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Better Exams Producer


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What's your Minecraft Username?: mactatti
What's the title of your suggestion?: Better Exams Producer

What's your suggestion?:
”A Better producer for the Yearly exams.”

For what I have experienced during the exams we have had the Autumn Exams were quite chaotic with the server restarting over and over. We’re all annoyed of this, As we all don’t get a fair of a chance that some people do get with there High end PC’s. Henceforth I will propose a new system that will make EVREYONE have a fair enough chance to get to do an exam.

Firstly let’s see what was wrong for this season.
1. Everything was laggy & Chaotic
2. Unorganized ( What I think )

With those in mind I will now state the new idea. First off when you builders and staff are preparing for the exams I say you all Prepare in-game during the Weekend so that should be enough time to build the exams in the Aud/Gymnasium during this time students wouldn’t be in the way Etc. You should add a fenced line for the Highschool/College Sign ups so no one is jumping to prevent from people lagging.

Continuing further After setting up the gymnasium/Aud for exams the day of exams has came. When students arrive the intercom should direct them to the Pitch/Gymnasium/Aud and lining up to sign up after they have signed up they would go about they’re day till exams have started. The Signs uo should also be found in the Karakura Academics Server so everyone has a fair chance the form should also include what round it was 1-2 so they know what round they will part take in.

Furthermore once exams have officially Started staff would then teleport the students that have been signed up so EVERYONE has a chance to participate. Staff would teleport them one by one.

NOTE :: This is a suggestion and the community should also send feedback on it and point out any Pros about this idea or any Cons o make this not possible. And for the record the second exam was much more organized than the first.

How will this benefit the server and community?:
How this would benefit the community is that others would have a fair chance to part take in the exams that happen yearly. It would also help staff become more organized during the exams and so there would be no lag etc.


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There were 2 opportunities today to take the exam to account for the very high player count. Everyone had a fair chance to participate in the exams this time around. We as a staff team could not have foreseen the number of crashes to the server, as the player count reached record numbers. Regions were added to the sign-up signs to prevent minging, but there were still large lag spikes.

Adding barriers and fences does not stop normal player behavior. People would still be standing as close as they can and jumping around, still causing lag.

External sign-ups used to be the go-to for exams, at least in my case, but that leads to staff handing to individually teleport each person, rather than each player being teleported into the testing area. This just spends more unnecessary time and effort. The exams had a rocky start, but were still highly successful in the end, with a record turnout. There are going to be many more opportunities for exams in the future, and they will not be as hectic as this one


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Thank you for your suggestion!

As I've said in a previous post, we've been planning and testing the exam over the last month or so. Sadly, it would be impossible for us to test with the amount of players SchoolRP hosted today, which at peak was 563. Unfortunately, with the amount of custom plugins and features we have on SchoolRP, as much as we test we can never account for every issue that may arise, as with any bugs or crash.

We are working on making SchoolRP more performant under larger loads, and we've already made some great progress. Sadly, 563 was just too much for SchoolRP to handle today, and that's okay, we're still actively improving the server every week. Regarding your own FPS, it's not something that we can control, however you can improve your FPS next time by using /togglenametags and by turning off the resource pack!

Overall, we did the best we can given the situation and mostly everyone who was speaking in OOC – out of the 400 players online during the player-cap we placed to ensure we could do the event today – were happy to take part and were appreciative of the work our staff carried out today to ensure that as many people as possible could take the exam today, hence the two separate seatings.

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