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connectingwifi's Event-Team Application

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by Ichika, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. Ichika

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    Jan 16, 2020
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    connectingwifi (previously ABurningLife)

    Explain your activity on the Server:
    I am highly active on the server, and I have been playing every day for around 10 hours. Due to the dreadful quarantine we have had to go through, I have been dedicating most of my time towards ‘SchooRP.’ In statistics, I have played for 55+ days.

    What previous experience do you have working in a team?:
    My experience starts with my role as a Moderator on a relatively big Factions Server that went by the name of ‘AstroMC.’ Unfortunately, it was shut down approximately a year ago. I was a ‘Mod’ on the team for around 1 month- striving for success in every aspect which is absolutely a trait that I will bring to the Event-Team. From this, I have developed teamwork skills, dedication and time management, which I also think is especially great for me when working in a group of like-minded people. I was also involved in the gang ‘G.H.O.S.T’ before it was disbanded, this could easily be taken in a negative way, however, I believe it takes control and responsibility to be involved in things such as that. For example, there are lots of specific rules you need to follow, and you need to ensure that everyone involved is happy and there is no toxicity. I know that I have potential and I am so excited to present that to you.

    What makes you different from other applicants:
    The first point that makes me unique from other applicants is that I am entirely dedicated to the projects I put my mind to. If there is something I want and need to achieve, I will strive for success in every way that I can, which I will especially translate into the event-team. I have a creative mindset and I can think of new and refreshing ideas fast on my feet. When a brand new idea sparks my mind, I will instantly start writing them down so that I can remember and suggest them the next time that I can. I would like to help out for events and of course, I’ll do that- that way new players can enjoy a spiced-up version of their roleplay experience. I would love to see some of my personal ideas come to life. I generally write down some events and think how I’m going to set them out of course; If they wouldn’t work, I have plenty more tricks up my sleeve. I have many more ‘realistic’ events and more ‘dramatic’ events depending on what the team needs. I would love to show you many more events that I have and haven’t shown you yet.

    Going off of this, I also have the experience to back my points up. I have, as stated earlier, been a moderator on a relatively big Minecraft server- which means I am a good team player and will be a great contribution to the team. In addition to my experience in teamwork, I am good with people and love to speak to others I’m working with, entertaining them at the same time as getting jobs done. I will never distract another member of the Event-Team when they have things to do, I will stick to my own and get things done quickly and efficiently. In the most simple form, I act in an orderly manner and follow the rules of conduct that are being asked of me.


    Provide a detailed event proposal that would be seen by the Event-Team:

    ‘UFO’ Event:

    The idea for this is that an ‘Unidentified Flying Object’ (UFO) rapidly lands in Karakura, unexpectedly of course. Emergency Sirens blast through the city speakers, reaching everybody- no matter where they are. One idea for the sirens could either be the /event command, or using the texture pack to re-make a sound for the event (that could be a little far-fetched though, but it’s a suggestion.)
    /event &6[BROADCAST] &f“Citizens of Karakura, please stay calm and get to your houses/apartment immediately, shut all of your blinds and lock the doors. Do not open the door to anyone. This is NOT a drill.”
    As the intense sirens blasted through your ears- creatures, which could easily be described as “Zombies” wander out of the flying object. The first people to be attacked would be the ‘Police-Investigators’ as they are the first ones to be notified- some may be killed (NLR.) This is also how the rest of Karakura find out and get notified in the next broadcast. The “Aliens” (Zombies) will be attacking people, infecting them with their bites- they will go for people on the streets, to begin with, then head for the people locked away. Once you're infected, you must slowly become sick, play the infected, and begin to infect people yourself by biting them. If you have not been hit or “infected” you're safe to run and hide in certain areas, maybe even investigating the ‘UFO.’ the ‘UFO’ would be landing in the “Forest” and the shopping district near the “Tree of Eden” to make it a known place, where players are likely to be and go.
    The next broadcast will describe more about the event to the server- the broadcasts will increase in tension and drama as the event goes on.
    /event &6[BROADCAST] &f“An ‘Unidentified flying object’ has landed unexpectedly, locations near “The Tree of Eden” You must stay away from the said locations, at all costs. We have ‘EMS’ and the ‘KPD’ there to investigate. Continue to stay indoors, we don’t know what is inside it, yet.”
    The sirens would suddenly stop, this is obviously because they discover there is life inside this ‘object,’ however, to the players- it could make citizens believe it is safe to go outside. The ‘KPD’ would be guarding the site, with riot gear and guns. Once players were infected they would have to do:

    /it &4&l[!] &finfected
    The infected would have to get to people doing an action to bite them, once they got bitten they would do the /it. Another Broadcast would begin.
    /event &6[BROADCAST] &f“We have found out that there are living creatures in the spaceships they are made out to be “Aliens” you are advised to make your way through the sewers to the school, You must go to the canals, The Karakura Police will guide you through the canals to the sewers and guide you to school. Once in school, you must head your way to the Gymnasium, Once there Karakura Police will explain what’s going on currently, please do not go through the streets or the gates. You have a chance of being attacked by rather people or “Aliens”. The Police will scout the place for lost people.”
    The Karakura police will slowly scout the place being cautious as the broadcast spreads through devices and your phone would get an “Amber Alert” (executed the same way as the Kamige leak)
    “You must go to Karakura police through the canals; they will guide you through the canals to the sewers. Entering the school as the Karakura police would explain what's happening with the “Aliens”
    would be locked with students inside. Once the ‘KPD’ has explained, the gates would break due to the “Aliens” (Zombies) The students were advised to hide in the gym as they had barriers and ‘KPD’ with riot gear standing at the barriers, guarding them. The “Aliens” (Zombies) would slowly get shot one by one as they went towards them. Most of them would die as the KPD shot them down, one by one they go.
    /event &6[BROADCAST] &f”The KPD has shot down most of the zombies but please stay indoors just in case, thank you for keeping low.”
    End of the event


    ‘Strange Alcohol Poisoning’ Event

    This event is to go off of numerous suggestions to add ‘Alcohol Poisoning’ to the drunk plugin - this has been rejected, although, this event could make up for it one time. The event will start off by “Club Luxe” opening. As it opened, the bartenders would sit as usual, although, there would be 15 bottles of Vodka that had a strange ‘poison’ in them. To avoid confusion with who was poisoned, after those 15 bottles were sold, the club would be ‘out of vodka’ for the night. After letting it sit for a while - enough time for a few of the people to drink their Vodka - EMS would rush in from an emergency call, as somebody had ‘passed in the bathroom’ and were unresponsive (this will be a staged person, either a staff member of somebody part of the Event-Team) The EMS would attempt to get everybody in the club’s attention.
    The people who drank the alcohol would be sent to the hospital. The citizens would all be tested, some would be chosen to be ‘infected.’ Once the chosen knew they were infected, Karakura news would begin their best attempts to notify and warn the rest of the city.
    /event [Karakura News] “Attention, Karakura! Tonight at Club Luxe, there was an outbreak of an unknown substance in the alcohol. The people infected are very sick and we are working to find the cause and cure.”
    The hospital staff will attempt to roleplay with the infected, keeping them alive. After a day (ICly) they will discover a cure. They inject the newfound cure, and the healing will be skipped (F2B.) Once everybody is healed, the regular roleplay can go on- everybody can attend school, and there will be that extra thing to talk about.


    ‘Lightning’ Event

    This event can be used right before the new ‘House Plugin’ one to get more players on at the time, and two to introduce it as some apartments can be a little damaged (for a short time of course, in the event they don’t want to move.)

    /event &6[BROADCAST] &f“There is currently lightning please do not be alarmed it’s only a small storm.”
    As the broadcast went off the lightning would get louder and begin to damage the streets a little, making a mildly large hole. The street lights would go out suddenly, the lightning and thunder would slowly get worse. The lightning would hit the apartments, making a huge hole in the top, causing pieces to fall off.
    /event &6[BROADCAST] &f“The storm has gotten dangerous please make your way to your apartments or house. Find shelter and hide. It has hit the Apartment Block F and the street. Please do not use your vehicles as you will get stuck. You are advised to sleep in or hide, school will not start today due to this dangerous storm.”
    After a while, if people went outside they had a high chance of being struck by lightning. The storm will stay at a continuously loud level. The ‘Apartment Block F’ would then get struck, causing pieces to fly off into the Bowling Alley. Another small broadcast would begin, describing what had just happened.
    /event &6[BROADCAST] &f”The Apartment Block F recently got struck by lightning and pieces of it are now falling. There is a huge hole in the bowling alley please do not enter the bowling alley at this time, You are advised to stay away from your balcony door and upstairs. You are to stay in the living room and yell. The storm will pass, thank you for listening.”
    The lightning will come to a stop. People who think it is safe and leave will find everything is blocked off around the apartments. The storm will come to a close after a while, the blocking being removed. The bowling alley and road will continue to be closed off- however, it will be fixed after a day, as the damage wasn’t too large.


    ‘Forest Fire’ Summer Event

    The event would start off saying it’s going to be a hot day, encouraging people to go to the beach. Due to the extreme heat, the ‘Haunted Forest’ would begin to catch on fire. This event will be useful because (I have heard) that the forest will soon be turned into an estate/public area- this event will be a good transition for that. It would begin with a couple of leaves beginning to light up, which would transfer the flames to the tree. From this tree, it will move onto the next tree, then the next...It would eventually start a gigantic forest fire. Before the broadcast, the citizens of Karakura will notice smoke coming from the forest.
    /event &6[BROADCAST] &f”Everyone in the near the ‘Haunted Forest’ or apartments please evacuate calmly and swiftly. There has been a fire and it is burning down the forest. You're advised to go far away from the hazard. We will send people out straight away. Anyone caught near the forest has the chance of being tased or arrested.”
    As the broadcast went off, the fire would begin spreading out onto the streets- eventually so bad that it would have to be put out naturally. The other entries would be blocked off.
    /event &6[BROADCAST] &f”The fire has spread and we cannot stop it, We have the ‘KPD’ help block up the entrances. The emergency services and the police department are investigating the cause. Stay safe, thank you for listening”
    The ‘EMS’ and ‘KPD’ would evaluate that the hot day caused the fire to light up. There would be logs and trees everywhere, including out on the streets. The fire would have stopped by now. The forest would have to be blocked off for around two weeks (OOCly). /event &6[BROADCAST] &f”The forest is now blocked off with barbed wire and barriers. Please do not enter, we do not want to take any risks. If anyone is found in the forest, They will be arrested for trespassing. Thank you for listening and staying away during this Forest Fire.”


    ‘Carnival is in town!’ Event

    The initial plan for this event is to make a calm and realistic occurrence engaging. I believe this can be varied from things such as ‘Barbeque events’ and ‘Festivals.’ The idea is that the Travelling Circus arrive in Karakura- the clowns will be performing tricks in a large tent in a public area. Since this is for the entire server, and having everyone in one tent will be a laggy and unenjoyable experience, there will be other ‘mini’ setups around the map, to disperse lag and to aim for realism.

    Carnival stalls:
    -Food Stalls: At the most simple level of thought, they will be selling food to the people at the carnival. This will be useful so that the players can use the lovely food models in screenshots and the people working at the stalls can gain yen from it.
    -Photobooth: Staff members or volunteers will work at this stall, taking free carnival photos to whoever goes in the photo booth.
    -Win a Teddy Bear: For this, you could have the player use a ‘baseball’ from the baseball plugin to throw at a target/pressure plate- if they hit the target, they can win their own stuffed animal. However, they will have to pay for a turn and it will be a hard thing to win to avoid giving so many Teddy Bears out too easily. This will also give motivation for people to work at the shop, as they will likely get quite a bit of money.
    The goal of this event is to keep the realism we’re aiming for in Karakura whilst also keeping it very interesting.


    Notes: Thank you for reading my application! I hope you consider me.
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  2. WiffyBanter

    WiffyBanter United Kingdom Level 237 Senior Administrator

    Jan 24, 2017
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    - Your application was amazing. The proposed ideas you made are by far the best part of this application. Your creativity and well thought planning is really shown even with the small summary. Along with this you even prepared /events which is something MANY applicants forget to include.​
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