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Format Club Applications | Format, Roster and Information

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This club can be applied for

This club is owned and active​


Natural leadership, aspiration to push beyond the standard, courage to push others forwards and refine another's skills or appeals, all are traits we look for in a good leader. Do you have what it takes to motivate others to be their better selves?
Joining a club

Joining a club is relatively easy, the application process is all handled through each club's discord, no need for external form appeals!

Scroll down or use the directory to the clubs' rosters in this document or head over to the academic's discord to browse our #council-and-clubs-roster section to view all the clubs currently active!​
Starting a club

For newer players, we recommend having at least a month's worth of activity before considering the applications to a club, the process can be quite unforgiving when it comes to the field of ideas you must provide.

Applications for clubs follow the format provided below, fill out the questions to your best ability and feel free to decorate it with as many images and colours as you want, as long as it is still intelligible.​
Frequency of application checking

Club applications are always open and the frequency of applications being accepted and marked relies on the number of slots open on the roster, if club rooms are vacant or unowned, we will ensure spots are filled up as fast as possible, do not mistake our speed for marking mistakes, however.

Your application will speak through the ideas it provides and how well it explains them, deviancy from the formatted questions with anything besides images and colours may be met with DENIAL

Club leaders will now receive armbands upon being designated their roles, certain rules apply to these armbands, however:


- Your armband must reside on the account you lead your club on.

- Selling these will lead to punishment and removal from the faction.

- You must hand these to the next leader or me upon quitting the faction.

- these can not be mugged or taken from you and if I find out they have been, it will result in removal as stated above.

- If you have not received yours already, ping me in the club-leaders channel with your appropriate username




Your club must have a teacher/professor willing to supervise the club.

You must have 5 active Members before submitting the club application.

The club discord must be fully set up following the standard uniform look of the other discords before submitting the club application.

Your club must make sense and be realistic within a school environment

You must be dedicated to creating a club and creating events for the School every one to two months.
Applying for a new club?

Use this application if you wish to present an entirely new concept for a club or reapply for a once existent, now disband club.​


IGN of Club Leader
(In-Game Name):

RPName of Club Leader:

Discord Tag (Discord#0000#):

Permanent Discord invite to the club discord:

Why should you become a club leader over other applicants, what abilities or ideas do you have that could benefit the club you'll be in charge of?


What is the official title of the Club

Your current members RPName & IGN:
(minimum of 5)

The club supervisor's RPName & IGN:

What is your motivation for creating this club
(150 Words)

What activities and events will your club do?:
(Work out at least one club members only event & two school-wide club event)

How could your club benefit the School?:

How would your club use the club room the club will be assigned?

What will be the requirements for future members, if any?
Applying for an existing club?

Use this application if you wish to apply for a club without a lead marked by VACANT


IGN of Club Leader
(In-Game Name):

RPName of Club Leader:

Discord Tag (Discord#0000#):

Club name of the club you are apply for the leadership position:

Why should you become a club leader over other applicants, what abilities or ideas do you have that could benefit the club you'll be in charge of?


What is your motivation for becoming the new leader of this club
(150 Words)

What activities and events will this club do?:
(Work out at least one club members only event & two school-wide club event)

How will the club benefit the School?:

What will be the requirements for future members, if any?:


Flavours of life are essential taste, the Cooking club spend their time throwing together ingredients in the kitchen to bring your mouth the perfect blend of flavours and foods.

Nothing can go wrong when you're in the hands of these guys, even their logo is quirky!​

Discord - Click here

More Sparkles darling, you need to dazzle on stage when you group with this lot. Their outfits are so beyond perfectionist, they have mini tuxedos for their tuxedos, Brilliant, just brilliant!

Not into designing fashion? They also accept club members as models, if you think you have what it takes to be the next visage magazine talking piece, this is your club to pursue!​

Discord - Click here

These guys have a photo for every moment ever created in Karakura high school and community college.

Your fond memories shall be remembered for time for their photos are well and truly timeless; Composition, rule of 3rd, lighting and more, these are the masters of moment captivity and they're ready to capture any moment for you if you need it.​

Discord - Click here

The pen indeed might be mightier than the sword; Your path to your imagination lies deep within your limits and is only hindered by your will to try!

Join these mighty writers in their crusade for knowledge, narrative, happy endings and... grammar?​

Discord - Click here

Colours, Spice and everything nice, our Art club dedicates its time to their craft and refining their skill on the paper, tablet, whatever it may be.

This group of individuals really makes the paintbrush mightier than this sword​

Discord - Click here


Discord - Click here

Ghosts? Conspiracies? They're dedicated to finding it all, you can count on them to operate a spirit box when needed and trust me when I say, that is a skill in itself!

Are you interested in the supernatural, maybe you want to find out what happened to the two children in that creepy train station, This club is just the club for you!​

Discord - Click here

Bruty jocks, Sassy cheerleaders, we aren't all so bad, but this club has a place for every sport!

Tennis, Basketball, football, baseball, wow that's a lot of ball-s-... *Cough*
This group of individuals will nurture your skills In your chosen sport, helping you progress further than anyone has ever progressed before!

Are you willing to put in the work?​

Discord - Click here


The spotlights on you dear, perform and entertain and you will surely find a place in your heart with weep within your joy.

Create heartwrenching performances and create tension between characters in a never before seen show, aided by the members of this club who all take a similar interest as you!​

Discord - Click here
Vancant - VACANT

This is new, Vancany on the club roster, maybe you could be the one to fill in this empty space?

only the future shall tell​

Discord - Yet to be added​

This group prefers a nice, lovely, quiet setting, fostering plant care with love and attention, ensuring every plant and flower in their brilliant oasis is up to standard and perfect to-a-tea.

Plants gained emotions after they interacted with this bunch, there's no denying that!​

Discord - Click here

COLD HARD FACTS, JUICY STORIES, gossip of the school, these lot have it ALL, and I mean all, Maybe its time you should start watching your step because these guys have a source for every claim and a claim for every source.

They are the iPhone cameras of privacy when it comes to exposing the football team's accidental slip-up in the vice-principal's office or Katsuhito saiky's deepest darkest secrets​

Discord - Click here
MonthClubEvent information
JanuraryCooking ClubTBAX
FeburaryFashion ClubTBAX
MarchPhotography ClubTBAX
AprilLiterature ClubTBAX
MayArt ClubTBAX
JulySpeculation ClubTBAX
AugustSports ClubTBAX
SeptemberTheatre ClubTBAX
NovemberGardening ClubTBAX
DecemberJournalism ClubTBAX

Every month, the designated club will host their own personal event, and it will have creative freedom to the confines of realism.

This rota will be put into effect starting in December.​
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