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BMD application | UhmMoe


Level 9
[College][B] Jordan Vuitton
[Grade-12] Moe Ito T.
[Grade-12] Minoru Yannis

Previous bans/warns/kicks:
I don’t remember any recent bans because the last one was either in 2020 or in 2021 though for warns it was for baiting (And it was cleared, because it was false)

List any applications you have created on the forums:
There are more on a previous account though I can’t find them.
Moe's Korean Application | SchoolRP
Language app | SchoolRP
French App | SchoolRP
Language App | SchoolRP
Moe Ito T. R. Police Application | SchoolRP
William's Janitor Application | SchoolRP
Zoroku’s College Application | SchoolRP
MrWiggle's Police application | SchoolRP

Describe your activity on the server:
6/10 I’m Decently active due to the time of year it is, though when school and such begin to pick up my schedule scatters more and more, I’ve been told that I’m more or so dependable in the middle towards the latter day for most because of time zones and all but apart from that I really don't have a problem with getting on depending on the time of year with school, sports, and work, when it comes to things I do I normally hang around with friends and proceed with my characters development.

Specify your Discord name and discriminator and if you have a microphone:
Moe !#6353, Yes I do have a working mic.

Specify your country of origin and time zone:
The United States of America, And Time zone is MDT.

What are your motivations in applying for the black market dealer role?:
My motivation to receive this role really all falls down to a couple things, firstly I’d like to have something new that I really haven't gotten the chance to experience, things like regular roleplay, jock roleplay, gang roleplay are all things that I’ve done and had fun with but I’ve never had a legit city job, the perks that come with it and being able to do your own thing and getting the role is a plus, I’d like to do something then roleplay as a 20 year old college or a 18-16 year old student, a major thing is I’d like do something that I haven’t remotely thought about, and now that the chance has come I’d to test my roleplay abilities and challenge myself to the fullest and do something new, although I’ve been in the criminal area for a while I seriously would like a new set of cards to play and take a small step up from the average criminal role-player, I’ve had many friends that have gotten the role and grown from it and they’ve turned into well RPers, another thing is I’d like to give away some events that I’ve had in mind for a while along with some situations that I’d thought I’d run into, lastly the businessRP ideas- many things can be created but to find the right one would seriously be interesting and for it to be implemented in game would be seriously amazing.

What helps you to stand out from other applicants & what can you uniquely provide to the team?:
Something that I personally think is unique about myself is ability to make events up given a certain amount of time and motivation, I like to make use creativity to my experiences in and out of game to influence my creativity when making set event, another thing that I’ve been told I’m good at is my way of planning before and rather in the moment, I’d like to make things as fun as possible and not too strict to where everything and everyone is robotic like, when I mess up I don't simply just blame it on a mishap I take accountability for it, as if a call out or a call sign is wrong and it leads to a somewhat downfall, following this when things are successful I don't like to entirely gloat and simply take all the another reason I think I stand out is my experience on the server, and my time played on the server, since I’ve played since 2018 or early 2019 I’ve got a good understand of the map regardless of the changes that have been made in the past years, my ability to set things up such as

What previous experience do you have in working with a team?:
For starters, I’ve been a part of a few things thrive off of Teamwork most of which were some time ago, firstly I’ve been on the college baseball team twice and on a team sport you need both communication and also a good relationship and I believe I have both of those I stayed on the team for 2 captain rotations and left, though a few months later I stay for another captain rotation which I then left once more though all together I loved it and if I had the chance in the future I’d most likely join again, My other experiences relate consist of combat and Criminal roleplay with gangs such as Unforgiven, Syndicate, and River x2 I’ve done some events where following the plan and aiding your teammates and working together helps extremely to reach the adjective, another thing is some wars and plain out any gang/criminal roleplay situation where cooperating with your friends and members is extremely important or else you’ll mess plans, the goal, and the roleplay up and worse can leave you losing more than you wanted to gain

What suggestions do you have to help better the crime faction?:
The first and this might just be me being dumb but I’d like to see a lore for the BMD, most things like the a train station and religions have lore for themselves but a thing that’s been relied on for as long as the BMD, things like how the old mayor of Karakura (the BMD lead) had attempted to blow up his replacement and his kids to bits and a dealer was there and injured to see it all, something that would be especially cool to be added to the lore is the original BMD members and the first gang that was verified to be put into it (such as ZT or Ghost) and very significant wars that took place and engraved their selves into SRP history such as River vs Unforgiven and the Kaku vs Bontem

Another thing personally number 2. A territorial reign for BMD members, just how in the past gangs had territory, black market dealers could be able to reign over a specific part of land where they can destroy CCTV, sell weapons, and start traffic money, in these territories things such as fearRP (the owner of set area) is initiated and granted minors, in these territories would be verified gangs hideouts and so forth, this could lead for a better way for verified criminal heads and or regular verified members to finally get a source of income, those of which who fall under a specific piece of land could be given 50-100k as a “Good Job” on getting verified and every other month will be given the same amount if they are still verified. and yes getting verified gets you access to weapons that most don’t but most people in the criminal world of SRP lack the money to buy these things- so maybe that would help with this issue.

Powerplant area

another suggestion I’d like to see is a broader list of weapons that could be bought, such as the weapons seen in the past and maybe new weapons that haven't been introduced yet, an example of this is the nun chucks to come back for only verified people, and see p2l more used in criminal events and if not p2l then allowing makeshift weapons such as Molotov's or giving the amethyst and other unique crystal’s a purpose in making daggers wrapped in rope and cloth..

Are you familiar with all rules pertaining to weapon profiles, combat, permissions, and player conduct on the server?:
Yes I completely understand my rules and profiles and I know what is not and is allowed.

Are you familiar with that if you leave the black market at any point, the black-market lead will have permanent kill permissions on your character?:
Yes and I completely oblige to this rule.

Are you familiar with the fact that if your character(s) is/are killed or permanently arrested twice, you will be removed from the black market?:
Yes I'm familiar with this and I completely agree with these terms.

Are you familiar with that you cannot reveal any out-of-character plans or potential addition to the black market to others?:
Yes I understand this rule and completely oblige to this.

Full Legal Name:

Jordan Vuitton

Criminal Alias:

Age & Occupation:
20, College

Gender & Marital Status:
Male, Single

Ethnicity & Race:
African American, Black

Known Languages:
Korean, JSL

Former Associations/Occupations:

Highest Level of Education:

Physical/Mental Ailments:

Known Family Members:
Mr.Vuitton Mrs.Vuitton
KanYe Vuitton
Bill Vuitton
Zikomo Vuitton
Symere Vuitton
Aria Villanueva

Describe your character's appearance to the greatest detail:
A African American male standing before you at 6’0 weighing 90Kg, He was the slightest bit chubby he had somewhat fit physique was noticeable though it wouldn't make much of a difference when wearing clothes, above his right hip under his rib a tattoo of bird silhouettes would be seen it was small but nice, his nails would be painted matte black with a small outline of a pink heart on his middle finger (also on his middle finger a tattoo of the initials H+J would be surrounded in a heart on the inside of his finger), his dreaded hair would be thin and be in a somewhat large quantity with the occasional gold bead on some around his face, as he smiled you’d get view of his pearly whites (He had extremely small clear gems on his two canines which were sharper and somewhat longer than usual) and his eyes would look a delicious milky chocolate pools, as he walked by the scent of salted caramel followed and overshadowed him.

Describe your character's personality to the greatest detail:
Jordan Vuitton would have a rather serious tone to him, being extremely intelligent and well rounded male his actions and mind set wouldn’t be straight forward as if he’d let off the truth and had a hidden meaning, his determination to do something is really shown when given the resources and motivation, his keen eye and ability to stay calm and mellow toned and pick up and learn on subtle things giving him a brief chance to plan in the moment is where shine the best, his way thinking himself out or back into a situation really gives himself that extra boost when doing specific situation, his emotions compliment his sharp glare as he loves to get straight to the point.

Describe your character's backstory to the greatest detail:
Jordan was born in the Chicago in a more run down part of time he went to school and was a somewhat outcast that slowly brought himself and his reputation to the ground, his snarky remarks and Offley aggressive glare left him sitting alone and away from the others, and at times when he was made fun at or “bullied” he’d retaliate and end up in more trouble then the bullies.. His temper and mood always seemed to be soured and ruined at the slightest things, As he grew in a house with two loving parents and a dozen of siblings, he always seemed as if he were not given attention at all and after months to years of acting out Jordan somewhat grew out of it and matured and took a look at the position that his family was in- and it certainly wasn't good, and slowly as Jordan kept his act in check and matured and as he finally got the brains to acknowledged that his popularity, school reputation, and his grades had took a hit for the worst he slowly but surely got all of them to rise as much as he could until everything began to look amazing.. And soon enough he had finally made it to graduation and as time blew by Jordan had finally pieced together his life and found himself a hobby which was studying different cultures and researching different languages and while doing so he bonded more with his father in their love for different cultures and languages, thus slowly he wanted to pursue his studies and travel to Karakura where he continue to find mysterious and things that make Karakura “Karakura”

Describe an interaction that your character may have as a black-market dealer:
A Weapon Deal
The time would be midnight and the male Jordan would place his foot on the pedal accelerating as he led the way in a black car with a truck and another black car following behind slowly sliding down his window and grazing his suit’s arm across the open window, his expression would be vague with a resting glare on his as he slowly brought his hand from window frame to his lips breaking the contact and slowly bring the cigarette out of his mouth blowing the smoke away from this mouth and out the window, his eyes would stay on the road as he passed through the tunnel only speeding up past KPD, with a grin on his face he’d tighten his grip on the wheel slowly angling his gaze to the rear view mirror to take note on how far the two following cars were, he’d then take a breath in and take the turn towards the parking lot of bowling alley and towards the back alley breaking away from the truck letting it pass through and slowly parking their cars nearby

As the suited individuals Jordan Vuitton and Zikomo Vuitton stepped out of their cars and slowly approached the rear end of the truck a few masked individuals would come out from the back alley passing the shops and hopping over the rail, the rowdy group would quickly be silence to the snapping of fingers from Jordan and the now approaching Zikomo- he’d look anxious and his eyes would shift scanning the area before the awaited masked male stepped forward and handed him the wad of cash, quickly Zikomo drew his attention to the cash slowly scanning and counting rather quickly a good three times before whistling and hitting the side of the truck as if it was a signal..? Rather quickly the door would fly open weapons of all sorts would rest still in the back of the open truck, Jordans gaze would scan the group before pointing to the back as if they were dogs and awaited them to bombard the back like wild animals

Slowly as the group rushed with crazed actions towards the truck the two Jordan and Zikomo turned on their heel and walked to their cars with the truck man waiting for them to finish, and what was thought to take a hour took only 5 minutes as they all scattered to stash their newfound “toys” BOOM would come from the back of the truck as the door slammed shut- Jordan would hit the top of his car loud enough to grab the twos attention as a signal for them to begin driving off away front the situation avoiding any suspicion and getting away scotch free…

Punishment and Reinforcement of Rules
The male Jordan Vuitton, masked and readied with a katana and a radio for communication would slowly travel through the sewers at ready for the up and coming event that was to take place, later that day a group of individuals including Jordan had set a plan to abduct an anonymous person that shouldn’t be named- the small group had obtained intel, took tabs and had watched this specific person for a good amount of time and now it was time to spring this trap and lure this person like a mouse to cheese.. And so the plan was put to the test with time- would the person be at the right spot when called?

As time crept on and peoples patients grew thin and the target anxiously came across the scene, and as planned swiftly two masked individuals shoved a paper bag over their head zip tying it shut, he was abducted and quickly brought down to an end of the sewers- *A quiet break of silence came from his radio, it was a call sign* Jordan continued to creep through the sewers and at the sound of his radio he’d pick up his pace gradually getting closer to the planned site and slipping a masquerade mask over his face, his eyebrows would furrow and a grin slowly stretched and edged itself onto his face, the grip on his katana would tighten before he arrived to set location- he’d kick the door down and fixate his vision to the male in front of him with a bag over his head was chained down to a metal chair and completely motionless as if he was beaten into silence, slowly as Jordan walk over to face the male his shoes would click with every step as an attempt to make the person more anxious, and as the male squirmed more clearly the anticipation was killing him- so Jordan would get closer and rip the bag off their head (tearing it in two due to the zip tie) coming face to face with the target, his grin would grow to a more gummy smile revealing his pearly whites and gems on either canine, his hands would drum across the grip and he’d slowly raise the katana before spinning it and sheathing it, instead at the click of his tongue a pair of knuckle dusters would be tossed to him- which in response he’d give a polite nod and slip the on slowly, with his offhand he’d take a hold of the person’s collar pulling them somewhat closer though stopping at the sound of the chains fluctuating- the distance between them would be slim but enough to meet this individual face to face he’d recline his dominant fist back before slamming it into the right side of their jaw installing the fear factor, he’d trail his gaze across the room inspecting the group that had brought him here, he’d briefly whisper in his low toned Korean and sharing a small chuckle before re-arranging his glare and attention back down to the target … his whispering would shift to Japanese and he’d place his foot in between the individuals legs resting it on the chair “so.. Why would you sell... What we gave you?” And as the questioning continued the more violent it got, and a lesson was taught to the individual to never re-sell the black-market weapons.
Describe any other additional information that is notable in considering your character for the role of a black-market dealer:


Level 123

Thank you for taking the time to apply for the black market dealer role; unfortunately, we (as a collective decision) have chosen to deny your application.

- Your suggestion is greatly appreciated! A portion of it will be considered for the future of the black market; we plan to make a thread detailing the lore behind each black market dealer and other external information to build more of the lore behind this section of the crime faction. However, your application and character do not stand out from many other applicants and we would encourage you to re-apply with a more unique application! If you choose to do so, we would appreciate it! Take care.​

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