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Collage Application

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by SikoStar1, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. SikoStar1

    SikoStar1 United States Level 1

    Jul 7, 2020
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    2:20 PM
    Out-Of Character Information:

    IGN: umJulie
    Discord Tag: julie#7889
    Current Grade: Grade 12 | 18
    Previous Applications: 2 Language Applications.
    Any Bans/Kicks: No bans or kicks.
    What is your motivation for applying for College?: Ever since I was little my parents have urged me to be the best I could, and be successful in life. They've always worked hard for me, even during the hardest times. I'd like to work hard for them, I'd hate to let them down. It's their dream to see me go to College, as College is key to success, as they say.
    How should a College Student behave during class?: A College Student should always behave appropriately in class. They should always address the Professor with respect, responding with things such as; Yes sir, Yes ma'am, No ma'am, No sir, No thank you, Please, etc. College Students should also pay attention in class, follow all of the rules and expectations the school and Professor has set, and should turn in all assignments on time. College isn't something to play around with, it's where you learn to be an adult at its fullest, so you should act like it.
    How should a College Student speak to School Staff?: A College Student should speak to School Staff with full respect, addressing them as Mrs/Ms or Mr at all times. They should respond to them with things such as; Yes sir, Yes ma'am, Please, No thank you, No sir/ma'am at all times. You see another College Student being immature and possibly harming school property, What do you do?: Firstly, I'd take a picture of what they're doing (OOC screenshot) for proof of their disruptive behavior, then I'd address them, explaining what they are doing is violating the rules which they agreed to follow when they applied for College, and I'll kindly ask them to stop what they're doing, or if there is a reason for what they are doing please explain. If they refuse to stop what they are doing, I will make sure to contact a higher up. If there are no higher ups available or online at the time, I will send screenshots to staff and let them know of the issue.
    Do you understand you can be kicked from College and placed back down to Grade-12 for acting immature and disruptive?: Yes, I do. When applying for College, there are Rules that you are accepting to follow, which I am aware of and plan to follow such rules as closely as I possibly can. I understand that College is not for gameplay, and I understand that if at anytime I am immature I will be kicked out.

    In-Character Information Character:

    Name: Layla N. Sakai
    Characters Date of Birth: February 21, 2002 Gender: Female
    Character Description: She would be the height of 5,3, with long brown hair. She has green eyes and would have glossy lip gloss on she would be wearing perfume of the scent of peaches. She would be wearing a gray lang sleeve dress with pink plad overalls.
    Year of Graduation: 2020
    High-school Achievements: (Awards, Tokens Received. etc.) N/A
    Age Graduated: 18

    Backstory: [357 Words] She was born on February 21, 2002. She was born and raised in a small town in Korea, her parents were successful business people and often traveled around for their job. She was raised with 7 siblings, all a few years apart, some adopted. Growing up, her and her siblings were close, as their parents were usually too busy to raise them, they raised each other. There were times, however, when they all spent time together, as a family. They would either go on a Cruise or travel to neighboring towns, checking out the attractions they had. Everything was going good, a continuous chain, parents work, siblings raise each other, parents have a break, they all go on a vacation. However, all chains are broken eventually. One day, their father wasn't feeling good, but he pushed it off as stress. He slowly began to get weaker and weaker, as he had a sharp pain in his chest. He was finally convinced by friends and family that he should see a doctor, so he did just that. He went to the doctor and found out he had lung cancer. By the time they found out, it was too late. It had spread too far into his lungs. The doctors tried everything they could, but he soon passed away. His death hit the family hard, especially the mother. She became extremely depressed, showing major suicidal signs. She tried to stay strong for the kids, but her depression got worse over the years. By year 4, she hung herself. At the time, Layla was 12, her oldest sibling, age 21, decided to move to Japan. There, they settled in Karakura, Japan. She was still young, but understood what happened, just not why. She was sad, and was scared to be alone in the world, she was scared to be in new surroundings. However, she made friends who were very understanding and patient, they helped her over the years. She saved up a lot of money, and by the 3rd year of living there, she had saved up enough to buy herself an apartment, there she lived with her close friends.

    IC Letter: (225 Words) Dear College Dean, Before I get started, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to apply for College. My name is Layla Nikolaevna Sakai and I am currently a Senior in Highschool. It would mean the world to me if you decided to accept my application. My parents have always wanted me to go to College, and be successful in life. Now that they're gone, I feel obligated to make sure I follow through with their wishes. I'll make sure to follow all rules closely, I'll act as the adult I am, I'll be a good model for the younger students, and I'll make sure to turn in any assignments on time. If you do end up accepting me, you won't regret it. I'll try my hardest to make you proud, to set a better reputation for the school. I've done research for a College to attend, and I saw better reviews for this one, and I have multiple friends attending College here, who've all said great things about it. Highschool is great and all, but in reality it readies us for College, as College is where you really learn to be an adult, and be successful in life. This is one of the biggest opportunities I will get in life, and I would be honored if you accepted my application!
    Sincerely, Layla N. Sakai
  2. Totalore

    Totalore United States Level 176 Moderator

    Aug 20, 2016
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    Thanks for applying, but I will be denying this application.

    - Lengthen your answers​