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Basic Information


Baseball is one of the most complicated plugins in SchoolRP. It requires a good understanding of the game mechanics, rules, and the ability to work with your team. The following post contains the BASIC(No advanced tricks will be shown) guidance on the Baseball Plugin within SchoolRP.

To enter a game you simply have to walk onto the Waiting Bench and you will be automatically placed onto either the RED or BLUE team(or you could select whichever team you prefer).
1668111779586.png(Left-Click on the team that you wish to join)
Depending on how many Players are on a team it will always attempt to make the game balanced. Your inventory will be cleared whilst on the field but all items will return once the game has ended or exiting the game by entering the command /baseball quit. Once you've joined a game, it should guide you in the chatbox and tell you what is going to happen next.
Note: Some of the rules and game mechanics may differ from the baseball we experience in real life. However, they should be pretty similar.
Definitions and In-game tutorial
Batter: A batter in baseball is a player in the batter's box attempting to hit the ball thrown by a pitcher.

(Tips: When you have the bat in your hand, hold right-click to charge it. When the ball is pitched release your right click for a swing, make sure to swing at the right angle and time)
Pitcher: The Pitcher player stands in the middle of the field and throws the ball toward the batter.

(Aim above the batter’s head and right-click to throw the ball)
1668111683820.png(Once you are on the defending team, left-click the [YES] sign once and it should put you into the Pitcher's queue)
HomeRun: A hit that allows the batter to make a complete circuit of the bases and score a run. In other words when you hit the ball far enough out of the playing field.

(Tips: GO BIG OR GO HOME! Your timing and aiming angle are really important)
Foul ball: A ball struck so that it falls outside the lines drawn from home plate down to the first and third bases, counted as one strike in-game. However, once you’ve reached ⅔ strikes any further foul balls you hit will no longer be counted as a strike.

(Tips: Try to aim differently by lowering your body using the SHIFT key, or adjusting your swing time)
A Ball: A ball is a pitch that is not a strike. In other words, it's a bad throw from the pitcher. A ball won’t be counted as a strike. If a batter accumulates four balls, he is awarded first base.
(You can choose not to swing your bat if you think the throw is awful)
Base: A Base is one of the three spots in the infield that a baserunner must touch in order to score a run. A baserunner is also allowed to stop at a base if he cannot continue all the way to home plate on the play. A runner cannot be tagged out when he is in a base. Tips: 1. Make sure you are standing right on top of the Block, otherwise you will be at risk of getting tagged out. 2. Make sure you tagged all the in order, a graph will be shown below.

Basement/Baseman: The players near the three diamonds. Protecting the first, second, and third base by picking up the ball and tagging the runners.

Game Mechanics & Functions​

Baseball on SRP is a team SPORT that can be played between two teams(Red and Blue team) of 2 to 12 players. Baseball is played on a diamond-shaped playing field. The four corners of the diamond are home plate as well as the first, second, and third base.

(The amount of baseman depends on the number of players in the game)
The Red team always starts with batting and the Blue team always pitches and defends first.
The objective of baseball is to score more runs than your opponent by hitting a ball as far as you can before running around four bases to complete a run.
Each team has 3 chances of getting their players Dismissed/Out each round, and a round ends when both of the teams used all of their OUTS. The team that scores the most runs after 3 rounds of pitching and batting wins the game.

(Tips: Once you’ve tagged the home base and all other three bases, you will gain ONE point for your team)

Batters/Runners can be Dismissed from a round in TWO ways
Strike out: Occurs when a batter accumulates three strikes during a time at bat, for example, missed swings.
(You will be sent to a bench now!)

Tag out: When the defensive player with the ball touches the runner with the ball while the runner is not touching a base.

(Tips: Left-click the runner with the ball in order to tag them out)


Congratulations! You've reached the end of this thread, hopefully, you've gained some basic baseball knowledge on how to play it by now. From what I have seen, most players are struggling with batting when they first start playing baseball. However, once you've conquered the hardship of battling, you might find that baseball is a rather interesting game, especially when played with a group of other people. If you wish to learn more tricks(such as air-grab) and team strategies about baseball, feel free to go talk to one of the baseball Members or join them during their practices! Finally, good luck to those who want to make it into the baseball team, remember practice is the key to victory.
"Its time to hit some balls"


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This is an amazing guide for new players or those wanting to get into the plugin/team, wonderful job

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