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Ban appeal


Level 0
IGN/NAME : 1011101010010100

Discord/McServer : School Rp

Staff who banned me : @Lovely_Ocean : : I recently learned is no longer an administrator working for the team. Recent ban appeal denied by @KimiNoUso

Reason for ban : spamming : : The reasoning behind why its spamming and not constant rule breaking is because I asked the once administrator what the real reason for the ban because constant rule breaking really doesn't explain what I did to ban myself. image of the conversation is in attached files.

Why I should be unbanned : The reason for why I should be unbanned is no different from the last appeal I made February 15 2021 under the same username. I would like to rejoin Srp so I can Role play with my friends once again which I do miss playing with. I resonantly looked through the rules for Srp and realized I have been doing a lot of wrong things. I apologize for my wrong doings and wish to be added back to Srp I hope you and other staff understand and again I am deeply sorry and I hope I can be forgiven.

Time of ban : 5/30/2021

Ban duration : permanently

Evidence of innocence : I am not innocent I take full responsibility

Additional members involved : There has been no other members involved with this ban

By : Tenten​


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Level 450
Server Director
Teacher Lead
Employee Lead

- Your ban will be lifted shortly.
Consider this a second chance; if you're caught continuously breaking the same rules again with (now) clear knowledge of the rules, the ban will be reverted back to permanent.

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