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Level 12

After many months of existence, Adobansu has finally achieved its main goal; become a verified gang. This couldn't be without the help of third-party contributors, supporters, but mostly important, our supportive members, including the ones who are not amongst us anymore, but specially the ones who have been with us since the very beginning, and the ones who are with us right now. We thank the support we received from LEWK and many other members of SRP's staff and community team, who showed us their support throughout the existence of this gang, and cared to establish a line of communication with us.

We've made a brief, but cinematic video that summarizes the story of Adobansu, of course, between very tiny clues - we didn't want it to be self-explanatory, but yet, made it so those who were involved in the scenes portrayed could resonate with the gang.

[!] This is not an In-Character video, and should not be taken ICly.
Made by F1F4

[!] If you are interested in joining Adobansu, refer to the Discord invite below:
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Level 2
oh em gee its me!! also apoc talking at the end... LOL
Genuinely been a wonder to be a part of Adobansu so far, love you all :heart_eyes:
and amazing editing :)) <3


Level 452
omigosh yay!

You guys are all wonderful :)
i loved doing some of tobias’s lore with you!!!

Adobansu W

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