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A Rainbow hidden in Butterflies


Level 11
If I told you to imagine the clouds, what words would come to mind?
Would words like calming, white or fluffy come to mind?

Now if I asked you to imagine a butterflies wings, what words would you think of then?
I, myself wouldn't really think of any words, except maybe the large variety they come in. They're beautiful and due to the range of difference they can have, they are kind of like snowflakes, very close to being the same but never fully the same.

So if I asked you what your favorite color is and what it meant to you, what kind of answer do you think that would be? If given an answer at all. Do you think that the silence between the claps and a preformence is a time for realitization and reflection on one self?

Now if I asked you again to imagine a few clouds drifting in the wind as you lay in a grass field at sundown. What words would come to mind? or do you just feel a blank calmness in you? Much like a butterfly, your thoughts fly to distant green part of the world.

Simple take a step back, take a deep breath and just think about the adventures you've had in your own dreams. Whether it be, day dreaming or sleep dreaming. It's normal if you can't remember your dreams. Just imagine a sweet, soft, calming piano melody in your head and rest your eyes for a bit. Remember, this little penguin believes in you -Noot

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