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Arabella Steele


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Arabella Steele
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Basic Information
First Name: Arabella
Surname: Steele

Preferred Name: Arabella

Aliases: Bella

Gender: Female (She/Her)

Age: 19

Height: 5ft 5

Weight: 137lbs

Build: Petite

Skin Color: Pale

Eye Color: Green

Hair Style: Waist-Length hair that's fluffy. She likes to tie it up into a ponytail when she's focusing on something.

Hair Color: Half red half black

Fashion: She really likes comfy clothing. She usually wears things that are a size or two bigger. She likes to dress up to go out and likes to coordinate colors with her eyes and her hair.

Date of Birth: 08.020.2003

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Nationality: French

Race: White

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Religious Beliefs: She's not a religious person, but is respectful to others religious beliefs as long as they're not harmful to others!

Political Beliefs: She's not into politics since they don't really interest her.

General Appearance
Arabella is usually seen smiling. She's pretty energetic and will tap her foot or her hand when staying still. She likes to dye her hair different colors, her hair normally being a black color. She really likes to experiment with color coordinated outfits. She seems very approachable and friendly!

Arabella's very friendly! She likes to meet new people and may come off as a little awkward at first, but she likes to learn new things! She's often seen hanging out with her friend, but she's always open to talking with others.

Character Voice:
Arabella has a smooth voice with a feminine-like voice. Her voice is usually energetic and she speaks very clearly. She speaks confidently and very friendly. She can sometimes be a fast talker, but if you ask her to slow down she will.


  • School Bag
  • Pencil and Notebook (just some stuff to jot ideas down for her stories!)
  • Her usual school supplies for classes
  • Sometimes she'll have extra snacks that she'd be willing to share


  • Writing, Reading, Drawing (Anything to do with the creative arts!)
  • Coding
  • She likes to play chill games sometimes
  • She likes to listen to music in-between classes


  • She can be very quiet at times and kind of in her own head
  • She's kind of fidgety, she doesn't really like to stay in one place for too long.

  • Drawing and writing

  • Easily excitable!
  • She taps her foot or her hand when standing still

  • She has an older sister and a mother back at home.
  • She lives with her friend near the school, they also often are spotted together in the city or at school.

Arabella lived in Paris for a good portion of her life. Arabella had a caring family growing up, and was often free to do whatever she wanted as long as she wasn't doing any harm. She strived to be the perfect student. When she turned 18, her mother helped her move to Karakura to pursue her dream of becoming a game developer! She's always wanted to make something that people will enjoy playing. She's currently writing a story to turn into a game. She usually sticks close to her friend, but she's always open to talking to new people. She's always willing to help others and listen to people.

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