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Information Custom Donations | Cars, Items & More

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Im6, Oct 20, 2019.

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    Custom Donations


    Custom items/vehicles are a feature that can be bought on the Buycraft website. If you have a nice idea for an item/vehicle, you can send me an image and we can get it modelled after it is purchased and it will be added to the game.

    Custom Items or Vehicles purchased & left completely un-used or are abandoned by the purchaser beyond the time frame of 6 months, are able to be used publicly. Unless traded to another player in the meantime or designated to a store.

    - Out Of Character
    IC - In Character
    'LANG' - Short for Language
    Pay2Win - Games that let you buy better gear or allow you to make better items then everyone else at a faster rate and then makes the game largely unbalanced even for people who have skill in the game without paying.


    How can I request a custom item?
    Simply PM MikeShotZ#0960 on Discord and you can discuss what item you want BEFORE/AFTER purchasing it.

    Can these custom items be weapons?
    Yes, however, to prevent the server from being Pay2Win, you will also have to pay 80-200K (DEPENDING ON THE SIZE/WEAPON) ICly for a weapon and they can only be melee weapons. (Meaning, no guns or bows or projectiles).

    Weapons if wanted to be real also MUST have a grey/ light grey / black blade to be easily distinguishable from novelty items.

    What items can I request?
    Anything realistic, this includes jewellery, watches, musical instruments and anything else that comes to your mind.

    What items can't I request?
    Anything that is either not realistic (working magical wands), or gives you an unfair advantage on the server, or can't be held in your hand. Weapons that are unrealistic will not be permitted.

    What if I lose my item?
    You can buy your item back for a price with in-game money. (PRICE DEPENDING ON THE TYPE OF ITEM/WEAPON) If you lost your item to a glitch, you will be returned your item providing that there is proof.

    Can my items be stolen in game?
    Only if there is a valid reason to do so. Custom items have the same rules as normal items/items.

    How long will it take for my item to be implemented?
    Usually 1 week, this allows time for the item to be modelled & configured depending on what you bought.

    Can I get a copy of my Custom Item?
    Yes, custom items can be copied however for an IC price. For weaponry it will be the price you initially paid for it, e.g Katana would be 150K

    For any other cosmetic / novelty items the price is to be made up appropriately by MikeShotZ. This is also the individual you should contact regarding copies, at MikeShotZ#0960


    How do I request a custom vehicle?
    Simply MikeShotZ#0960 on Discord and you can discuss what vehicle you want BEFORE purchasing it, to ensure that it's allowed.

    What can't these be?
    Anything unrealistic/illogical you can't have, for example tanks, armoured SWAT vans, bullet proof vehicles. We also CANNOT do skateboard or entire trucks with trailers.

    What can these be?
    Normal cars, compacts, sedans, motorbikes, vans, etc. Anything you'd see just by stepping out into the real world driving down the street.

    What if I lose my item?
    If for example your vehicle is impounded by the Police or towed. You can either buy your item back for a cheap price with in-game money, or you can choose to make your vehicle publicly available to the server and you will get a free copy. If you lost your vehicle to a glitch, you will be refunded your vehicle providing that there is proof of this glitch occurring.

    How much do I pay?

    To prevent the server from being purely Pay2Win, you will also have to pay 80-200K ICly in order to get your vehicle. (Depending on what vehicle it is)

    Can my items be stolen in game?
    No. Vehicles may not be hijacked or stolen. However if you're found to be driving recklessly, constantly running into people, driving on the sidewalks then we may OOCly take your vehicle away from you due to it affecting the RP of those around you on the server.

    How long will it take for my item to be implemented?
    Usually 1 week, this allows time for the item to be modelled & configured depending on what you bought.​

    Can I get a copy of my Custom Vehicle?
    No, Custom Vehicles are not allowed to be copied whatsoever.

    If it is found that you have somehow managed to duplicate your vehicle then are proceeding to use it without contacting a member of staff to have it confiscated from you, you are liable to a ban from the server.


    What can I be?
    When donating to be an animal you can be any of the following:
    Cat - /disguise ocelot
    Dog - /disguise wolf
    Rabbit - /disguise rabbit
    Dolphin - /disguise dolphin
    Fish - /disguise cod, tropicalfish, pufferfish or salmon
    Bird - /disguise parrot
    Rat - /disguise silverfish
    Duck - /disguise chicken
    Snail - /disguise endermite

    How can I customise the animal I have?
    If you are purchase to be a bird, you can become different types of birds:
    Pigeon - /d parrot
    Seagull - /d parrot setVariant CYAN
    Crow - /d parrot setVariant GRAY

    If you purchase to be a dog, you can choose between two colours.
    Brown and White Dog - /d wolf
    Yellow and White Dog - /d wolf setAngry

    If you apply to be a cat, you can choose between multiple colours.
    Brown Cat - /d ocelot
    Black Cat - /d ocelot setType SIAMESE_CAT
    Gray Cat - /d ocelot setType RED_CAT
    Spotted Cat - /d ocelot setType BLACK_CAT

    Cats & Dogs have their own languages.
    You can speak to your fellow cats/dogs by using /lang Dog TEXT or /lang Cat TEXT.

    This is not something you apply for it's something you're given upon getting the rank.

    /langw - Whispers
    /langy - Yelling

    Are there any rules?
    You agree that if you are found to be trolling/abusing/intentionally disrupting the roleplay or others or are just overall being a nuisance with these privileges that they can be taken away from you at any time.

    Animals roll out of 100.
    Animals also have similar attack/kill requirements as normal players. Meaning you cannot run around biting everyone for no apparent reason.

    Animals are also NOT allowed to enter school grounds, under any circumstances.

    How do I receive my animal whitelist?
    DM Samra#6969 on Discord in order to setup the account you designated to become an animal. With evidence that you have indeed donated to become one.

    You can read into further detail regarding these donations by clicking here.​
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