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Ban Appeal for Casualri

Discussion in 'Accepted Appeals' started by NeaKarlsonn, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. NeaKarlsonn

    NeaKarlsonn Lithuania Level 7

    Apr 28, 2020
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    7:01 AM
    Your In Game Name: Casualri

    Admin Who Banned You: @suneaterchan
    Server: SchoolRP

    What were you banned for?: Bypassing
    Why should you be unbanned?: I got banned on my alt and did not know it, logging in with another account, I instantly got banned for bypassing. Since the other ban has run out, I want to apply for unban on this account as well so I could return to SchoolRP. I've talked about my ban for staff disrespect with a staff member and accepted my mistake, waiting out the full ban so I could for sure take time to think about it and take a good break. Now, I feel like I am ready to rejoin the community, which is why I decided to apply for unban as this ban is the only thing preventing me from playing.
    Ban duration?: Permanent
    Time of Occurrence: I'm fairly certain it happened in 3rd of November

    Evidence of your innocence: The only proof I did not know about my ban I can give is my first messages that day to suneaterchan on discord, showing my surprise and not knowing about ban on my alt.
    Any additional members involved: None
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  2. suneaterchan

    suneaterchan United States Level 63 Administrator

    Jan 7, 2019
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    12:01 AM
    - You'll be unbanned shortly.
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