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College Application for Yaketsuki. Ito

Discussion in 'College Applications' started by Marco Di Berardino, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. Marco Di Berardino

    Marco Di Berardino Australia Level 0

    Oct 24, 2020
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    4:24 AM
    IGN: My username is _Vitamin_D_ and my rp name is Yaketsuki. Ito

    Discord Tag: Boo#1557

    Current Grade: Grade 12

    Previous Applications: I had a previous application but didn't write the correct information and details so I was declined but hopefully I fixed it in this submission!

    Have you applied for College before? If so link your application:

    Any Bans/Kicks: I haven't got kicked unless it has been for being AFK

    In-Character Information: He would stand at 5,11 and would weigh 78lbs, He would have pale red eyes and would be quiet and simple-minded on subjects and very good at communicating towards others though not having many friends

    What is your motivation for applying for College?:

    I would like to join the college community to be in larger groups of friends and so that I can progress through my years in the game when turning into a fully pledged adult

    IC: My character doesn't talk much but behaves and has good grades while doing Art and English in school but not having many friends

    OOC: I am respectable out of character and behave around all people even elders and younger people

    How should a College Student behave during Class & around School Campus?: With respect to all students and teachers and listen and behave correctly again with respect in class

    How should a College Student speak to School Staff?: With respect and curiosity depending on what they are asking of the staff at college

    You see another College Student being immature and possibly harming school property, What do you do?: I would report it straight away to the staff at school and if worst-case scenario (out of game staff)

    What Degree / Majors / Minors will your character be studying and why?: Art and Literature

    Give a few examples of what kind of /me's your character would do: I behave in class and listen to my elders though I may be quiet my character has a lot of respect for other students and adults

    Do you understand you can be kicked from College and placed back down to Grade-12 for acting immature and disruptive?: Yes I understand fully

    In-Character Details: His respectable but quiet with deadly eyes due to not sleeping much for a study exam he would also be very kind-hearted but not being able to show it much due to not having many friends

    Character Name: Yaketsuki. Ito

    Characters Date of Birth: 27/03/2002 but if I turn 19 ill be 2001

    Gender: Male

    Character Description: He has brown hair pale eyes and a cold face adding on to his depressing and scary glare along with pale clothes

    High-school Achievements: Nothing but hoping to make into the basketball team

    Age Graduated:

    19 years old is what I would like to be

    Backstory: His parents left him alone with his aunt and uncle them being not too happy with a child-like myself they abused me verbally and physically occasionally but would never speak about me as their own and always referred to me as a disease in the family so I went to highschool to get a better life and make friends but it didn't click well together there either

    IC Letter: Sir Dean I request that you please accept me into the college community so I can have the fun that I missed out as a student when my fellow classmates graduated but I was left behind in the track of their work, I hope you look into this and see that I can be a good student in the college and have many achievements despite me not having any in highschool so please do accept me. Thank you -Yaketsuki Ito
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