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Custom Script Application

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by Green Arrow, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Green Arrow

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    Jul 8, 2017
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    What is requested?:
    Studio Equipment

    Why do you want it?:
    This will add a new aspect of RP to SRP. I don’t really see people pursuing other work other than the ones set out. I intend to use this technology to create a name for my character in the music industry. I hope to form my character into a rapper or singer in Karakura.

    What good is it for RP?:
    This will allow me to actually RP making music and have it not be itemrp. This’ll allow my character to have his own space and ability to make his own beats and music.

    Character Backstory:
    Warning: The use of firearms will be used in the backstory. Remember this is only for backstory flash and realism. My character does not have access to any firearms in game. This all happened in the states.

    Azrael was born and raised in what’s was culturally referred to as the “Hood” or the “Ghetto”. A lot of gangs and violence but what comes with that are people who wish to express themselves. People who need to speak their mind and who do it through music. Azrael was known in his hood. Affiliated with his local street gang he repped his set as he ideal. He had stripes, he could talk. Some people even respected him more than the OG’s that have been in the gang since they were 11. Azrael’s homeboy named Javontay was an aspiring artist. He was rapping on struggle beats though he persevered. One day Javontay got an email after months of work on songs. A record label reached out to him, willing to film a music video. This being Javontays first legit job within music he took it up. The label were to send a film crew out to the ghetto and get this video in. Azrael being Javontays homeboy was invited to be in the video. They filmed it and it instantly blew up. Azrael was mostly in the background waving their weapons around, pointing it at the camera. Just being the hype man. Javontay blew up in the rap industry and Azrael was by his side. But alas their gang had a a rivalry, an opp gang around the same area. One day Javontay, Azrael, and a few more of their gang homies would be walking down the street. Suddenly they heard a loud screech. Similar to that of a tire skirting. They all turned around to identify the car and it wasn’t blacked out. No license plate at all. The windows would slide down, revealing multiple guns aimed at them.

    “Oh shit it’s a drive by! We out we out!”
    Said one of the homies. Each of them pulling out a strap as the all ran down the street, cutting corners. The car was too fast and they began to let off shots at them. Azrael had a gun on him too. As the car let off shots at the running men, Azraels crew would send shots back. They unloaded a clip but Azrael wasn’t hit twice in the leg and arm. He managed to bust a cap in two, the car would swerve before flipping over in a crash. Azrael laid there. Struggling after being shot. He looked to the. Left of him to see if his homies were okay but they were all shot dead. Javontay was dead, body laid out along a car in a horrifying posture. The front of his face was blown back, unrecognizable. Azraels eyes would flutter, his eyebrows furrowing in rage. He lost his broski. Azrael was taken into the hospital and tried. He managed to get off with an ankle bracelet and community service. Azrael feeling the need to carry on what Javontay loved would pursue a music career. Purchasing new studio equipment along with using Javontays old tech. From there he began to make music, doing what Javontay would be doing.​
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  2. Atakka

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    Nov 9, 2016
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    You are now authorised for your character to have Studio Equipment for creating music.

    - Do not break rules with this authorisation.
    - Good use of speech marks, I believe backstories with length as yours, having more dialogue, make for an interesting read - good job.