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Anastnak's Doctor Application

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by TheCookieMD, Aug 7, 2020.

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    What is your Minecraft Username?: Anastnak (alt)

    How old are you?: I am 14 years old

    Do you have any previous or ongoing bans?: I have multiple bans that have been accepted, DM for more information if necessary (Cookills#3041)

    What country are you from?: I am from Greece

    Do you have Discord?: Yes, I do (Cookills#3041)

    How long have you played the server for?: I am playing since the end of 2016

    List your current and past applications:

    BMD -Denied-

    School-Technician -Accepted- (alt)

    College Student -Accepted- (alt)

    Shop Application -Denied-

    School Technician #2 -Accepted-

    Greek language -Accepted-

    Spanish language -Accepted-

    German language -Accepted-

    College-Councilor -Accepted-

    News Reporter -Accepted-

    Police Officer -Denied- (alt)

    What is your motivation for applying?:
    I am applying since I am interested in this section of SchoolRP. I want to see what it takes to be a Doctor the problems that you will have to face every day and how to deal with them. Also, it would be a great opportunity for me to increase my knowledge in this section of RolePlay. In addition, I think that by being a Doctor it offers a better RP experience to the other players too. To sum up I wanted to apply because I wanted to see how the Hospital employee works.

    What do you know about medical practice?:
    I am very eager to know the exact meaning of medical practice and its limitations. These days many of the new therapeutic interventions and branches has been evolved with the same name of medical practice. But the lacunae in the clinical practitioners are providing plenty of opportunities to the evolution of many new fields and these all say the same word of practice which is not relevant to the work they do.
    Well, I feel your question points to the practice of quackery also. I would like to reflect from that perspective. Domination of western science has made the range of medical practice limited. In China, acupuncture/acupressure is still practiced widely along with western medicine. Homeopathy is widely practiced in Germany and prevalent in many other countries too. But western science gives credibility to its approaches which are considered standard. The conception of the human organism is limited in western medicine.

    How other approaches differ is in their underlying principles about health and illness. Like homeopathy emphasizes on dilution in water as a cure, assuming that lower doses would cure a disease as higher doses induce symptoms. Similarly, other approaches imply some of the other 'alternative' views of human nature and organism. Lack of funding for researches in those fields doesn't help them grow as alternative standards. This is one of the factors which makes these approaches more prone to quackery.
    Even there is no surety that the medical practitioners of western science are 'equally trained' to prescribe and treat for the diseases that come under their scope of practice. Every day we hear cases that some of the other practitioners mal-treated a patient, tests were not done in time, patient strength was high, the patient was wrongly diagnosed, etc.

    So superficially it seems that many alternative medicine approaches are not credible but there are widespread political intentions that operate behind standardizing the current form of western practice. Pharmaceutical companies spend a huge sum of money to popularize medicines. Even one may find such differences in similar specializations too, which serve common purposes. But this doesn't mean that all of them are genuinely scientific (scientific here implies 'based on some laws of human functioning'). When someone is in pain of illness, somehow incurable by western medicines, there is a 'demand' for a cure, so naturally, in today's materialistic society 'supply' would flow from the other direction. Whether its a genuine medicine or not, it doesn't matter for the consumer in such cases.
    (I made a small research on this)

    Black - There is a bomb threat to the Hospital.

    Orange - A hazardous substance has been spilled.

    Pink - An infant or child has or is currently being abducted.

    Red - There may be a possibility or it is assured that there is a fire hazard within the building.
    Violet - There is a violent individual who may be within the Hospital disturbing and/or affecting patients and staff.

    Brown - There are severe weather conditions and that it could affect the Hospital, such as its power, the structure of the building, et cetera.

    Yellow - There is a natural disaster of any kind taking place in the area of the Hospital.

    White - The inhabitants within the hospital (staff and patients) will need to evacuate.

    Green - An emergency evacuation will need to take place immediately due to unfortunate circumstances.

    Silver - There is an active shooter within the vicinity of the area.

    Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:
    I do as if I am not active enough that will lead/result to my demotion

    Are you aware each position has a minimum age limit? (N: 23, D: 25, S: 28)*
    *(Key: N = Nurse, D = Doctor, S = Surgeon)
    I am fully aware of the age limits

    In-Character (IC) Section:

    How is your character during and off the job?

    Oscar is a very cheerful individual and that makes him a positive person. He usually hangs out with his friends on their favorite spot and have fun. When it comes to the working stuff he is willing to work for everyone efficiently

    What do they look like?
    Oscar Wilson is a male standing at 6'3 and weighing about 170 lbs. He would have black hair and blue crystal eyes blue. He'd be a brave and muscular man. His life is a bit complicated but he always finds a way to deal with every problem he faces every day. He has a passion for helping others whenever he can and be there for anyone who needs him. He's a very confident and skilled male and he always succeed on his goals. He studied Corporate Communication/Public Law and Mass Media Law at the age of 21. Finally, he graduated from Harvard University with a Master. He always wanted to be a Doctor to offer his services to everyone.

    Do they have any mental or physical illnesses?
    No, he doesn't

    What makes your character unique?
    Oscar has a passion for helping others and be there for them when they need him. Also, he can be very useful at times and he thinks that the most important thing for him is to help others after his parents died.

    Oscar Wilson was born in London with his parents until he became 14. One day when Oscar and his parents went to a restaurant a mysterious guy killed their parents in front of him. He wanted everyone to know what happened but he wasn't able to do anything. He stayed on the streets for a while until he found the courage to go talk to the Police. They took care of him until he became 16, then he decided to move into the USA where a family adopted him and took care of him like he was their son. He wanted to learn Japanese so he started to go to classes to learn how to speak properly the language. His teacher encouraged him to give exams so that he could go make a career in Japan. After hard work, he went to give the exams but he failed. That made him lose his confidence and stop trying to success into anything. After 2 months he decided to try and give the exams to get the certification. Finally, he passed with 174/180 (A+). Fortunately, at the age of 22, he was wealthy enough to travel to Japan because of his parent's fortune. When he landed in Japan in a small city called Karakura he tried to find a work that it could offer him a satisfying amount of incomes to have an apartment. He started working as a security guard in a store called 11/7. When he saw that the city of Karakura was very dangerous he remembered what happened to his parents when he was young, he had to make sure that no one will ever witness such a bad thing again. After 3 years he decided to become a Doctor because he wanted to make everyone feel safe while he was a there, but to prevent the chance of him being denied he decided to get a master and work hard before he would apply

    SECTION 1: Personal Details
    Full Name
    : Oscar Wilson
    Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss): Mr
    Given Name(s): Oscar
    Preferred Name: Oscar
    Age: 25
    Gender: male
    Religious Denomination: Christian
    Marital Status: Single
    Nationality: British
    Current Location:
    Japan, Karakura

    SECTION 2: Academic Details
    Years of Residency:
    2 years
    Working Experience: Worked as a Cashier on 11/7
    Academic Degree: Graduated with a Master
    Year of Graduation: 2015

    Major(s): Medical Office Administration
    Minor(s): Medical Assisting
    Native Languages: English
    Other Languages: Greek, Spanish, German, Japanese
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