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Cherae's Hospital Staff Application


Level 3

Out-Of-Character (OOC) Section
IGN (In-Game Name):
cherades is the account I am applying on, my main account is cherae.

Previous bans:
I have never been banned from SRP.

Describe your activity on the server?:
I am active on SRP almost everyday; especially during the weekends. The only times I am not online is if I am away from home for a day or so. Since it is now summer I will definitely more active. However, when the 2021-2022 school year does arrive, I will be a tad more inactive but still plan on being active throughout the weekdays.
Which time zone are you in?:

My time zone is CST.

Do you have discord? If so what is it?:


Do you have a microphone [Obligatory]:
I do indeed have a microphone and can use it in calls when needed.
I have a pretty extent history with detail RP. I've been playing SRP for around a year and a half and even before that I was in other RP groups that mainly focused on detail. I really enjoy creative writing and that's what detail RP feels like to me. I'd like to think that I'm decently skilled in detail RP.
What is your motivation to apply for EMS and how will you benefit our medical team?:

My motivation for applying for EMS comes from a few things. The main one is wanting branch out and experience what it's like to be in the workforce on SRP. I’ve been meaning to apply for a while but due to some OOCLY problems, I haven’t overly had the time to do so. The other reason is to simply bring this character back to Karakura for the sake of FamilyRP. The character I am applying for EMS with is the mother of my other character as well as few others. My friend is the original player of this character but she was banned back in March, meaning since then; there hasn't been a mother figure to run the family. The character worked as an EMS before my friend was banned and since I have been given permission to take over that character and will be bringing her back to SRP, it only made sense to apply.
Which medical role are you applying for? (e.g: Surgeon, Doctor, Nurse, Psychiatrist):

I am applying for the role of psychiatrist.

Specify your knowledge for the role you’re applying for:
Psychiatry is a branch of medical work that focuses on diagnosing, treating and prevention of behavioral or emotional disorders. Its a a job that works over a very large spectrum in the medical field. Specializing in mental health, A Psychiatrist's main focus is assisting patients with issues they may be struggling with. Specifically trained to evaluate both the physical and mental features of psychological problems. Patients may reach out to a Psychiatrist for many different reasons. It can range from smaller, more sudden issues to more long term issues that they never got evaluated. Psychiatrists use all kinds of treatments, including forms of medications, psychotherapy, psychosocial interventions and other treatments.
Categories all the functions of the EMS and tell us what each of them does:
Head Physician - The head of the hospital. They run all departments and do everything they can to maintain consistency amongst the staff. They are the one in charge of the rules and have a very long time training and working to get where they are.

Clinical Leader
- The head of one specific departments. They are in charge of training and giving out all the information that trainee’s may need. It is important that they evaluate their trainee's carefully. Once they see that a pupil is ready, they forward them into the testing phase. In whish case they look over their results to see if they are ready or not. Being a Clinic Lead is an important job to uphold.

Clinical Manager
- The right hand man to the Clinical Leader. They take notice on what all the other employees are doing and make sure to keep everything in place. If something were to go wrong, something that was too big for anyone else. . They are the solution unless it can only be dealt with by the Lead.

Doctor - AKA a general practitioner. Doctors note down patients' symptoms and find a diagnosis for it. Though this does not including mental illnesses. A doctors main focus is figuring out what the patient is suffering from and which prescription would be right for them. Doctors are there for the less severe injuries, compared to a surgeon at least. However, they still are crucial to the department.

Surgeon - The one to diagnose people with diseases within their body. They are the ones to treat severe and fatal injuries. Being a Surgeon takes a lot of patients, skills, and training. They have to be able to perform the toughest of operations. Surgeons have access to the pharmacy and are able to prescribe their patients. This is one of the hardest roles amongst the

Nurse - These are the employees that assist people in the Doctor or Surgical department. They perform different kinds of tasks, but sometimes require assistance or observance by someone in the higher department. They are not allowed to sign a prescription on their own. Nurses are more of an aid to patients and to staff in the higher department.

Physiatrist - The ones who works with emotional diagnosis. Assisting and helping patients by listening to their problems, taking notes, and asking questions to the patients. They focus on mental health issues for patients. They are able to give out prescriptions for mental health medications, and they are permitted to use the pharmacy to give out mental health medications only.

Psychologist - These are the people who work with patients and their mental illnesses. Much like a Physiatrist, they need to listen and take notes on their patients. They main focus is to find improvement within their mind and what can be done to maintain improvement.
Are you aware of the basic medical emergency colour codes? If so, with their meanings, specify all those you’re aware of:
Code Red
Fire or smoke spotted within the building.

Code Orange
hazardous spill or contamination within the facility.

Code Yellow
Internal emergency (patient coming in with fatal injuries, a surgery gone wrong. . etc)

Code Green
Emergency activation code.

Code Blue
A medical emergency taking place within the hospital.

Code Violet
A violent or combative individual nearby.

Code Pink
Infant or child abduction.​
Code Brown
External emergency such as a natural disaster.

Code White
Emergency evacuation of the hospital.

Code Silver
An active shooter in or around the hospital.

Code Black
An active or possible bomb threat.
Do you acknowledge that you're subject to being demoted if accepted at any given time?

Yes, I completely understand.

Do you acknowledge that applying for this role, you are agreeing to be 100% dedicated to the Hospital Staff role?

Yes, I will stay absolutely dedicated to my role as a member of the Hospital Staff.

Do you acknowledge that if training is held whilst you are online, you are authorized to attend or you will be punished [Demoted]?

Yes, I acknowledge and will attend those trainings whenever I am available.

Do you acknowledge that you are NOT to take things OOCly when dealing with training & situations?

Yes, I understand and acknowledge this. I will not take things OOCly in these situations.

In-Character (IC) Section

Tell us about your character, how they look, what makes them unique?

Xanthippe is an average looking Russian woman. She stands at 5’8 with ash blonde hair that reaches her hips. Her eyes are one of the main features people seem to take a liking to first. With her Segmental Heterochromia, they seem to be a light blue. However, the entire left side of her right eye is an entire different shade of blue, making that eye pop more than the other ones. She has common Slavic facial features and takes pride in her natural beauty. Though she is quite tall, Xasha thinks of herself as being average height. Being around family with some of her kids being nearly 7" tall, it really makes her feel quite small. She has longer legs and a thinner pear shaped figure. She's quite fit as well, since she tries to be healthy and maintain herself.
What's she like on and off the job?
Xanthippe has always been a very work driven person and loves working to her best abilities no matter the task. Whether she's on or off the job, she maintains a high level of manors and respect for everyone. Xan works extraordinarily hard and uses her skills she has gained from her years of working on every patient she meets. Having been through such a rough past, Xasha works for her family to make them happy and proud. She wouldn't want anything to happen to them and is always there for her children.
Outlook on her co-workers? Plans for the future?
Though being quite the quiet kind, Xanthippe enjoys spending time with people who have common interests as her. Xanthippe is and has always been someone who tries to be there for almost everyone and will constantly give people second chances. She tries to meet as many people as she can and goes into each introduction with intentions. Though the future isn't very clear for her at the current moment, Xanthippe's current focus is working on her health, family and career. She wants to see all of her children grow up as well as wanting all of them to be proud of her for coming out of what she has gone through to where she could be in a few years.
Does your character have any past / current mental and or physical illnesses we should take acknowledgement to?
Though trying to stay healthy her entire life, Xanthippe was diagnosed with a mild heart disease that hospitalized her about a year ago. Since then she has been taking prescribed medicine to help treat the issue and it has been working! As of right now she is fully capable of doing complicated tasks and working to her best abilities.

(Make sure this biography/lore has 100+ words.)
11:43 a.m. June 18th, 1980. Xanthippe Wendigo was born; in a small hospital on the edge of Kazan, Russia. However after the long and complicated birth, her mother was quickly rushed into emergency heart surgery. Nine mere minutes is all Xan ever got with her mother. Two years later she lost her sister in a horrible car accident, leaving her to be alone. Luckily, she was welcomed into the Wendigo family right away, as she was related to them through her deceased mother. This family was really good for her, she got to experience more than she ever could have imagined. She grew up in an average household, lived a normal life and got to do everything she wanted. Xan had always been very intelligent, passing all of her classes with ease. She moved out of the Wendigo household in 1998 to continue onto college where she got her masters degree in medical along with multiple minors. During her final year of college, Xan had thought she met the love of her life. She was married and pregnant a year after finishing college. March 17th, 2001 she welcomed her twins: Nikolai and Ekaterina Kuznetsov into her family. Being at one of her highest points in her life, Xan continued her career and worked hard towards becoming a Psychiatrist. Though when you're at such a high point, the only way you can go is down. . Xanthippe's husband had been caught cheating on her, as well as him dealing with multiple drinking issues. She ended the marriage quicker than normally possible; gaining full custody of her children. Moving on with her life, she furthered her working life into the next level until she met a young surgeon who worked at the same hospital as her. This went well and Xan felt complete once more. Everything was going so well, she left her job to take care of her family, as she had welcomed two more beautiful children since getting married. Multiple years passed, now in 2012; Her life had flipped upside down as her husband changed. Again. Though this one was worse, he was very abusive not only to her but also to her children. This lasted for around a year since there were threats against her leaving. She didn't know how to save herself, until one of her sisters invited her and her children to come stay with her in Karakura, Japan. This was life changing for the entire family. Xanthippe was finally happy and safe once more, being able to care for her children and not having to worry about a job since her sister was making enough for all of them. Though, being in Karakura for years, she's finally ready to get back into working on her career.

SECTION 1: Personal Details

Characters Full Name:

Xanthippe Wendigo

Characters Title (e.g, Mr. Mrs. Miss):


Characters Given Name(s):

Xanthippe ‘Xasha’ Wendigo

Characters Preferred Name:

Xasha Wendigo

Characters Age:


Characters Gender:

Characters Religious Domination:


Characters Marital Status:

Characters Nationality:

SECTION 2: Academic Details

Years of Residency:

6 years

Working Experience(s):

A hospital internship in Kazan, Russia - (1 year)

The same hospital in Kazan but working officially - (5 years)

A new hospital in Mayak Byusse, Russia - (4 years)

Roughly 9 years all together.​
Academic Degree:

Masters Degree

Year of Graduation:

1998 - High School Graduation

2001 - Graduated from College with a Masters degree.


Human Biology, Psychology, and Medicine


Maths, and Chemistry

Native Languages:


Other Languages:

Japanese and JSL

Thank you for taking the time to view my application.

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