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Community Team
-- Activity --
IGN (Minecraft Username):
Timezone: EST
What's your activity and availability like for SRP?: Weekends/week

-- Questions --

Do you have Discord? If so, supply your Discord tag (e.g. User#0000): Bleu#9607

How long have you been building?: I can't exactly remember but when I was gifted the game when I was younger, I have been building since. I even build so much as to learn a lot of the block IDs from building in vanilla 1.8.9.​

What are your goals and aspirations for building and being on a team?:
I want to help build the server like I used to, but this time, not by myself. After taking a break from SRP I took a step back and realized I was very pushy to certain things and very much not so open minded. Now that I've returned and started to build more with people, get advice from the community and help build things for them, I realized it's much better to build with people then by yourself. Everything goes so much faster if everyone can get along, and the results are often 10x better as multiple people gave it their own to make it look amazing. Being on the build team would help me grow as a person and help customize myself to work in teams, again, something I used to despise. Not only that, but my style is more unique and different from the SRP one, however I don't believe that is a bad thing, adding me back to the build team would mean we can grow SRP’s style for the better of the community just as much as the community as customized their skins and changed the style over the years in a similar fashion to the build team. Though there seems to be a great new style for the server, I think my skills could be an “add-on” to it. I have recently been training in order to do that and combined the SRP style with mine to make a small apartment building.

What are your strong suits as a builder? (Interior, Structure, Organics, etc):
I am pretty confident in a lot of things, I can't definite my strong suits but can definitely define my weak spots.
Large builds and medieval styles are definitely my weak spots, but anything else I would say I am mostly decent too.​

Most of the things I use on SRP are:

Do you understand building is a team effort and won't always be building by yourself?:
Yes, as I've said I wasn't the greatest at working with people before, I may have been bossy and controlling or closed and unreachable as I used to hate working with teams, it felt more like a mess as no one would communicate, or at least to me it seemed that way. I've never been someone who is good at starting conversation with other people, I struggle when doing simple things like comforting people and very much have my own issues, however these are all things I am working on and fighting myself to be on this theme. I simply want to be proud of myself by building something the community will love and use for what could be years to come. Something that they will use for their roleplay and to upgrade the stories of their characters, a house isn't just a house it is someone's home and if I can decorate that to fit them perfectly that they can bring people too and it reflects their character, I would feel honored to join and help the team or join them into doing things like that.

What type of style does your builds consist of? Is there more than one? (Modern, Medieval, etc):
My build style is more like an Anime modern type of thing. It is VERY colorful and textureful, I do this as I myself am a roleplayer and feel that if the map has multiple assets I can use to better my roleplay then I will have done a good job in providing players with countless accessories.​

-- Portfolio --
Supply us with at least 4 screenshots of your build (Do not use shaders):

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Thank you for your application, after discussing it with the rest of the Builders, we have decided to accept it!

Welcome to the team! You'll start your journey off as a Trial member of the Build-Team, from there we will ensure that you're ready to work on projects with us before making you a fully-fledged member of the community team. We look forward to working with you!

What happens next?
You'll receive your roles in the SchoolRP Discord, at which point you'll receive information about the role and its guidelines. Along with the information, you'll be contacted via Discord DMs about your Trial; trial builds consist of Structure, Interior and sometimes Organic work.

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