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Adding Agriculture as a subject in SRP


Level 3
IGN: BabyDingo
DATE: 14/09/2021
WHAT YOU WANT TO SUGGEST: I'd like to suggest adding Agriculture as a subject in the school.
HOW WILL THIS BENEFIT THE SERVER/COMMUNITY?: I believe that not enough people in SRP are educated in agriculture, it is such an important topic as it talk about how our food is grown and where our food comes from as well as the nourishment of our lands. I believe it is such an interesting subject when you really get in depth about it. It is a subject that not enough people have the knowledge of in real life and being able to teach it is so important. It gives us the knowledge of how to raise animals or how to grow your own at home garden, or even creating a farm. This knowledge is beneficial to school roleplay as in the growing years, school rp has been changing drastically and especially since this year, new jobs have opened up for people to explore. I believe this being one step closer to growing the SRP community and educating young minds about agriculture, where and how there foods are grown. I have always dreamed of teaching agriculture in SRP and being able to share my in real life experience and what I have personally learnt in class would be so rewarding. Of course I have met others who also wish to teach agriculture and have an understanding of it also. I hope you will consider this idea of adding agriculture as a subject in school roleplay.


Level 211
Rich Kid++
hey bb, like 2 weeks ago Kimi sent us a link for suggestion a new subject(s), I recommends to DM him too and it will be faster


Level 450
Teacher Lead
Employee Lead
You can already be a Biology teacher; this can be taught within the subject depending on what you wish to do with the role.

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