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Art Teacher Application

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by Kenny Uchida, Aug 31, 2020.

  1. Kenny Uchida

    Kenny Uchida United States Level 2

    May 14, 2020
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    Out-Of-Character Information

    What is your Minecraft username?: ShouldIJoinVC___

    How old are you?: I am currently 15

    Do you have any previous bans?: Nothing I remember, if this is wrong please correct me.

    What Country are you from?: U.S.A East

    Do you have Discord (if so, what is your discord username?): ShouldIJoinVc___?#0666

    Do you understand that most answers are found in the roleplay documents?: I understand.

    Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?: Yes.

    Do you understand that all classroom activity must be documented on the "Teacher Roster" thread?: Yes.

    Describe your activity on the server & on the forums?: I’m active on the forums regularly, particularly when constructing applications. I’m currently playing for the majority of my time, though now that I have online school I take 5 hours on school a day establishing my education in real life and play on SchoolRP the remainder of the day, sleeping around 4 or 5 am.

    Link(s) to any previous applications on the server?: Denied Accepted Accepted Accepted (Ended up not using the language, but i have a plan for it on an alt)
    The applications below are from a past account, and was from the last map back in 2018 or 2019 Accepted Accepted Denied


    What is your motivation for becoming a teacher?: I’ve never had the opportunity to become a teacher, in my last years I’ve applied for the Head Nurse position, but concluded by quitting my profession after a few days, which I profoundly regret, I would certainly cherish this position for the fresh learners of Karakura to support them with their education and possibly even motivate some to appeal for a teaching job or perhaps additional jobs as well.for the new students of Karakura, and help them with their learning and maybe even inspire some to apply for a teacher or other jobs as well.

    Do you have any experience in Roleplaying?: Yes. I have a large amount of experience of Roleplaying.

    Have you read the Faculty Handbook?: I have, I’ve read it thoroughly and multiple times.

    What are the classroom logs and why is it important?: The logs are made to be used. Everytime a teacher hosts a class, they have to give a description of what they did. It is important as it gives the other staff an insight into who's actually teaching & active.

    You want to start a school field trip; how do you do that?: I would make a field-trip application by completing both the OOC application and the IC application using the format provided for its use.

    As a teacher, what are the strict rules when being in a class?: It would be similar to the ones most people use, like raising your hand, not to be disrespectful, no inappropriate language or behavior, not to talk while the teacher is speaking, no eating in class, and no phone use while the class is in progress.

    Summarize your previous RP experience's (both in general and on SchoolRP): I’ve been on SchoolRP since early 2017 till presently and presumably later as well, my Roleplaying backgrounds are great along with possessing knowledge with roleplaying on Discord, I’ve joined, left, and even began a family, other roleplay situations and sparse jobs, example being: a Cashier. Moving off the small subjects, I’ve had various characters appear and go with more ideas and characteristics, with those unique characters produce more opportunities to have a greater and longer experience.

    Describe the ranking system of teachers:

    - HD: Head Of Department | In charge of the entire department. They are in charge of both the QTLS and NQTs.

    - QTLS: Qualified Teacher for Learning and Skills | They teach their own classes, but also help train the NQTs and aid in keeping them successful.

    - NQT: Newly Qualified Teacher | Although legally qualified to teach, the NQTs are the newest teachers of the school. They have the QTLs to aid them if they need them, especially when it comes to their first few classes.

    Teacher Knowledge

    Present to us your knowledge about Teachers in-game and out-of-game, what purpose do teachers serve. What salary do they get? Include a paragraph about the way teachers teach, what they do in their spare time in general.
    Teachers are the sole part of SRP. Teachers are required to educate the students of Karakura, in a safe, yet fun, learning environment. They teach their lessons for at least one period or as often as they can, being around 3 or 4 per week. In their spare time, they should be marking papers and planning future lessons before anything of their leisure time.

    Why are teachers important to a SchoolRP server?:

    School is essential to the SRP experience, the server itself being named SCHOOL-RolePlay. Without teachers, there is no school system.

    What lesson planning system does the school work on?:

    MoSCoW, which is essentially a must have/should have/could have/would have system.

    Character Knowledge

    Tell us everything you know about the character you will be playing in a few paragraphs. How does she look like? What makes her unique and different? What is her outlook on Students? What about the other teachers? What is her personality like? What is her plan for the future?

    My character who will be taking this role is named Konakomoru Kozakura. She has never been a teacher before in the past, but hopes her future is filled with learning and a new job. She has bleached blonde hair and Heterochromia, which I have a bio i made for her, which I will put in the ‘Extra’ section of this application. When it comes to her morals, she treats everyone equally, and is very kind-hearted. She may come off as timid, but she isn’t afraid to voice her opinion, especially when it comes to her students. This can cover this from bullying, to peer-pressure, to any sort of discrimination. She sees every student equally and as an opportunity to help her school system. She treats her coworkers as her friends, but with respect. She is never rude to them. Throughout school, she was known as a very good student, and since she graduated, she's wanted to come back and help share her knowledge with others. She hopes her future has a good start and end. This is her fresh start.


    You find a gang of delinquents in the hallway cursing and swearing, what do you do?: If I find a gang of students in the hallway cursing/swearing, I would write their names down, call the principle, and put them in detention, if this continues then they will be suspended/expelled.

    No one in your class is listening to a word you say, what do you do?: Nobody in my class is listening to me, I would clap my hands together to gather their attention, or yell loudly to threaten detention to the ones ignoring my teaching.

    When in the teacher's lounge, how does your character act?:

    She would make small talk with the other teachers, be polite, and respectful.

    Provide at least 5 detailed /me's of your character inside a classroom:

    /me She would gather note cards and a pencil, writing down a students name

    /me She would pass out a test to the class, providing pencils to anyone that needs one

    /me She would pick up a stick of chalk, starting to write her assignment on the classroom board

    /me She sighed, holding out her hand and gently giving a demanding voice to the student, asking for their phone, giving them a reminder they would have it back after school

    /me With a slight sigh, she would pick up a printed piece of paper, it would be a detention slip, she wrote down the students name and gave it to him, reminding him she will see him in detention after school


    (This was copied, pasted, and edited from her Bio, which will again be posted in the ‘Extra’ part of this application)

    Kona was born in Japan on May 24th 2002, she was born with an older Sister who was 6 years old when she was born, she had a Mother and a Father who were still married, she stayed in Japan for a while, she went to an Elementary School and met a few friends, having learning Spanish and French from 2 of them, after a while when she was 15 years old, her father took her on a trip for a job to India, deciding to stay with her father for a few months, she made more friends. After she left and went back to Japan with her Mother and Sister, after a few years spending time and gaining a close bond with real friends and her Sister, her parents both died in a plane crash when she was 18 and her Sister was 24, she currently lives in Karakura, Japan with her Sister who owns the 11/7 Shop. Kona attends the Highschool that lays in the town and goes on with her life. While living her life she became fond of her teachers job and slight sacrifice to take their time and teach the kids of Karakura, after getting into college, she decided to study, studying for her Education’s Masters Degree in college for Art and Education which both took 2 years each. By 2013 she finished Highschool, and started her college years, she met new friends and spent time with her sister, and met new family she ended up having that resided in America when they moved there after hearing about her parent's accident. When she finished in 2017 with both of her new degrees, she looked for a job for a while but continued working with her sister, after 3 years she was ecstatic to apply to her hopefully future job as an Art teacher at Karakura, Japan.

    In-Character Information

    (Pretend your character is filling this out, not you)

    SECTION 1: Personal Details

    Full Name: Konakomaru Jamie Murayama

    Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss): Ms

    Given Name(s): Jamie, Kona

    Preferred Name: Teacher/Miss Dot/Ms K (with students), Jamie (with teachers and other adults), Konakomaru/Kona (close friends, family)

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female

    Religious Denomination: Christianity

    Marital Status: Newly Single

    Nationality: Born in Japan, Parents were both Japanese (Also born in Japan).

    Current Location:
    Thought about moving to America, but decided to stay in Karakura, Japan.

    SECTION 2: Academic Details

    Teaching Experience (# of years): 0, but I hope to increase this number and gain experience.

    Working Experience (# of years): 7

    Academic Degree: Masters Degree in Education and Art

    Year of Graduation: By 2013, she graduated highschool and moved into College, by 2017, after spending 4 years getting both of her Degrees, she moved on to find a job.

    Major(s): Creative writing, Art

    Minors: Photography, illustration

    Native Languages: Japanese, Spanish, French

    Other Languages: None

    Do you have a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certificate?: Yes

    Preferred Teaching Subject: Drama, and Art.


    Additional notes about your application (if any): Here is her bio
    If this application ends up getting accepted I will be altering her bio.

    Do you have any questions?: Nope.
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  2. Mistalee

    Mistalee Germany Level 113

    Jun 17, 2019
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    -ˏˋ Congratulations! ˊˎ-

    - Good application, I can see you put a decent amount of effort into it.
    - Before you further your career as a teacher at KHS, please ensure that you have joined this Discord-Server.
    - After you've done the step listed above, please shoot me a direct message at; Knot#6368!