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Accurate College Exams


Level 9
What's your Minecraft Username?: jayharu
What's the title of your suggestion?: Accurate College Exams

What's your suggestion?:
- Teachers + Professors helping create the exams

How will this benefit the server and community?:
- I think it'd be more sufficient to have teachers help with the making of the exams! It can allow for the exams to be more Japanese based + make the reason why students should go to classes more often. The teachers could get a curriculum to also complete per month, so that way the students are caught up properly. This can also help with having good teachers who dont only play games in class but also help students learn more efficiently, that way, students have a reason to buy a notebook and actually study!


Level 335
HS Sports Lead
Thank you for your suggestion!

This is already planned! I mentioned it in a previous thread in a different manner, however, the purpose is also for teachers, professors, and tutors to be able to provide help with upcoming exams and for questions to be taught in classes in a fun way.
Moving forward
This month, myself, MuffinCat, and RexLobo have carried out feedback from our Professors and Teachers to make classes more interesting and add even more ways for you to effectively pass the exam (or be offered a scholarship before exams take place), even if you score something like a 30% and have 5+ detentions. Along with this, as I've mentioned above we'll be getting help from faculty with future exam questions with at least 2 from each section being faculty-written which will ease the stress of getting all of the questions ready on time from the team.

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