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[ACCEPTED] ouiee | College Professor Application


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Authorization Team
Out-Of-Character Information

What is your Minecraft username?:

My username on the account I wish to apply with is ouiee , though I do have two ALT accounts which I play on (kuyan and meddical).

How old are you?:
As of posting this application, I am 12 years old.

Do you have any previous bans?:
I do have previous bans, though I cannot remember what for and when they were. To my knowledge, my ban history is clean for 75+ days at least for all of my accounts. Staff were unable to check further than that.

What Country are you from?:
I'm from and live in the UK, more specifically, England; making me have a BST / GMT timezone.

Do you have Discord (if so, what is your discord username?):
I do have a discord account, my username is toadie#2151.

Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:
I completely acknowledge and understand this rule, activity is vital for almost any role on the server. I would not be applying if I lacked the time and effort for it. If I am ever to go inactive, I will make sure to notify the appropriate people.

Describe your activity on the server & on the forums?:
My activity on the forums varies, I'm online most often to check how one of my threads or applications is doing. Sometimes I'll go on the forums just to look around, though I'd say I check every few days. My activity on the actual server, however, is much more consistent. Majority of my time goes into my main account, kuyan. I'm online for hours at a time every single day; of course, sometimes I lack the time or have something in the way of logging on, but I'd like to think my activity is quite good. My other account, meddical, receives a little less time every day, though I still make sure to go on it for periods of time. I currently do not go on ouiee at all and hope this does not affect my application, I do not have a purpose for the account as of now though I will make sure to be active if given the privilege of having this role on the server.

Link(s) to any previous applications on the server?:



What is your motivation for becoming a Professor?:

I have quite a few reasons and motives for my attempt to become a professor. I suppose I should start with the very first thing which sparked up my interest in applying for this position. If you look at my accepted applications, you can see that I became a high school teacher at one point, it was a position I deeply enjoyed. However, I made the mistake of choosing a subject I did not like or enjoy teaching, this resulted in my making a swift resignation and moving on to things I'd be a little more experienced in. I put off the decision to apply for the same or similar role for a while due to a busy schedule and overwhelming IRL issues, though I believe I have come to terms with everything and have finally made time to support another role on the server. I find myself with a lot of free time spent wandering around on my main account and think contributing to yet another organisation or community would be both fun and helpful to expand my knowledge of roleplay. This time I have no doubts about the subject I have chosen and I am positive I will be able to RP out my role correctly. My application was a little bit of a spontaneous decision after a discussion with a friend of mine, though it was something I was thinking about of doing. I was simply stopped from doing so because I was unaware of how the subject choices worked. My goal is to try something new, as I haven't had this role in particular yet and make it a good run.

Do you have any experience in Roleplaying?:
I do, I am an individual who aims to try a lot of different genres of roleplay when I can. I've involved myself in a lot of different roles on the server and have ambitions to try every single possible type of roleplay available to me on the server. I consider writing and vocabulary my strongest skill, and I would be lying if I said I didn't thoroughly enjoy it. I've been roleplaying on the server since about late 2016 and in more recent days have been able to log on daily and get the full experience on the server. I try my best to roleplay seriously when I can; I deem myself as someone who is trying to improve every day, whether that would be from looking at a detailed text or simply learning from others around me. To summarise, RP is one of the things I've worked the hardest on and believe I'm getting better every day. With the little experience I have in teaching, I still think I can make fun and effective classes, I already have a good idea of what I want everything to be like. One thing I always make sure of is that I don't go in blind.

What are the classroom logs and why is it important?:
The classroom logs are simple, they are a way for you to keep track of and log your lessons. With the classroom logs, you are able to ensure you've done the correct amount of classes and so you can be paid accordingly. It's a simple yet effective system which is extremely helpful. This also monitors activity very well.

As a Professor, what are the strict rules when being in a class?:

I believe additional rules may be added depending on what subject you are teaching, but these are basic rules which I believe must be followed in every single class unless special exceptions are made at that point in time.
1) Absolutely no food or drink may be consumed in class at any point in time, water would be the exception here, of course.
2) All students must remain seated in appropriate places (not on the floor, teachers desk or other random spaces) at all times unless the set activity requires them to be elsewhere
3) Mobile phones and electronic devices must be switched off unless required for the set task the teacher provides.
4) Basic conduct must be followed and the teacher must be respected at all times, do not yell, do not get up and run around for no reason and listen to the teacher.

Summarize your previous RP experience's (both in general and on SchoolRP):

My roleplay experiences before the server were slightly tragic and not exactly the best. This was 4+ years ago and it's natural I wouldn't have been the best due to my young age, but I do believe it paved the way for me. I roleplayed on random people's plots in creative servers and had a basic understanding of what roleplay was and how to create a character. Even then, I didn't confuse my character with myself and was pretty up-to-date with the topic. I believe it was November 2016 that I joined the server. I started off as a regular roleplayer, I certainly wasn't the best but I began to learn a lot from the people on the server. As I carried on, my understanding became better and better. I believe with every role and RP experience I've received, I began to learn how to structure things better. It was not until about this time last year that I actually began to expand my sentences and develop my style. I'm glad to say in recent days my roleplay length and quality has skyrocketed. I have a style I'm happy with and am still learning how to adapt to certain situations ICly, but I've got it all down pretty well. I believe one of my strong points is sticking to the character's personality and not doing my own thing.

College-Professor Knowledge

Please show your knowledge of College-Professors. What are the tasks a College-Professor has to complete, What is a College-Professor's salary?

College professors have a big role to play in a young person's life. They are expanding their knowledge more than ever before and are there to educate them on subjects with little light or representation in earlier education. College education stretches into different sub-genres of main subjects and allows the pupil to broaden their minds. Lower education often draws more light onto basic necessity topics such as Maths, English and Science; enrolling in Karakura's community college allows the student to focus on the smaller and more diverse parts of those subjects and so much more, all the while separating them neatly as to not give the student an overload of knowledge all at once. A professor provides students with eye-catching and interesting information on subjects they may have only wished to learn about previously, it prepares them for their careers past the age of 20. The professor's duty is to turn the student into an adult ready for whatever life may bring to them, their classes are meant to be interesting and unique - classes a student can enjoy. The base salary is 300,000 Y which can be obtained via completing 15 classes a month, though more can be earned if more classes are completed.

Character Knowledge

Tell us everything you know about the character you will be playing in a few paragraphs. How does he/she look like? What makes him/her unique and different? What is his/her outlook on Students? What about the other teachers? What is his/her personality like? What is his/her plan for the future?

Madoka Murayama can be seen as a strangely soothing character with a hint of a strict side. At first glance, she's what could be described as a lifeless adult with an overly sweet personality, though in reality, she's a wise lady with many stories to tell. Madoka is visibly an older woman, her previously brown locks are faded into a grey tone which would be visibly fighting to keep its chestnut colour. Despite her elderly features becoming prominent, her hair would be unnaturally long and of a silky, smooth texture. Madoka's light wrinkles wouldn't show through too much, her skin staying clear for the most part. It was clear she was an attractive girl in her youthful days, though it all began to fade. She stood with a slight hunch, her posture not being perfect whatsoever; she seemed like a messy woman, though her innocent eyes gave her a collected expression. She walks at a particularly slow pace, despite being capable of impressive speed, she's a very animate person.
There isn't a ton which would make Madoka stand out of the crowd, or so it seemed. She portrays herself as a serious and stern character, that is exactly how she is for the most part. However, if you get to know her you'd discover her heartwarming and genuine personality is most prominent when alone. Another surprise would be the woman's religion. Madoka Murayama is proud to present herself as Wiccan if asked about it. She's been a 'witch' (Not the mythical fairytale kind, of course. Rather a follower of the Pagan Witchcraft religion. Please make a quick google search if you are confused.) since about age 20 and is ready to present her beliefs whenever asked to.
Her outlook on students is appropriate and standard. She views them as young, capable people who still have their entire lives ahead of them. She sees herself as a role model, someone who is to educate and form these people into successful adults. Her goal is to make them happy, all the while teaching them the correct information - perhaps throwing in a life lesson here and there.
She aims to see all of the other professors in the college as friends, all the while conducting herself in a professional manner. At work, she's some sort of a peace-maker. Her nonchalant aura tends to reflect on people, or at least she tries to make it that way. A goal of her's is to befriend as many people in the workplace as she can, she wants to be respectful and helpful when possible.
Her plans for the future are vague and uncertain. Her beliefs put her in a mindset to let the world decide what will happen to her next. However, one thing is for sure - if she's ever to go to the afterlife she wants to be with the people closest to her once on her death bed. For now, though, teaching is her main focus.


You find a group of sport-team members screaming and shouting in the halls, What do you do?

The instant and the obvious reaction would be to tell them to stop in a calm and collected manner, this would be to not trigger the students further. If they refuse to stop, it would be appropriate timing to use a sterner tone, with serious vocabulary and seen more as a warning. Often, yelling is a way to get students to listen to you if they still fail to comply with you. In severe circumstances, a visit to the Dean is mandatory, it is important to make sure they know this will happen beforehand. Warn them as many times as you can to get them to calm down. Detention can be given if the circumstances are right.

A College-Student is disturbing the class and won’t listen to a word you’re saying, What do you do?
I'd follow a similar procedure to the scenario above, escalating the severe and strict tone each time. However, this time my course of action would be different. Threatening to remove the student from the class or giving them detention would be the appropriate way to go about things, a visit to the Dean would not seem like the right way to go about things. Unless the student disregarded my other punishment, only then would I go to such severe punishment.

Provide at least 5 detailed /me's of your character inside a classroom:

/me brandished a warm smile as she waited for the students to settle. Her sight roamed around the room as she walked by every desk, looking out for any pupils out of their seats.
/me stepped over to the board. She picked up a whiteboard marker and carefully placed the lid on the end of it. Looking swiftly at the students, then at the board, she began to write; her handwriting would be big and clear - easy to understand.
/me cleared her throat, walking to the middle of the 'stage'. She began to demonstrate the performance to the students, ensuring no eye contact was made. Her stance would be natural, relaxed; she began to adjust herself to fit the scene.
/me narrowed her eyes at the pair of students, she raised an eyebrow as she folded her arms. She cleared her throat, waiting for them to finish talking.
/me clasped her hands together - a genuine smile appearing upon her face. She seemed to be impressed with the student's performance. Nodding enthusiastically, she stood back up, ready to begin her commentary.


Madoka Murayama was the first-born child to her parents. Her place of birth would be Karakura, Japan, she was a planned pregnancy. She was born a very capable and interactive child, her enthusiastic tendencies shining through whenever she had the ability to show-off. She was a bundle of joy, a ray of sunshine, as her parents described her. This child was as social as one could be, always putting in the effort to make someone's day.
Growing up, Madoka seemed to draw in a lot of attention. She made childish little shows for her parents and their friends, getting upset and throwing somewhat of a fit if ignored. Nonetheless, she seemed to be a kind-hearted girl with good intention. Without a doubt, she was an extrovert, making friends all throughout her life. Academically, she placed average. According to her, she put the majority of her time into side hobbies, though her parents would agree that it was a 50/50 split. This didn't take away from the fact that drama seemed to be prominent in her life. Her vocabulary was extremely developed in her youthful years, she could conduct herself very well. The flashy personality she owned definitely didn't beat her polite and cautious aura.
When Madoka was 12, her family adopted a baby boy called Brian. At first, it was a difficult change to adjust to. After all, a completely new addition to the family would be strange to cope with. However, she was not the type of person to shut someone out who would be so dear to her in the future. Her natural instincts told her to accept her brother, and so she did. Growing up with a sibling taught her that she should begin to get a grip on her life a little bit more. After all, she would have to be in a stable position if her sibling ever needed her. It was a tough process, completely changing her personality for the better, but she kept her head high throughout all of it and ended up happy with herself. She was still herself on the inside, of course, but she tried to keep herself more formal around others.
By 17 she was a completely independent individual, still maintaining her social life and studies. Drama became an important part of her life, being followed by literature - poetry especially. However, she took this time in her life to hang out more with her friends and enjoy what was left of her teenage years. During one of her adventures out and about with her friends, she bumped into an individual on the street by the name of Shuichi Aki. This strange encounter sparked up a conversation between the two, and they became friends in the coming weeks. Madoka's friends noticed the two were like two peas in a pod immediately. They grew closer and closer until romantic interest sparked. Shuichi confessed to Madoka on her 18th birthday, the feelings were mutual.
There isn't much to talk about for the next few years of her life, she continued to pursue her interests in Drama and put more work than ever into her relationship. 21 was a special age for her, though. She wanted to do what her family did for her brother and ended up adopting a little boy by the name of Felix Murayama. This was before marriage, a terrible mistake on Madoka's part. The overwhelming fear of being a responsible father overtook Shuichi. The couple began to become distant and Madoka noticed he took no interest in his son. This resulted in a terribly loud and nasty break-up.
Life without her partner was hard, but she took care of Felix nonetheless. She decided to pursue a career in acting or rather teaching it. She offered cheap community classes to families, becoming a coach of some sort. Along with this, she found a side-job to help pay off her bills. This was a sustainable career and it continued for as long as she could remember. Though, there was one problem. By the grand age of 47, Madoka wanted more. She didn't want to do this until the end of her life and wanted to make an even bigger impact. A lot of her family were nearing college or in college and she wanted to be there for them when she could. A decision would be made for sure, but she needed time to think first. She went on a complete break for two years, being lost in thought as she gathered ideas for what to do with her life. Finally, after a long discussion with a friend - she decided becoming a professor would be a marvellous idea.

In-Character Information
(Pretend your character is filling this out, not you)

SECTION 1: Personal Details

Full Name:
Madoka Murayama
Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss):
Given Name(s):
Oka, Miss Murayama
Preferred Name:
Miss Murayama, Madoka

Religious Denomination:
Marital Status:

Current Location:
Karakura, Japan

SECTION 2: Academic Details

Teaching Experience (# of years):
2 years
Working Experience (# of years):
27 years

Academic Degree:
Master's Degree

Year of Graduation:
Literature, Business

Native Languages:
Other Languages:

Do you have a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certificate?:
Preferred Teaching Subject:
Verse Drama (Also known as poetic drama)


Additional notes about your application (if any):
All I may say is please contact me about any doubts you have with the religion I chose.
Do you have any questions?:
I do not.

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Thank you for applying!

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