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Ban Appeal SenseiBarry

Discussion in 'Denied Appeals' started by Green Arrow, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. Green Arrow

    Green Arrow United States Level 4

    Jul 8, 2017
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    8:40 PM
    Your In Game Name:
    Admin Who Banned You (Tag them with @ before their name, it should be in your ban appeal.):

    Server [Discord/SchoolRP]:
    SchoolRP I believe.

    What were you banned for?:
    Quotes from S.A. Infold; "Reason: Consistent Toxicity : Staff Disrespect : Disregard to Staff Orders : Poor to Players and Staff....". In reality it was a collective decision made by staff to punish me a second time for my actions in which I wasn't even in the wrong for.

    Why should you be unbanned?:
    Well for one I was banned off of a collective decision. A decision that had no substance and a simple "Want this guy banned" and a reply with a "yes". Not only was I not allowed to advocate for myself for whatever reasons I was banned for, I'm quite convinced no evidence was provided during this "collective decision". As I stated above it was a collective decision based off personal feelings towards a player who wasn't even allowed to advocate for himself. I've been attacked multiple times by staff and players alike who lack knowledge of the rules. When I defend myself it's always me being told to "Calm down" or "Chill out" while the opposition is coming at me. Can't expect me to sit there and be quiet while I'm being talked down upon. Thats not even the half of it because when I do defend myself its not even in a disrespectful way. The most I've been is stern or /witty/.

    I was also banned when I was not online meaning it had to be about situations before hand. Seeing as there was no report made by a player on the forums I'm sure this is an inside plot within the staff. When doing this "collective" decision it's obvious you will vote based off your personal feelings towards the person as opposed to how it actually is. Now if I'm being banned for the rules I've broken then that should be invalid. If you think about it, it's quite rigged because it doesn't make sense for a player to be punished twice for the actions. Especially when this player was in the right for the majority of these. There was no substance to my ban, no event of my actions which led to me being banned. Not to mention I had no /warns prior to this "collective decision". I'm one to read the rules a lot before playing any server. Lets go one by one for the reasons I was banned and allow me to disprove all of them.

    Consistent Toxicity:
    The reason anyone ever called me toxic was because I argued with them. People here don't like to be opposed and are not used to it because everyone is so scared of someone with a [A] in their tag. I've done nothing toxic in my time here besides argue. Even then, simply arguing your side doesn't make you toxic. If that was the case every last one of you are toxic human beings and should be banned for it. Not to mention arguing with staff is not against the rules under certain circumstances, see rule 8.

    Do not argue with staff unless you know you are being wrongfully accused."

    I know I am being wrongfully accused which is why I argue. For example, the 3 warns given to me by the moderators edateing and whoever Dove Herrington is were to be removed by an S.A. after proven innocence. And before you label this as abusing a loophole, I'm not. The rule is not ambiguous nor is it inadequate. I used the rule the way the rule was designed to be used.

    Staff Disrespect:

    Again, simply arguing. If I was ever being witty as I'm sure I've done in the past which seemed to upset the staff team I apologize. I honestly meant whatever I said as a joke and it was definitely sarcastic. I've never outright insulted a staff member besides on one occasion. This occasion being years ago and is irrelevant as I have served my time. Punishing me again only proves my point of the bypass in rules and emotions clouding your jobs work.

    The last being poor attitude towards players and staff members. Same explanation for Staff Disrespect goes for this. I'm simply witty and I'm never truly disrespectful. Sure I can talk back, thats only when I fee las if I'm being disrespected. In the event I do talk back its never more than sarcasm or advocation for the wrong doings of the opposition. This is typically with the rules. Now I can continue on with how I'm being targeted but seeing as you all have taken it into your hands to create this "collective decision" to combat people you don't like. I'll simply give what you want. This isn't me throwing in the last straw, this apology will be genuine.

    To whoever this may concern I apologize for the disrespect that has been sent your way. I apologize for my actions that led to this and I hope you can forgive me and we can start off on a new foot. I can't guarantee my arguing won't happen in the future. If I see wrong, i'll speak about it. But from here on out I will be more sensitive to the words I choose and will only make jokes that we all can laugh at. I also hope that we can see the errors on the other side as well. I hope we can come to a consus where whoever I've had altercations with can see the wrong on both sides and can figure out a way to combat it if it ever happens in the future. Believe me when I say this, it's genuine.

    Ban duration?:

    Permanent IP Ban, appealable.

    Time of Occurrence:
    The ban happened on 2019-07-05.
    Evidence of your innocence:
    As I stated above there is no substance to this ban. Meaning I cannot provide evidence such as screenshots as there is no set event I was banned for. No real reason why I should be banned. It's just a plot between people who have a dislike towards me. I was never given a time where I broke these rules, I was never warned for these rules. I am innocent and if the servers staff are going to try and combine all previous altercations that I've apparently served and have been passed for then its quite obvious on why I should be unbanned. Seems like the staff team are loopholing and breaking their own rules. I was banned for things I was apparently already punished for. Meaning its clear you all are fighting to get me banned because I simply argue and I'm witty. There is no reason and I'm convinced anyone with a smudge of sense would agree with me. Thats not me calling you all ignorant thats me saying you guys are allowing your emotions to cloud your judgement. It sounds cliche but its the truth. "He's already served his punishments but lets punish him again because he made me mad.". That doesn't sound mature nor does it reflect how I believe the staff team to truly be.

    Any additional members involved:
    Was banned out of no where. I don't really know exactly what event you all are talking about as you compiled everything that's happened in the past into one.​
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  2. Infold

    Infold Italy Level 127 Moderator

    Oct 25, 2017
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    2:40 AM
    - We appreciate that you've at least managed to apologise for being disrespectful however,
    - You've failed to take responsibility for the rest of your actions and instead managed to justify your behaviour through blaming us for taking what you did to personal level which is obviously incorrect for many reasons.
    - You've managed to claim that we're the ones attacking you despite you making comments to us such as us being 'illogical', 'deluded', 'tapped' and much more. We do not see how that's being stern or witty in anyway when it's pure hostility displayed by you.
    - If you do not respect the Staff of the server, or think that they're all 'tapped', then this isn't the server for your behaviour to be moderated on, you can go play somewhere where the Staff aren't the comments you made.
    - We do not deem you worthy to return back to the community knowing we'd have to deal with more of your petty behaviour as you've failed to change for the months and if you were to return now, we'd just deal with you more.
    - Use this time to think about your actions and for the first time, learn how to improve from them.
    - You may re-appeal in 7 days.
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