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Azzy's buildteam re-application


Level 0
IGN: AztechBuildz
Discord: AztechBuildz (Az)#4587

Explain your activity on the Server:

i mostly grind for stuff that has given me interests on the server, i usually do alot of fishing for money ofc and to buy items like the phones and other stuff. i really love doin rp as it actually relieves me from the real world. its like a different world inside the server, i love everything within this server!.
Why do you want to be on build-team?:
i want to apply for the team given that i have taken alike of this server as my friends are here and they suggested that i should apply for the team. i also do official minecraft marketplace maps (like those contents/maps you see on bedrock edition), basically i build in minecraft for a living. and i have been building for a really long time now. dont worry when it comes to style too. im very flexible and very open to discoveries
Screenshots of builds you have completed yourself:
ps. i have more stuff to show if u guys are interested with me

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