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College Application

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by Yuliq, May 24, 2020.

  1. Yuliq

    Yuliq United States Level 0

    Nov 29, 2019
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    12:22 AM
    Out-Of Character Information

    IGN: antweav

    Discord Tag: Yulia#0041

    Current Grade: 12

    Previous Applications: None.

    Any Bans/Kicks: None.

    100+ What is your motivation for applying for College?: I feel like being a High School Student has gotten boring for me, I've never really changed my role on SRP and doing so would be more interesting to me. I'd like to try something different than the usual, I'd like to see what College has to offer for my character(s) and see what new things I could try like possibly joining clubs, teams, or whatever else that College has to offer me. I feel as if though this will be a good step for me in my roleplay experience and that this will definitely improve my interest in School Roleplay!

    70+ How should a College Student behave during class?: A College Student should always have their utmost respect with their professors and listen to him/her during class. A College Student shouldn't be having a private conversation or be on their phone whilst the professor is teaching a lesson, or doing anything of that sort. Paying attention during class is an important thing to take into consideration as being attentive and focusing on what needs to be done is a good trait that I feel everyone should have.

    80+ How should a College Student speak to School Staff?: A college-student should raise their hand to ask questions in class and always speak in a respectful manner towards school staff. College Students are mature enough to know best and keep themselves under control under any situations. When speaking to the School Staff, we must know that these are the people who are supposed to help and guide us. Knowing this, all students should feel free and safe to talk to the staff for whatever reason- as long as they are kind and respectful at all times.

    90+ You see another College Student being immature and possibly harming school property, What do you do?: I would go up to the said student and ask them what they were doing, once finding out- I'd tell them to stop doing it. If this does not effect their behavior, then I would warn them once that I would go get a school staff member if they continued. Failing to acknowledge that, then I'd go get one of the school staff members and explain what said student was doing and lead them to the situation. From that point on, I'd go on about my day knowing that the school staff member will handle it.

    40+ Do you understand you can be kicked from College and placed back down to Grade-12 for acting immature and disruptive?: Yes, I completely understand that I will face consequences if I in any way act immaturely. I would deal with my demotion with maturity and respect because only I can control my actions and only I can be blamed for them.

    In-Character Information

    Character Name: Sian Xhiafosi

    Characters Date of Birth: December 24, 2000

    Gender: Female

    Character Description: Sian Xhiafosi would have long, wavy black hair, as her eye color would be hazel, along with her having a triangle body figure and her height being 5'6. Her skin tone would be dark & clear as she'd smell of coco.

    Year of Graduation: 2020

    High-school Achievements: (Awards, Tokens Received. etc.) Cheer.

    Age Graduated:

    430+ Backstory: [300 Words] Sian Xhiafosi was born in Japan, Tokyo. Her mother was African whilst her father was mixed African and Japanese, along with being a quarter American. Her father was abusive in many ways. He raped her, multiple times and sexually abused her. Whenever she did something incorrectly, her father hit her. Her mother was in a gang, a very strong one which is now abandoned. Her mother made her daughter clean the house and didn't care if she was getting abused or raped by her father. She wanted Sian to suffer.

    Around the age 14, Sian was trained to be apart of the gang. They continued to train her even if it meant that she was suffering. In the gang that Sian's mother was in, there were other teenagers who went to Sian's school. Sian would be around those kids as she'd put on a tough act so everyone would fear her. One day, a new kid came onto the school campus. This kid was apart of another gang as well . . The most dangerous by far. The headmaster of the school told Sian to show the kid around, so she did. Whilst showing him around, she saw a glimpse of a marking on his back. She became suspicious and decided to grab onto him, pulling his shirt up as she saw the 'Yakuza' symbol. She quickly panicked as he grabbed onto her, taking her to the girl's bathroom, he'd quickly shove her into a stall, locking it then taking out his knife and holding it out to her throat. Sian thought quickly, she thought of her training and quickly grabbed onto his arm, twisting it as she'd quickly put him into a headlock. She'd then show off her marking, explaining to him that she's an ally to the Yoshitomi group. He nodded and put his knife away.

    Later on, they continued to talk and became friends. This boy was Sian's first ever best friend. . . Until, he attempted to kill and rape her. She stabbed him and killed him, she quickly ran to her mother in tears as of then, they hid the body. Her mother told her to leave town to live with her cousin and leave the suffering behind her. Before leaving Tokyo, it took a few weeks for her to get the scars and tattoo removed. It was no longer visible on her. Her mother helped Sian pack up before she'd leave for the train. Her father gave her a strong glare as she'd look back, sighing at the two parents and nodding with a smile. Before she knew it, she was heading in for a new life in Karakura, Japan.

    200+ IC Letter:
    Dear, Mr. Ark. I'd like to address this letter to you, explaining why I would like to graduate onto being a Spartan. Your College seems to be one of the best in Japan and I’d be grateful to be apart of the Spartan’s. I have been a Bobcat for quite a long time now and I would like to look more into my future and dedicate my time to my classes that I have chosen.

    I would like to specify in more classes that is deem to myself as I have done quite well as a Bobcat, I have participated in sports teams, such as cheer, I have attended my classes, joined clubs, along with supporting the other teams. Why would I like to become a Spartan, you may ask? Well first off, for most students outside of Karakura, they begin College in a different community, which is an overwhelming experience. It feels like you just started off in a new school and town. Except, in Karakura, it's different. We're all on the same campus, but some things run differently in College than High School. Some examples of how they're different is the time spent in class, in College the classes take longer, opportunities to get your grade up, etc.

    I would like to become a Spartan because I believe I can make a change to the community by becoming a role model and showing others that you can do anything you want when you believe.

    I, Sian Xhiafosi would like to continue my education here in Karakura as a Spartan, specifically in classes for law enforcement. I will dedicate myself and work hard to make sure I give off the Spartans a good reputation, along with helping myself achieve my dream. I will put in all effort to make sure I do my best as a Spartan.

    I wish you the best, Mr. Ark.
    Sincerely, Sian Xhiafosi.
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  2. WiffyBanter

    WiffyBanter United Kingdom Level 230 Senior Administrator

    Jan 24, 2017
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    8:22 AM

    - Very interesting way of formatting an application. Very detailed and is a very good size.

    What Next?
    Next you should join the Karakura Acadmics Discord | (Click Here)

    There you will need to @WiffyBanter in the #roles channel to receive your College Student Role. This is not NEEDED but it is recommended so you have access to all the College Student channels.​
    Then you will need to put in a Role Request to receive the College Student role on the Server.

    If you are online during the time of @'ing WiffyBanter in the Discord you can request for your in-game role there and then. If you are not or WiffyBanter is not online you may;
    Go to the Support section on the SchoolRP Forums. (Click Here)
    Follow the instructions in the post labeled "Role & Rank Requests | Format, Information & More".
    If you wish to be 20 years old you MUST state that in your request.​