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College Application

Discussion in 'College Applications' started by LowKeyHayBug, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. LowKeyHayBug

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    Jul 16, 2020
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    Out-Of-Character Information
    IGN: _woahruby

    Discord Tag:

    Current Grade:
    Grade 12

    Previous Applications: None

    Any Bans/Kicks: ERP ( It was my first time playing, and I didn't get a warning. )

    In-Character Information

    What is your motivation for applying for College?:

    My motivation for applying for college is that I think it is a good time for my character to take learning to the next step. She has worked so hard each and every year of being at Karakura Highschool. She has been in 12th grade for a while, and I'd love to see a change. I'd love to be able to have more experiences and be able to socialize with new people.

    How should a College Student behave during Class & around School Campus?:
    A college student should behave with respect to everyone, the buildings, and everything around them. They should always be mature on campus. College students should always behave well to set an example for younger audiences.

    How should a College Student speak to School Staff?:
    Students should always speak to school staff with manners and respect. The staff try their best on doing what they think is the best for all students. Students should always listen to and obey staff.

    You see another College Student being immature and possibly harming school property, What do you do?:
    I would politely ask them to stop what they're doing. If they continue, I will inform the nearest staff member as soon as possible.
    What Degree / Majors / Minors will your character be studying and why?:
    My character enjoys music. She would love to learn how music and beats are made, and she'd like to make some herself! She hopes to get a degree in music, and learn how to play all kinds of different instruments.
    Give a few examples of what kind of /me's your character would do: (Provide 3 detailed /me's that your character would do during their College life)
    /me would plop herself down into the chair, and place her textbook onto the desk. She'd also reach down beside her chair, digging into her backpack. She'd grab a pencil out, and get to annotating.

    /me After the teacher had asked what the answer is to the equation, she'd hesitantly raise her hand in nervousness, waiting to be called on.

    /me As she walked outside, the cold wind would blow her hair into her face. She'd start to shiver, rushing back inside to grab her jacket.

    Do you understand you can be kicked from College and placed back down to Grade-12 for acting immature and disruptive?:
    Yes, I understand that you must behave well in College.

    In-Character Details

    Character Name: Reyah "Ruby" Aoki Goes by Reyah and/or Ruby.

    Characters Date of Birth: October 1st, 2001.

    Gender: Female

    Character Description:

    A typical teenage girl standing at 5'4 who looks to have a natural slight frown on her face & speaks with a soft tone. Her gray eyes shine in the sunlight, as her beautiful blonde hair shimmers. As she walks off, a coconut scent follows her..

    Year of Graduation: 2020
    High-school Achievements: (Awards, Tokens Received. etc.)

    One token

    Age Graduated: 18

    Backstory: [300 Words]

    Reyah "Ruby" Aoki was born in Edmonton, Canada. She grew up there in a small home and didn't have much. There were not many fun things to do in Canada, so you'd often find her crying, or sleeping. After a couple years, her and some of her family moved to Vietnam, since her father is military. Her family life had pretty strong bonds, but it was difficult to communicate because we didn't get to see each other much, since her father is in the military. Reyah has no siblings, so she grew up feeling very lonely. Even though her father liked fighting, she never showed interest in that kind of stuff. This showed her mother that she had a very peaceful and kind child. Since she was an only child, her parents was her biggest influence. A year later, her father passed away while in war. This was very hard on Reyah, but she managed to keep going with the help of her mother. Continuing on, her and her mother grew a very strong bond. Over time, her mother became very sad. Reyah always promised her mother she'd be there for her, and this kept her mother from being suicidal. She worked hard in school, trying to make her mother proud. A year later, Reyah and her mother moved to Karakura, Japan. She didn't seem to like it at first, but as the years flew by of her hard work at Karakura Highschool, she made new friends and made her mother very proud. Reyah was struggling a lot, since her fathers death made it a lot harder on her, but she knew he was watching over her and he'd want her to be happy. Her mother finally started a new job as a doctor, which provided her and her daughter a lot more money. Every time Reyah came home after school, she'd hop on her homework as soon as possible. These experiences in all sorts of different places have helped her mature and made her very grateful for all that she has. She knew that her mother enjoyed college, since her mother attended college here in Karakura as well. So in her honor, Reyah decided to do the same. She is motivated to continue powering through her life, making others proud, and not letting anyone stop her from following her dreams. Although her past is quite messy and complicated, she is committed to not being defined by her history, and she is extremely excited about moving forward to the next chapter of her life.

    IC Letter: (Address the letter to the 'Dean') (The letter must be 150 words) (The letter must be from the perspective of YOUR character) (Use a standard letter format)

    Dear College Dean,

    My name is Reyah "Ruby" Aoki. I am a 12th Grade student at Karakura Highscool. I have came to the point where highschool is getting a lot easier and she is tired of repeating the same methods each day. I think it is time that I move forward, and take my education to the next step. Getting into Karakura Community College would mean a lot to me and would be a huge achievement that could help me achieve my dreams. I have a huge passion in music, in high hopes that in the future I could learn how to play all kinds of instruments and even make music of my own! It would mean to much to me if you accepted me into your lovely college. It would be an amazing chance for me to upgrade my learning skills and mature as a young adult. I am aware of the responsibilities and requirements that come with the privilege of going to college, and I'm prepared to do anything in which I must do in order to meet those standards. I am a hard-working, respectful human being, and I know that I have what it takes to do well at your school.

    Reyah "Ruby" Aoki
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    - Thank you for applying. Your application will be reviewed in the future.​
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