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college application, moved to correct thread, sorry.

Discussion in 'College Applications' started by Ryn, May 23, 2020.

  1. Ryn

    Ryn United States Level 4

    Apr 16, 2020
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    Out-Of-Character Information

    IGN: jazforthesoul

    Discord Tag: jazforthesoul#3472

    Current Grade: 12

    Previous Applications:

    Any Bans/Kicks:

    What is your motivation for applying for College?:
    My motivation for applying for college is to further my character's education and enhance my personal roleplay experience, add to my OC's life story, and I want to be able to expand my options for roleplay applications in the future, such as Hospital Jobs, Law Enforcement, Teaching, and Journalism. Being a former college student would add to my characters 'Lore' and connect her past love for learning to what she would be currently doing. I also want to apply so I can have more options socially. There are many college students, and I believe it would be a fun RP experience to interact with them in class and out of class. There is also the sorority house that can be an exciting RP experience, and the list goes on and on really. The main reason, and the reason that ties all these examples together, is that I want to be able to expand my options in-game for a more involving experience.

    How should a College Student behave during class?:
    In class, a college student is there to learn and should want to be there, as they are not being forced to attend college. They should be respectful to their professors, students, and any superiors present. They should follow all local, school, and classroom rules with no argument, as it is a privilege for them to be there. A college student should always be prepared with the correct materials and they should be ready to focus and learn. A college student should NEVER come to class intoxicated, whether they are legal or not doesn't matter, as that would be a disruption to their peers and the professor. A college student should stay quiet and only speak when spoken to or called on. A college student should be active in class and be involved in what they are learning. A college student should keep in mind that it is a privilege to be there, and treat it as such. They should never use profane language or slurs. If a dispute between other

    How should a College Student speak to School Staff?:
    A college student should always speak to school staff respectfully and maturely, on-campus or off. A college student should address the staff correctly (Ex. Professor Smith, Miss- etc.) and not use first names on campus, as this reflects that the student is friends with the staff member, which can cause disruptions in class. SRP moderators and School Staff are constantly working and being a nuisance would upset them and just be annoying, which is just rude. When speaking to school staff one-on-one, a student should always speak clearly, and as they would in class, for they are still speaking to the teacher. A college student should never use profane language towards a staff member, as this will result in immediate punishment. The college student should see staff as an authority figure and always treat them as such. In a real classroom, a college student would never act up or immature, so a college student should not do that in class. It follows the basic rule of RP, if you would not do it in real life, you shouldn't pretend to do it in-game.

    You see another College Student being immature and possibly harming school property, What do you do?:
    I would first calmly warn them that if they continued, there would be immediate consequences. If the immaturity continued, I would report them to a professor or nearby school staff. If what they were doing was harming another student, and was violent, I would immediately report them directly to the college dean, or a KPD officer if the situation called for that action. I would remind them that they chose to be a student, and if they weren't going to act as if it was a privilege to be such, then they should have not applied in the first place. Often, many college students act as if they are still in grade-12 and that they can still just do whatever they want. College students should strive to be a good example, or they shouldn't apply to begin with.

    Do you understand you can be kicked from College and placed back down to Grade-12 for acting immature and disruptive?:
    I understand this 100% and I take full responsibility for any consequence I am given, although I will not act in the manner to cause that. I recognize that as a college student, I am representing the school and the college staff that chose to accept me. I want to be a good example for high school students, so they can see how college is. I can assure you, that will not break any rules or be disrespectful, but if on the off chance I do, I already take full responsibility and understand that this will cause me to be 'demoted' if you will.

    In-Character Information

    Character Name: Rosalin 'Molly' De La Rosa Vásquez

    Characters Date of Birth: September 16, 1999


    Character Description: Rosalin is a 5'6 Ecuadorian female, weighing about 130lbs or 58.967kg. She has black wavy hair that falls to her hips, a button nose, and freckles along her cheeks. She has hazel eyes, arched black eyebrows, almond eyes, and a heart-shaped face. She has a curvy figure and a kind smile. She smells like warm cinnamon as if she had been cooking something.

    Year of Graduation: 2019

    High-school Achievements: none

    Age Graduated:


    Rosalin De La Rosa Vásquez was born on September 16th, 1999, in a local hospital in Salinas, Ecuador. She lived with her mother, Esmerelda, father, Joaquin, and 2 older brothers, Julio and Joaquin II. Her family lived in what many would consider a slum, as they did not have much money. Her mother worked as a waitress at a nearby diner, and her father and brothers worked at a mechanic shop. Rosalin as a toddler showed love for learning, as she would always be pointing at birds and bugs, then asking her Papí "What's that?" until her parents finally took her to the library to research what the animals were. When Rosalín was 4, a member of a violent gang took her while she was walking home from the library with her Papí. The man assaulted her, which caused her to develop Dissassotive Identity Disorder. Her father caught up to her and then shot and killed the man. After that, Rosalín was scared to go to the library without her father being armed. The traumatic experience left Rosalín quiet, and she was a selective mute until she was 15. As a mute child, she found it difficult to make friends, so she turned to books. When she was 14, she ran into a classmate in the school library, Elana Perez. The girl had begun talking, and Rosalín felt like she had been missing out on making friends. Rosalín started to speak to Elana quietly until the two girls became the closest of friends. Elana asked Rosalín to be her girlfriend, and she accepted. Although homosexuality was decriminalized in 1997, same-sex marriage would not be legal until 2018. The two girls hid their relationship and would send letters to each other written in codes they had made up. In Rosalín's senior year, she received a letter from Elana's mother that Elana had fallen ill with bronchitis and had a respiratory infection. 4 days later, Elana passed away. Rosalín had received a letter with a silver ring enclosed inside, as Elana had been planning to propose to her. This event caused Rosalín to have a DID episode, that leads to her first hospitalization. Her disorder hadn't been prominent in her life until then, but it quickly became obvious. Her alter, Nina, was the trauma-bearer of her system and attempted suicide. In the hospital, Rosalín made herself a promise that she would become a doctor and help cure people that would die otherwise, so no one had to experience what she had gone through. She saved up all her money and moved to Karakura, Japan, where she enrolled in the College.

    IC Letter:

    Dear Dean Ark,

    My name is Rosalín De La Rosa Vásquez and I wish to enroll in Karakura College. I want to attend your college so I can expand my opportunities for a future career. I would be honored to attend your school, as I have heard many wonderful things about it. I have looked over the requirements for attending, as well as what students are expected to do. I can assure you that I would be a wonderful addition to the school, and I would represent your school with respect and honor. I wish to attend so I can further my studies, and maybe one day work at Karakura Hospital. Your school would teach me and give me the required criteria needed to be a hospital worker. I would be ecstatic to attend Karakura College, for I am the first person in my family to graduate high school, and maybe the first to attend college.

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to attend, and I won't let you down,

    Rosalín De La Rosa Vásquez.