen.

This is, undoubtedly, the longest section of the guide. In spite of that, though, it is probably most paramount.

Before we delve further into this, I have information to share that may be shocking…

This is not good roleplay. A common misconception on the server is that long, detailed actions = good roleplay. More often than not, these actions contain run-on sentences, excessive/unnecessary detail, and are generally uninteresting and difficult to read. If you saw that appear in your chat. . .chances are, you would not read that. You do not need to create a glob of verbose words to describe an action. As you might be able to tell just by skimming over this action, it contains a lot of detail that doesn’t benefit the character or drive the story forward at all. Do we really need to know what toothpaste she used a few days ago?

While this action is significantly shorter, it’s (objectively) better in a number of ways. It’s not an eyesore to look at as it barely surpasses two sentences. It’s straight to the point, too, and gives just enough detail! What is she eating? A ham and cheese sandwich. Key adjectives like “generous” signify that this character may be a foodie. Additionally, it is important to slip details and traits of your characters into your actions. It could be anything from mannerisms, appearance, or even personality! In this action here, it’s explicitly stated that mustard is left behind on the cheer captain’s face. Could she be a messy eater? Childish, careless? It, in a way, progresses the storyline, while also hinting toward the character.

Another useful method to make your roleplay more interesting is to throw in some dialogue! Pay attention to how your character speaks. This might play into their dialect, fluency, etc. Or, maybe, they use an excessive amount of sea-related puns. Keep your writing engaging and entertaining.

Good roleplay isn’t huge paragraphs & loads upon loads of detail. It is entertaining in-character dialogue that pushes forward stories and interactions. Good roleplay also includes good narrations. Your paragraphs to flip open your phone do not matter. How will they affect the story later on? Chances are, they won’t. How does it affect how others may view your character?

Good roleplay utilizes the growth and development of your characters. A shallow and flat character will not be very useful in RP. Using the environment to your advantage in clever ways is yet another method of great roleplay. Setting is an important part of a story! Where are they? What’s the weather like? Should your character be cold or sweating? Maybe that chair is uncomfortable. . . To create an engaging roleplay scenario, you should react as your character would. If your character is faced with a decision–choose what your character would do!

Most of this is common story-writing and character-writing knowledge. Should you ever wish to learn how to improve more, a search engine may just be your best friend. It takes learning and practice.

Be inclusive with interactions in roleplay. You should always remember to pay attention to people you’re roleplaying with. When others’ actions are ignored, it becomes a very demotivating environment. Give as much as you’re taking away! Good roleplayers don’t need to write paragraphs upon paragraphs, they just have to get involved and ensure those around them are involved too. This is probably the most important aspect of roleplay. Your writing would mean nothing without involvement and that is why it is important to be so incredibly inclusive. If you see someone off to the side, unsure of how to partake, you can always interact with them and attempt to involve them.

Take interest in what your roleplay partners are doing as well. You never know what sort of elaborate backstory you might uncover. We put so much effort into writing these characters so it is certainly worth interacting and growing bonds with those around you. Take time to learn about other characters, while also giving others the opportunity to learn about yours. Delve into the character’s backstories and help push them & the rest of the story along. Soon enough, great character dynamics will begin to form.

Roleplay should not be repetitive or stale. People will usually grow bored and tired of the same recycled material. This is commonly seen in gang-related roleplay, where players resort to using the same methods, over and over. Story-writing and development also tends to be ignored as characters are consistently thrown away for the sake of “winning”. There is no arguing that this plays into why it is looked down upon, but with a bit of consideration and creativity, it can slowly but surely become something greater. Stale roleplay will limit others from becoming involved.

Your responses to other players is important, especially in the sense where it progresses a story. Remember to be considerate of the other parties. Where it may be easy to, for example, just stab someone’s carotid artery and end it there because they called the cops, it isn’t that fun for the other party. There is so much more to be expanded upon here. There are so many more routes that are far more fun for involved parties and can even involve more people later! We are building a story together. This can even apply to other scenarios. Sometimes, the "quick and easy" way out isn't the best way to go, especially in writing. It becomes stale very easily. Try something else! Instead of just knocking someone out in the middle of the jock fight, draw it out. Throw in some dialogue to spice things up! Challenge them to a dance off. It's okay to lose in roleplay and it's okay to just have fun.

As we reach the end of this thread, I would like to thank you personally for taking the time to read through this. It's quite a hefty guide to read through, but I truly hope that you do take in some of this information and keep it mind whilst roleplaying. As I've stated a few times throughout this guide, it seems like the player base has lost sight of what's important about roleplay and has become increasingly secluded. I write this with the hopes that maybe this will spark some encouragement and some change, and in hopes that it will, in some way, bring some people together. This is not something that I can do entirely on my own and alone. It's a community effort. Each effort, though, from each player. . .counts. Even the smallest interactions can lead to something much larger-scale.

Even as a player- as a part of a community, you all hold a much larger amount of power than you may expect. You hold a lot of influence in roleplay and I wish more players knew that. Remember that, though. Players alone influence a lot. I mean- SchoolRP has its own shading style because of the community alone. Even coined terms exist & common jokes, even copypastas exist on the server because of the community. It's very impressive what a bunch of Minecraft roleplayers can come together and create, and there's basically endless possibilities on the server. It just takes a bit of reciprocated effort from everyone. Take interest in the people around you.

That being said, get out there and do something. Interact with those around you and create an engaging and monumental storyline. Bring in others, learn about others' characters, their backstories, what makes them them. You can seriously do a lot. You can throw the next best party or create the next most iconic character. Get known and make a name for yourself. Most importantly, though... roleplay. That's a bit of a corny ending but I think it works best.


DISCLAIMER: I am, by no means, an expert roleplayer. This is all simply from experience and my personal research. Remember your skill doesn't matter, either. We're all here to have fun writing a story with each other.

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