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connectingwifi's Event-Team Application | 2

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by Ichika, Aug 27, 2020.

  1. Ichika

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    Jan 16, 2020
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    IGN: connectingwifi

    Explain your activity on the Server:
    My activity on the server has really picked up the pace. I dedicate numerous hours towards SchoolRP; I’d say I’m online a minimum of ten hours each day. In statistics - before /ar check was removed — I have played for approximately 55+ days.

    What previous experience do you have working in a team?:
    I was previously lucky enough to be in the Event-Team! This, unfortunately, came to an abrupt end after I was removed for ‘personal reasons’ I wish not to disclose here, you know why. Although it was only brief, it gave me a glimpse of what I need to know and I believe it can give me a small head start to get the ball rolling. I would like to make it clear that what happened will never happen again. I have learned from my mistakes and I’m ready to dive back in head-first to the Event-Team; that being, if you accept me once more. I was also a helper and a mod on an old factions server- I’d say it was fairly popular too. That came to an end once the server sharply shut down, it has never returned since then. The rules I had to follow taught me how to be organized and, the main focus of this question, to work in a team. I was also involved in ‘G.H.O.S.T’ which was a gang on SchoolRP with many people. This is a wobbly one to mention, but being in a gang like that ensures planning- I was also never one to be toxic.

    What makes you different from other applicants:
    I’m sure I won’t be the only one, but I think it’s an honourable mention that I have had to collect lots of courage to apply again. I have been lucky enough to gain the motivation back from my friends. I am not re-applying and I hope I can do them all proud! I hate to be bland when I say, I am very dedicated. Of course, everybody says this, but I’m sure I can prove that. If you take a look at my activity — which has increased more due to my quarantine schedule — you will notice I am more than capable of being dedicated. As I mentioned I was previously Event-Team on this wonderful server, I really enjoyed this role, and I really want to try again. I’m enjoying my time back on SchoolRP, and I hope I can help out by being on this team. I believe this would be a great way to help me through my quarantined days.

    Provide a detailed event proposal that would be seen by the Event-Team
    [I chose to split this into two. SchoolRP Events and Events for the Event Server.]

    SchoolRP Based Ideas:

    The reason behind this event is mostly due to the ‘haunted forest’ being removed. Due to this removal, the wolves managed to find their way into Karakura. This can be done in a similar way to the rats, either adding angry wolves in or allowing Event-Team members to play as the wolves.
    This event begins on a regular hot day in Karakura. This won’t begin during school hours as the main event will be out of school. All of a sudden, people start hearing growls from the bushes, the wolves from the haunted forest have moved from that area, spreading into the rest of Karakura. The growling would get louder and louder every hour. If in the event that school starts, it will have to be used for safety. An SLT member will have to announce either using a broadcast or yelling.
    /event [BROADCAST] Everybody please head inside of the school. There is an emergency.
    If in the case that school was not open, it could be similar to the gas event in which citizens have to stay inside the KPD or the Hospital. The police would go to the school/around Karakura with shields as the wolves start to crowd the doors. The wolves will head towards the glass doors in the school as the students were informed to hide in the gym. No matter where you are during this, it will likely be in lockdown.
    The gym would be blocked off with police, screams would begin to fill the halls as staff would begin to call EMS. EMS will then come in, joining the KPD as they began to attempt to catch the wolves. One of the wolves would successfully get in the halls as they stalked everyone. Finding every single corner. KPD would begin to catch them as students hid in corners. EMS would catch the one wolf that got in as they screamed for help from the KPD. The KPD would begin to attempt to catch it as they finally caught it after ages of chasing. Screaming. The students were finally safe to come out. As the KPD returned to their desk’s with the wolves in a cage.

    *°:⋆ₓₒ  ₓₒ⋆:°*

    ‘Dark Halls’

    The reason behind this event is to follow up from the previous one, a 'part two' if you will. It won't last for very long but it will be entertaining. It would also come as a surprise as players would assume the event was over- it would also be carried out at another time.
    The school would open as everyone rushed in. It would be period 2 as the halls blacked out… All the upstairs was dark as you heard a message from the dean
    /intercom There has been an error in the system, the lights have seemed to go out, we will get someone on it right away!
    As he said that. People would hear growls from a locker. As the news popped up in the speakers of Karakura
    Sirens would blast your ears as the speakers said
    As everyone heard the dean would yell. Stay away from the locker as there was clawing. Whimpering and growls, they would call the KPD
    KPD members would rush in as one of them opened the locker, the wolf would jump out. Attacking the member as KPD would start to jump in helping them
    KPD would begin to attack the wolf. Attempting to capture it as they tried to put it in a cage after ages they finally managed to do it

    *°:⋆ₓₒ  ₓₒ⋆:°*

    ‘Fire retreat!’
    The reason for this event is not because we need more fire events. I know that we don’t, however, I feel this one can be unique. In schools, it’s a regular occurrence to have fire drills take place- whether there’s a fire or not. It wouldn’t make sense to do one without fire as everyone would go to the field for a brief moment. I think with this, most students will be gathered to the field in order to keep them safe (or ‘count’ as it would be in a real school.)
    The proposed event begins on a school day, at period one (this is to ensure all students are already in school.) I would assume clashing with classes will be avoided as it takes lots of planning. This won’t start dramatically, the dean will just advise students to stay inside whilst the storm passes.
    /event [BROADCAST] ”There’s a small storm happening, please stay inside for a short while.”
    Unluckily for the citizens of Karakura, the storm only increased in power. Abruptly, a large bang sound would blast out- the sound coming from the bleachers. The roofs above the bleachers set on fire, this being a section furthest from the school entrance. The lightning would then stop, in an almost hauntingly fast manner.
    /event &6[BROADCAST] &f”A fire has started. There is a chance it could spread to the school building- please head out to the baseball field in an orderly fashion.”
    The majority of kids would head to the field, that’s if we exclude the ‘rebels’ who will go to inspect the fire. As there won’t be an official role call/register to follow, the teacher will just have to go through actions of counting heads to go for realism.
    /mel She’d count the heads of the students making sure everyone was here and safe.
    This is only a small event, meaning the rain would pick back up due to the ongoing storm. This rain would luckily be heavy enough to stop the small fire.
    The next course of action would be to call EMS to check the school, this is to ensure students aren’t hurt.
    The event will likely be over by period three or so.

    *°:⋆ₓₒ  ₓₒ⋆:°*

    ‘The Tide’
    There will be an announcement at least a day before the event. The announcement will include a custom made beachwear. The reason for this event is to keep things a little more simplistic yet entertaining for the majority of the server for a long amount of time.
    It would be a school day period 3 as an intercom blasted your ears
    /intercom [INTERCOM] &f”Hello everybody. At hometime, we’re all having a small beach event for us! We’re gonna play volleyball, we’re gonna have free snacks and drinks and some music!”
    At period 4 it would instantly change to hometime as people rushed to the beach. It would begin to be a beach party almost but just for students. You’d be monitored as you walked in, no suspended kids allowed. There’d be events like Volleyball and cookout- fastest eater. As there were stands with free delicious bento boxes. Steak. Exotic drinks. Exotic foods. People playing volleyball. Swimsuits [custom made just for the event] as it was a fun little event for the school. There’d also be quizzes for prizes and little games with the baseball plugin and there’d be a long jump, there’d be music blasting your ears as you walked in. the sand would be hot and the water would be cold and fresh

    *°:⋆ₓₒ  ₓₒ⋆:°*

    Event Server Ideas:

    Pot of Gold!
    There is no clear reason for this event, as with the event server it doesn’t need to sync up with any roleplay. This is just a unique idea which could help the whole network get involved. The idea is, a leprechaun is spotted after a rainbow appears- the leprechaun will exclaim stories about his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The players will set off to find it.

    The event would start off with a rainbow appearing in the sky-
    /event [!] A huge rainbow would appear in the sky as it sparkled in the sunshine. It would appear to have an end as you’d hear small yelling and gold coins clinking [!]
    As people began to walk over to the end of the rainbow there would be a small leprechaun yelling
    /yell "there is a pot of shiny gold hidden somewhere around this huge rainbow! come and find it if you dare and be careful. There are traps!"
    As he yelled that, he’d run off with his little leprechaun shoes tapping across the floor as his beard flowing in the wind
    There’d be loads of traps. Including traps that could KILL you, the traps would include;
    ↳ A deadly parkour course.

    ↳ A falling leaf trap
    ↳ A falling cage trap with snakes
    ↳ A pit with wolves
    ↳ A falling boulder
    ↳ A cannon

    Last but not least a sword fight with an included member.
    The members would have no idea as event team members followed them doing /it whenever they walked over the traps, there’d be multiple of the same traps as the gold was in a dark tunnel with hard parkour including head jumps, there would be snakes at the bottom of the pit and other deadly things.. Including spikes. There’d be an announcement if they got it like-
    As the leprechaun decided to attempt to kill him/her for the gold... They’d have to duel for it...

    *°:⋆ₓₒ  ₓₒ⋆:°*

    ‘Murder Mystery’
    The reason for this event is because it’s entertaining for a long time and for a lot of people. Not only this, but it’s simple to use the SRP map for this event. For this event, there will be 2 murderers. You have to FearRP them and you can’t roll against them- this is to prevent the murders from being killed quickly and the event being over. Don’t worry though, the murderers can be stopped by the two ‘detectives’ which find guns hidden around the map. Once you are a detective or a murderer, you can’t tell or your role will be revoked and changed.

    This event would start off as a random person running around in a black suit, it’d be a small city with a school and a bunch of houses. The news would come on
    /event [!] You’d hear screaming coming from the park quite close to school, the school would suddenly open. [!]
    /intercom “ Someone that attends this school has been MURDERED. The police will be here soon. Nobody will leave until we find out who did this. ”
    Everyone would head to the classroom as they shut the windows and doors, the teacher would immediately call EMS and KPD.
    “Everyone, grab your notebooks!” the teacher said
    The attention would move others to the scary stranger in all black with a kiss me mask on in the window
    /yell ”WHO ARE YOU
    The teacher would yell as they blocked the windows. The students would find a corner in the classroom and hide it in as the killer decided to attempt to smash the window. They’d all run out the door as the teacher unlocked it- sadly. The teacher would get left behind as they heard brutal screams from him
    /yell “SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!
    He yelled but they kept running, the teacher was the second victim. The students would be forced into the locker rooms but little did they know, in one of the lockers, there was a murderer. They were told to put their stuff in their lockers. Some didn't and some did, the killer would jump out at a person. Stabbing them until there was blood EVERYWHERE. The person would be laying on the floor. Face first, dead- But the others luckily ran as the killer ran after them, he’d notice the principal walking down to them, he’d hide in the corner as it was the right time he’d jump out attacking her. The principal would scream
    /yell ”Stop it!!
    But before she could do anything. She was dead- she’d touch the scar to check if it was all happening as blood gushed out her body. The students would hide upstairs on the roof. He’d find someone alone as he stalked them for hours and hours before chucking them off the big roof. They’d land face first as blood was on the floor. Gushing into the bushes as a branch was in his head, they’d all hide in a classroom as the killer walked in ‘I was hiding’ She said as her hair was all neatly done.’ nobody is likely to suspect a thing as there would be 2 murderers in the room. One above them in the vents. One in the circle with them holding hands, the one holding hands would reach for her knife as they had their eyes closed before they blade some of their legs off, it could go two ways. The detective could pull out a gun or they could let everyone die, it’s their choice. As they could do anything but before they did another murderer would unscrew the vents. Falling down onto the floor as he got up dusting himself off there’d be a girl and a boy standing there with masks in hand and a sharp Sai each, including a 'kiss me' mask and some black clothing but not too much. It is now a duel and the game decides who wins, they will have to go against each other in a 2v1 one of them has a gun with the two murderers having two sai blades. Strictly fair due to a person having a GUN which means they can shoot in long-range.

    Sai Blade
    ↳ Illegal
    Description: A 10-inch dagger with two short prongs and another long prong in the middle.
    ↳ Knockout Information: Unable to knockout.
    MugRP Information: Cannot be taken from the hands unless the individual is K.O'd or their hands are slashed/cut off, causing them to drop it onto the ground.
    Additional Information: Can Penetrate the 'Stab Proof' Police Vest in 3 hits.
    ↳ This weapon also allows you to Disarm any type of Katana during battle.
    ↳ Close-Range (2 Blocks)

    *°:⋆ₓₒ  ₓₒ⋆:°*

    Additional Notes:
    I'd like to personally thank you and everyone else for reading this. I spilt all my heart into it and I'm so happy to be applying once more. I'd also like to thank Pinkyqaz, BarbiesOnTop (enadia,) and Liaduhh for giving me the confidence to re-apply for this amazing spot.
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    - Congratulations. Welcome to the Event-Team. DM me on Discord to get yourself started.​