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Club application

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by E_yesNOO, May 23, 2021.

  1. E_yesNOO

    E_yesNOO United Kingdom Level 0

    May 23, 2021
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    1:48 PM
    IGN of Club Leader (In-Game Name): E_yesNo

    RPName of Club Leader: Bakao A. Ohashi

    Discord Tag (Discord#0000#): ConE#5837


    What is the Official Title of the Club: Social club

    Your current Members RPName & IGN:

    • Bakao A. Ohashi (E_yesNo)

    • Lily ‘Lil’ J. Ohashi (kyuromii)

    • Shisui “Shi” R. Marie IGN: Xrzes

    What is your Motivation for Creating this Club: My motivation for having this club is to bring more people together because some people may not have the confidence so it's a way to get people to be more sociable and make new friends. My other reason for creating this club is that so many people may not have good friends so they resort to staying inside more, bored just watching TV but they might wanna go and hang out with friends for a change, for example go shopping, go play sports, or just chill. My motivation for making the club is that so people don't get lazy or sad because they’re alone or they’re friends are also busy so they won't see them alot or if people are shy of talking so it's also away to make people more confident socially but also in themselves and what they do, so yeah its just so people are always positive.

    What Events could your Club do?:

    • Movie night! (oocly) we could watch a movie (discord vc) and talk about it afterwards, for example rating the movie and giving opinions whether it was good?bad?

    • Games- it could bring people fun and make people talk more so if it's a chill game people can talk while playing the game.

    • Picnic!-you can eat and socialize it could be nice for people to admire the trees and just have a chill time for more chill people

    How could your Club benefit the School?: The social club will connect students together and create a friendly atmosphere which is crucial for a nice school life. This club will get people to socialize and interact with one another. This club will accept people for who they are and will be a toxic free environment. It could also motivate people to go school to see their friends or turn up to the club or it could just motivate people to do the things they want to do.

    Could your Club benefit from a club room or space on school grounds? If so, how?:

    Our club could benefit from a club room because I think students can socialise better in a more comfortable environment.

    Does your club have a supervising Professor/Teacher? If so, who?:

    No, our club does not have a supervisor.

    Is your club global, or only open to specific students?: our club is global and open to everyone.
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  2. Tippie

    Tippie Netherlands Level 120 Administrator

    Oct 29, 2019
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    2:48 PM
    Thank you for your application, unfortunately, I have decided to deny this application due to the following reason:
    - Even though the idea of the club is fine, this is what all clubs already should do, bring people with the same interests together (ICly).
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