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Animal Advocacy Club Application

Unity Martin

Level 2

FOR STAFF: As this application has been up, the teacher that was supposed to supervise is with another club. I will update the application once I find another teacher.


IGN of Club Leader (In-Game Name):

RPName of Club Leader:
Unity Oni

Discord Tag (Discord#0000#):

Permanent Discord invite to the club discord:

Why should you become a club leader over other applicants, what abilities or ideas do you have that could benefit the club you'll be in charge of?

I have three years of leadership experience. I was in a leadership organization called FFA. I attended leadership and teamwork workshops. I even had an officer position. I’ve also held other positions such as class officer which is kinda the same as Student Council. I was also vice president of two clubs.
I believe my leadership can benefit the mission of the club and the members in it.


What is the official title of the Club:
Animal Advocacy

Your current members RPName & IGN:
Lynx_live OC: Lynx Lycan
RahRahMonster OC: Cosette Park
BlueOhanaKai OC: Kai Blue Lee
xploader99 OC: Timonthy Takaramono
Arctic Hunter IGN: Arctic_Fears

The club supervisor's RPName & IGN:
Stitch Reid-Cretu IGN: MintRP

What is your motivation for creating this club:

I actually volunteer at an animal shelter and I want to go to college for veterinary. I believe in the advocacy for animal health and I have a fond love of animals. I think teaching others about how important animals are and informing others about how to advocate for animals.

I also believe in spreading love about animals and showing others why the love for animals is important. Animals are important for the world. They give us happiness when we need it. They even keep the ecosystem balanced.

Animals play a vital role in our lives. Not only do they help us stay happy and keep us safe when it comes to our disabilities, but they stabilize the ecosystem of the Earth, making their advocacy and health important. They may not be human but they are still living organisms and should have the same treatment we do. This is my motivation.

What activities could your club do?:

  • Run fundraisers for animal food

  • Help members foster pets

  • Inform the students and public about how animals are important for the world.

  • Run an animal shelter/foster home
School Event:

As mentioned above, members could run a workshop. The workshop could be about why animals are important to not only us but the ecosystem. They could also teach how to advocate for animals and be a voice for them. There could also be a fundraiser where when a student buys a ticket for like a free day outside where they can play football or volleyball. Each ticket could be 5 or 10 yen (maybe more).

I also thought that an introductory event could happen. This would be for introducing the club to the students and letting them know what the club is about and what members will be doing.

How could your club benefit the School?:

It’s educational and could help inspire others to also be a voice in the animal world. May also help inspire others to work with animals and maybe work towards being a veterinarian. Can help others be leaders in the animal community and get involved in local animal shelters.

How would your club use the club room the club will be assigned?

The room would be used for not only event planning and meetings but for member sign ups. They could also be used for club members to hang out and talk about anything animal related.

What will be the requirements for future members, if any?:

  • Must not get detention. Can lead to membership termination.
  • Follow all school rules

  • Be active at least 3 days a week or be active enough to be part of club activities.

  • Treat all animals humanely

  • Expected to attend mandatory meetings.
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Level 133
Senior Admin
Council Lead
Thank you for applying, even though the application was detailed enough I do not see any potential in the concept of this club. In SchoolRP itself there are not many animals and most of them already have owners. Next to that are the number of clubs we can have in SchoolRP limited and I know there´re better idea´s out there.

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