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Level 1

What is your Minecraft Username?:Starssmessages

What is your timezone?:CST

Please provide your Discord tag:N/A

Link(s) to all past and present applications on the server (Approved, Denied & Pending):
Denied - __Bigmonkey`s__ APP | SchoolRP | Minecraft Roleplay Server __Server _bigmonkey_'s Language Application | SchoolRP | Minecraft Roleplay Server
Describe your activity on the server:

List your accounts and roles on this server:

7-10h7-6h1-3h1-10h3-4h3-4hall day!

Are you aware that inactivity can result in removal from the council?: Yeah


What is the student council and what do they do?: A young college student who puts an effort to work with professors or SLT to ensure that the school environment remains safe and healthy is what I would call a Student Councillor. Their responsibilities include punishing misbehaving students, offering assistance to professors when needed, and helping students if they need it.

What motivated you to apply for council? (e.g. Interests, friends, etc.): When I first began playing SchoolRP I initially got involved in Gangrp however after a few months, I realized that it wasn't really my thing. So, I mostly did school roleplays which was fun which is the whole game me and my friends would fight alot so that's
why I stopped as being a student councilor I need to stop getting detention but as I had alot of fights at the time, I tried to be better but my friend gave me alcohol so
I it's not my fault I mostly got detention it was because of my friends, and they made me drink it and said we shouldn't be doing this, so they got mad and started trying to fight me, so I was like wanted to do this roleplay so that's why I applied! today.

Are you aware that you’ll be having to use your creativity and teamwork ethic within the student council? (e.g. Coming up and helping with events):
Can you list the roles in the council along with other roles that might be important to the council?: To the best of my knowledge, there are three positions: council president and the council vice president. Professors and SLT members are other positions that could be significant to the faction. SLT and other professors are important to Councillors since, to put it simply, they are there for assistance in regards to a disruptive student when desperately needed. The faction's leaders and higher ups are the president and vice president, to whom the council members look for guidance as well as support.


While students gather for a school assembly, one student behaves disruptively, causing a disturbance. How would you manage the situation to restore order effectively while minimizing any additional disruptions to the assembly? Zi(FULL NAME zion)would first issue a verbal warning, requesting that they refrain from their disruptive behavior and part ways. Zion would threaten to give the girls another verbal warning if they failed to stop being disruptive, and lastly he would issue them a detention if they failed to listen to him and stop harassing each other.
A student refuses to take their mask off after you’ve brought up detention and they’ve run away! What do you do?

Zi would notify the other teachers through the radio that a student had presently fled the classroom wearing a mask. After that, Kōji would patrol the school in an attempt to locate the student who had run away. If he was able to locate the student, he would report the incident to SLT because it would be pointless to issue him a detention since he was already in detention. Finally, Zi would remove the mask from the student.
A teacher observes concerning behavior from a student, including the creation of disturbing artwork and verbal threats toward peers. How would you collaborate with the teacher to evaluate the situation and intervene appropriately to address potential safety concerns?

A group of students asks for your permission to stage a protest on school grounds. Would you allow them to protest? If so, how do you ensure that the protest does not disrupt the school environment while upholding their freedom of expression? Zi would calmly explain to the councillor that he needs to speak to the student in a more gentle tone and use a choice of wording that is far more appropriate. Zi would notify a professor or even an SLT depending on how far the councillor had abused their powers, if the councillor continued in abusing their authority in order for them to take appropriate action.

A teacher/receptionist has told you that you are doing something that goes against what you were trained by your higher-ups. How would you react to this?
Zi would just get in touch with any college counselor team member to find out the information he was missing. In order to make up for missing it in the first place, Zi would probably also ask the council member if they would be willing to turn in any notes they had taken during the meeting.
Please provide at least one detailed event that the council can use as a future event to showcase your creativity! (Must be 300 words or more for one event): Numerous students who attend Karakura College and Karakura High School originate from a wide range of nations, cultures, and different languages. It would be wonderful, in my opinion, to have a day to recognize the various cultures that exist inside the school's walls. This would help those from other nations feel more accepted both in Karakura and at their school. The event would take place in a gym, essentially set up with numerous flags from various nations hanging on the walls. There would be plenty of booths with the flag of each nation there, each with a building resembling historical structures related to the country's past. A member of the council team would give a lovely lesson on their history or give a fun fact relating to the country’s history in order to educate other students who are not familiar with it. In order to prevent spreading false information to students who are motivated to learn about the cultures of their classmates, council members would probably need to get ready and dedicate at least two weeks to thoroughly learn all that there is to know about each of the mentioned cultures during the culture day event. In order to finish this event completely, members of the build team would need to help with the booth the building process by effectively creating miniature replicas of historical structures that are relevant to the culture of the structure they are building.

Personal Information
(in character)

Name: My name is Zion Or zi

Gender I am an male.

Age: I am 18

Phone number:My number is 030-143-3092

How would you describe your personality?: : Zion Y Sommer appeared to be a very athletic and slim male who weighed about 100 pounds and stood at the tall height of 5 feet and 5 inches Zion what is he's blend in with his twin Enzo but as he`d stand Infront of you being 5`5 he looked pretty short as some people say that's an girl height as you look at him he`d had light brown hair it would also be bit fluffy, be staring at you missing one eye as he`d had green eyes well he doesn't have an alot of family members and as he`d always want to help his fav counselor as also well as students to, he`d always wanted to do basketball or football but he`d always miss the tryouts but he wasn't going to make it always, but Zi is sweet and also kind to others he might have an bit of anger issues but has mostly sweet his outfits are not that good their mostly just red jacket and pants baggy.

Appearance/attire (Please provide a picture:monke.png

applicants seeking your position?:Why do you want this position?: Generally, Zi was a composed person who trusted his ability to manage any situation, even when it involved handling disrespectful and difficult students. Besides that, Zi was a very sympathetic person who people could turn to for comfort and guidance. He was also a friendly individual who was always interacting with both regular students and other members of the council. Given his skills, I think Zi would be a fantastic addition to the college council team.

What interests you the most about student council?: Zi` s main interest in the role of student councillor is community involvement. Zi`s. always been most interested in the college councillor team because of how involved they are with the rest of the school, how they help others, and how they organize enjoyable events and activities for other students and his fav counselor

What could you contribute to make the school a safe and fun environment?: Zi`s is aware that he simply must spread positivity to maintain safety in the school. Zi`s will demonstrate respect for other students by treating them with the same dignity, regardless of what a nuisance they may be. To Zi, people can only learn and better themselves if you show them how. Essentially, Zi`s could help the school by serving as a role model.

The council wishes you the best of luck with your application!


Level 198
Council Lead

Thank you for applying to the Council Faction. Unfortunately, after the higher-ups have reviewed your application; We've decided to deny your application. Your application was denied due to the following reason(s) below:

Recent Player History:
Although infractions and server reputation are not detrimental factors to the initial application, we prefer players who have had a recent clean history and were more active within the integration of the server.


You have not been active for a significant amount of time. Please raise your current activity and feel free to reapply again to the faction.

Please make sure to follow the provided format for the application process.

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