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Demurity's Lore Team Application

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by Demurity, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. Demurity

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    Dec 16, 2019
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    IGN: My main account is demurity, however my alt is eloquenced.

    What is your discord name and tag (name#0000)?: Solophia#7477

    What is your timezone/What country are you from?: I’m from Canada, and my timezone is EST.

    Do you have a microphone and are able to speak VIA discord?: I do indeed have a microphone, and I’m able to speak on discord, often participating in voice calls with my own friends.

    Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you can be removed from the team at any given time?: I do, if I am inactive for a long period of time without warning, I fully comprehend that I should be demoted.

    What makes you different from other applicants?: While I don’t believe myself to be much different from others applying, there are a few things that I believe may give me an advantage in this role; I’ve been writing and reading since a young age, I consider myself to have a great vocabulary, and I often do creative writing whether for my own enjoyment, groups, or to aid my friends. I am also at the moment incredibly active on the server, logging on for at least a couple hours daily, and on my second account, I am a professor teaching Creative Writing.

    Do you have any previous experience writing any lore?: I don’t believe myself to have any relatively official lore-writing experiences, however, I have some casual examples that I’ve done in the past include helping my friends write lore for their character backstories on the server and writing lore for my own novel / creative writing ideas many times.


    Writing prompt #1
    Write a 200+ word essay on an average day for your character in Karakura.

    Adelia Moreau is a simple person- or at least, her daily routine can be simple. She’d wake up at exactly 7 am in her modest Block F apartment, the bright view of the sky from her curtainless window refusing to allow her any more sleep in the morning. She continuously reminds herself and forgets to purchase an alarm clock, so the sun will have to do.
    After dragging herself out of bed, she’d tiptoe up to her bathroom, careful not to wake her roommate Lacey and whoever might be occupying their guest bedroom this time around. She’d take a brisk, quick shower, change into her favourite casual outfit- a red and white shirt and a black skirt, search for her golden councillor arm band for a concerningly long amount of time, and then finally finding it in a forgotten drawer and slapping that bad boy on her wrist. She’d turn back to her bathroom mirror, criticize her facial features to herself, before applying some light makeup for the day- with the exceptions of her bold black eyeliner and her incredibly shiny lip gloss, both of which she’d pocket to reapply later, of course. Afterward, she’d groom her hair, most likely pinning some of it back in little bows or another accessory, before taking off without bothering for breakfast to the school, paying her daily fare to the subway.
    Once she’d arrive at school, she’d greet the friends of hers that she could find as well as her 3 siblings, before taking the time before the first period to patrol around the school, fulfilling her councillor duties. When the periods would commence, Adelia would dutifully attend all the classes being held, taking note of troublemakers and the opposite angelic students who might be worthy to make a note of. Any free periods she may have would either be filled with patrolling, catching up with her friends or obsessively checking her OnRain page since she can no longer check Kamige. . .
    When school would finally end, Adelia would be admittedly quite relieved to get to go home. Her shopaholic tendencies, however, would interrupt her, and any stores that may be found open you could expect her to be at- diners and shops alike. Afterward, she’d head home, do any schoolwork she may have, and if she has the time, watch the sunset on her favourite balcony jacuzzi. It is worth mentioning that Adelia prefers eating only in the afternoon, so she’d have definitely had a feast after her long day at school.
    But just as she’d expect to relax for the night, she’d most likely receive an email from her bosses, warning her that they intend to open the Luxe, Karakura’s famed night club and that they’ll need security. Adelia, wanting a paycheck, and finding the energy to show up, would change into her security uniform, say goodbye to her neighbors, who happened to be good friends of hers, as well as her roommate, and run down to the Luxe as quickly as possible- somehow, she’d still end up slightly later, usually blaming it on the difficulty of dressing in her uniform, or the long walk from the shopping district to the Luxe, even if she likely took the subway.
    After a night of working and collecting her paycheck, Adelia would finally head home early into the next day, and finally clock out for the day, attempting to get a good 5 or 6 hours of sleep before the next day, Girl in Red being left on loop on her phone as she drifted off into the night.

    Writing prompt #2
    Write a 300+ word essay on your character. Tell us about his/her history? What leads them to be the way they are?

    Adelia Moreau was born a twin to 15-year old mother Colette in Bromma, Sweden, in 2001, on January 23rd. She was unplanned and some could say even unwanted, the same of her older sister, Mabelle, who was born two minutes before her. Her mother, with 3 children including her one-year-older brother, Tristan, struggled with them, and Adelia grew up with many doting figures, relatives of her grandmother taking part in helping their mother care for them. Adelia was not the last of the Moreau children, however, as her brother Simon was born just a year later. Her father was completely absent, and while he often visited Colette, he refused to acknowledge his 4 children. While the household was as loving as could be to the children, the elderly relatives of Colette had older mindsets, all of whom were traditionally pro-life and incredibly homophobic and transphobic. As a child, Adelia was influenced by these beliefs.
    When Adelia was only 4 years old, Colette had been trying to allow her and the children to immigrate to Japan, as she was sick of the scorn she received in Sweden for being such a young mother, and believed many opportunities could await her there. For financial issues as well as many other factors Adelia hadn’t quite learned of, Colette was unable to immigrate. This did not stop her from setting up her 4 children with a foster home in Karakura, however. At the time Adelia had spoken French and Swedish, however, she scornfully forgot Swedish, feeling betrayed by her family.
    Adelia was only 4 at the time but she was not naive. She interpreted the shame and abandonment from her parents, and this allowed her to develop a very young fear of athazagoraphobia- the fear of being abandoned and forgotten. This led her to cling onto her friends, family, and siblings to the point where it could be quite irritating.
    Adelia’s childhood in Karakura began quite casual. She did ballet from age 7-10 and gained flexibility that she still tries to hold onto to this day, as well as an obsession with feminine clothing, dresses, and floral patterns.
    One incident that particularly shaped Adelia was when she turned 12 years old. She received a beautiful pink dress from her foster parents and she adored it with all her heart, choosing to wear it for a full week. She washed it when needed, however, because of the constant repetition of the outfit, children, being children, began to spread rumors about her being poor, not showering, and more. Adelia was shielded by her sympathetic friends from these rumors, who didn’t want her to feel worse. But thanks to a group of adolescent boys with an incredibly rude mindset, she believed she was going on a private date in the woods, only to be attacked while in her beautiful dress, and hurled by 3 boys into a pool of mud who then ran off laughing. Adelia was heartbroken and this began her mindset of generalizing all boys as horrible, but the internalized homophobia that had kept her believing she was heterosexual made her believe that she would never find a happy love story. This developed her second fear, philophobia, the fear of falling in love as she was sure she would end up hurt. The dress was permanently stained grey and brown, but it still stands in Adelia’s closet to this day, serving as a reminder.
    Adelia began to express symptoms of depression in her teen years, but thanks to the intervention of her cousin Stephan and her foster parents, she recovered smoothly. Speaking of her kind cousins, the Le family, and part of the reason Colette had chosen Japan for the children, her cousins had also been kind enough to teach her Chinese which had aided Adelia in coping with what surrounded her.
    After Adelia graduated, she managed to gain a spot in Karakura’s college along with her older siblings. She then applied to be a councillor, hoping to make a good change in the school and be a part of a community. She made it in and has been a councillor ever since.
    Shortly after this, Adelia was betrayed by someone very close to her and for the first time in her life, she was put in a situation where she felt sure that she would die. She managed to come out of the situation alive, but not without gaining two new fears- the fear of being drugged and other medicinal treatments, Pharmacophobia, and the simple fear of death, Thanatophobia. Catcalls, unwanted advances, a random, unexpected egging from a popular jock, as well as this incident completely reduced her trust in boys to nothingness, and Adelia made a point of avoiding guys for a long time after this. The only men that treated her decently were either related to her or much too old for her to date.
    But when Pride Month rolled around and Adelia began to do her own research she began to realize and acknowledge her long-time internalized homophobia, and while she had established herself as an ally to the LGBTQ+ community a while ago, she began to question herself and took the time to focus on her sexuality, something she had dismissed for ages. Early into the month, Adelia casually outed herself as bisexual and was only met with kindness from friends and family.
    Since then Adelia has worked on bettering herself as a person, trying to completely understand who she truly is, and fulfill her responsibilities in school and out of school. Her mother finally moved to Karakura and while Adelia’s relationship with her is fractured just like the rest of their family relations, she has begun to understand her mother’s choices better. She’s proud of herself, and she hopes she’s ready for wherever she goes next.
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  2. NukaRndz

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    Oct 16, 2017
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    - After discussing with the team, and reviewing applications, we decided that we really liked your application! It covers all the points well and finding the smaller details in your writing is quite interesting!

    - You will receive your role in the discord shortly, as well as on the server your current rank will soon be replaced with a green [L.T] tag.
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