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Doctor Application | EMS | Glapho


Level 5
Out-Of-Character (OOC) Section

IGN (In-Game Name):
Glapho - [Main Account

Previous bans:

ERP - [Appealed] Since it wasn't me!
Reached 4 warnings x2 - [Not appealed]

I realise how immature I have been over the past month, its mainly because of an old friend of mine, I am no longer friends with him since he was also rude and immature. I realize all this bans were because me and him used to mess around and I was the one that got accused for most of them, I realise the impact that all these bans can have on me and the experience I get on SchoolRP. I'm trying my hardest to stay out of those situations and want to make sure that it never happens again. Again, I'm terribly sorry for what's happened over the past couple of months. I'm trying to show that I can be trusted with these larger roles.

Describe your activity on the server?:
Currently on my main I have about 6-7 Weeks of playtime, and I hope to keep that number rising. On my alt account I have around 1 week. Altogether if I had to rate my playtime out of 10, I would say 7-8/10, I realise the responsibilities that come with this larger role and I’m willing to dedicate a vast majority of my time to fulfil the needed requirements for this job as a doctor.

Which timezone are you in?:

Do you have discord? If so what is your tag?:

Do you have a microphone?:
Yes, I’m willing to join any calls needed, for instance any training etc. although if I were to join these calls, I’d prefer to be muted, but if I am required to say something wont hesitate to do so.

List your current and past applications: - It Teacher - Denied - Reporter Application - Denied - Governor Application - Denied - Russian Application - Accepted - [Main Account] - Korean Application - Accepted - [Main Account] - Russian Application - Accepted - [Alt Account] - Korean Application - Accepted - [Alt Account]

What experiences do you have with Detail RP?:
Currently the aspects of detail Rp that I’m involving myself in are Pay 2 Loose and some detail probably focusing on fixing smashed windows etc.
With the pay 2 loose aspect, I think its a good practice for this job, since the types of combat revolve around certain body parts like the carotid artery, Liver, Jugular Veins, Femoral Artery, etc. With the information used from p2l I’d be able asses the situation if a wounded citizen comes charging into the hospital with a major injury. Since I’ve had the experience with Gangrp you’d think I wouldn’t be thinking I’d be a very good doctor, but that’s simply not the case, the information with these body parts and how to treat them is a major aspect if GangRP and a EMS job.

What is your motivation to apply for EMS and how will you benefit our current team?:
I’ve been admiring the job as an EMS ever since I’ve started gangrp, since I’ve had many visits to the hospital to get wounds, cuts, bruises and mental illnesses checked out ic. With that, I’m interested in all the types of rp that I can get involved in and want to expand my knowledge on the wide
variety of roleplay within the server. like I mentioned in the last question, the Role-playing that I’ve already experienced can benefit me greatly within this job, all this body parts that I’ve learned about, and the area of where they are will be very Helpful when detail rping in the hospital.

Which medical role are you applying for? (e.g: Surgeon, Doctor, Psychiatrist):
Doctor, this job to me is one of the great ways to experience a lot of rp, the aspect of treating the communities different characters that they’ve spent time adapting to, it’s just the wide variety of personalities and people that you are able to meet in this job.

Specify your knowledge for the role you’re applying for:
My current knowledge of what doctors do within the server is quite large I suppose. Unlike physiatrists who diagnose people with mental illnesses, the doctors diagnose people with asthma, a cold, a virus or a brain tumour. as you can see that there is quite a difference between the two jobs and what the diagnose. With the doctors diagnosing people, they also can give the citizen a set date to come back into the hospital to get a check up, and preform certain task to make sure the diagnosis was not false and to check how the patient has being progressing threw the couple of days prior. There is quite a fine line between what surgeons and doctors do, but to my knowledge doctors are allowed to preform minor surgical procedures to a patient.

Categorize all the functions of the EMS and tell us what each of them does:
The director is the one above all in the hospital roster, meaning they’re in full charge of what the hospital’s needs are, who deserves a promotion or even a demotion for x reasons.

Clinical Lead
The clinical leads hold responsibility for all their members. They usually hold training sessions for newer members once accepted to the hospital, but also in general, to keep up with their progress. They will also guide them to the right path, in order for the rest to be successful on their job without fail.

Head Department
Every department needs a head, and the hospital has three of them, those being a Head-Doctor, Head-Surgeon and lastly a Head-Psychiatrist. They all have an important role, mainly helping out the ranks below them with a difficult decision.

Attending Staff
Attending staff are the ones who can see their patients regularly inside the hospital. They’re also able to supervise students whose internship was accepted.

A surgeon will perform operations by cutting open a patient's body to ‘repair’, remove or replace the diseased/damaged part. Other than operating, they'll carry out ward rounds and outpatients clinics and will take on administrative duties and teaching responsibilities.

The role of a doctor is simpler than how many people see it, but only visually. In short, a doctor is a person who is skilled in the science of medicine; a person who is trained and licensed to treat sick and injured people, as well as diagnosing them.

Psychiatrists diagnose, treat, and prevent mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders with the use of medication and psychotherapy. They also examine, diagnose, and treat the mental and physical aspects of psychological conditions. In addition, Psychiatrists can also be an open book to their patient and listen to what’s bothering them, for as long as the therapy session needs to be.

Do you acknowledge that you're subject to being demoted if accepted at any given time?
Yes, this makes sense and I completely understand.

Do you acknowledge that applying for this role, you are agreeing to be 100% dedicated to the Hospital Staff role?
Yes, and like I mentioned earlier in the Application, that I’ll completely dedicate my time to completely fulfill the expectations within the role. I’ll try my hardest to make sure that my activity within the server increases significantly.

Do you acknowledge that if training is held whilst you are online, you are authorized to attend or you will be punished?
Yeah, I’ll make sure I will attend all these trainings without second thought. If I have a good reason to miss the trainings I hope I can be forgiven, but apart from that I will dedicate my time to make sure I attend said training.

Do you acknowledge that you are NOT to take things OOCly when dealing with training & situations?
Yes, this makes sense, I wouldn’t taken anything oocly and especially not something about training. I realise I might mess up in training a few time but I’ll make sure to keep it all ic and not bring it ooc.

In-Character (IC) Section


Tell us about your character; how do they look, what makes them unique?

Appearance: Taking a first look at Svetlana you‘d be able to notice her luxurious, silky smooth hair, even without touching it you‘d be able to tell how soft her hair is. She also had quite long hair saying how young she looked. moving on it her facial feature, her lips, quite large, she didn’t have lip filler nor did it look like she did. Her pink gloss would compliment her makeup choice quite well. Svetlana never liked going over top with her makeup it was subtle, but it still looked amazing. Now moving onto her style of clothing, she liked her chill relaxing vibe, she could be seen wearing somewhat comfy clothes but still good looking day clothes. She didn’t mind how she dressed, but on a special occasion, you’d be able to spot her wearing quite a fancy style of clothing.

Personality: Changing the topic from appearance, you would definitely be able to tell the kind of person she was, with her vibrant personality. Taking your first conversation with Svetlana, the key features of her personality would be presented to you almost instantly. Her soothing voice, with a faint Russian tone somewhere in her voice, very subtle tone. She wouldn’t hesitate to introduce herself to anyone, giving her a good look. People could say she talked to much, or they could say she was a lovely caring women, it all depends in the interaction with her. If someone’s op was in need she’d been the first one to stop what she was doing and rush of to help the person in need.

Unique: Apart from her personality a lot more things make her unique mindset, and her way of approaching a challenge. Her way of perseverance threw the throughout the tough time around karakura. Her brother was quite a fighter, he always evolved himself with gangs and ended up wandering home some way or another with a wound. there wasn’t anyone to look after them, so Svetlana was the one taking care of her brother. With the wounds we wandered home with, it gave her the physical and somewhat mental preparations of a medical job, memorising the key body parts and the medication needed to help people.

What are they like on and off the job?
Off Duty: In Svetlana’s free time, she normally hangs out with her friends and family, maybe go out to the Mariner, get a drink. She loves spending time with the people she loves, caring for them and looking after them. She avoids trouble as much as possible and despises the gangs and gang activity. Apart from spending time with her friends she studies, preparing her self for the challenges that she is about to face within college and even job related tasks. Recently she just made it back from China, she was trying to get a better education over there, doing so got her enrolled in a medical school whichnis why she studies so often.

On Duty: Even though she loves her free time, she also loves her job, adores it. The people she works with, making friends working, looking after people. She has always liked helping people, caring for them, even from such a young age. It brings joy to her, a feeling that she never gets, it’s something about helping out the weak, replenishing them back to their full health, making them somewhat happy again. Her job I’m general, it’s just so fascinating to her, this is what she does, helps people. It brings her so much joy. This affects her on and off the job, sometimes she might fail, but she learns, she always does better the second time around. Her positive energy, it just makes her working environment a lovely place.

Outlook on their co-workers? Plans for the future?
Svetlana respects her colleagues as much as she would as her own family, She’d never discriminate her coworker or bias towards them for doing their job wrong. Her co workers went threw the same steps of long hard work as she did to get to the same spot. She doesn’t only help out her patient but her colleagues too, she won’t hesitate to pop up and offer that missing hand. Thinking about her future plans, she doesn’t really have many, due to them already being completed. She hopes she can stay with the hospital and help as many patients back to health.

Does your character have any past / current mental and or physical illnesses we should take acknowledgment to?
Luckily, this character does not posses any physical or mental illness. If some do end up appearing I wouldn’t hesitate to notify you about it.

(Make sure this biography/lore has 100+ words.)

The family Don was born into, the Mawji’s. Upon aurally perceiving the denomination, some people may pull away in abhorrence. The family wasn’t very nice, especially to their children. Don lived with his two other brothers and his two parents. His parents were never genuinely home, always working or making a remotely excuse to leave the children. Every chance the parents got, they’d leave home, leaving they’re children all solitary. It was hard for them, they had to learn how to take care of themselves on their own, no fortification, their feelings bottled up. With no one to verbalize with, very little mazuma, they were coerced out of an edification, this was a lamentable look for all of their futures.

One day, Don was ambulating home, from a grocery shop. Ambulating home, he descried something down a ally way, a familiar face. his brother Yujiro, was getting assailed by a gang, well, that what it looked homogeneous to. he ran down the ally way, the adrenaline coursing threw his veins. He'd swing his fists around temerariously endeavouring to avail his brother, albeit He didn’t hit anyone, it sure as hell worked as a diversion. It gave his brother enough time to get regain his balance and sprint off. He didn’t look back at any point, he just kept running, all the way home.

Now realizing his brother was involved in gang activity, he was apprehensive, not only about him, but about himself, and his other younger brother. All the time, Yujiro would peregrinate home with wounds, bruises and some time a knife wound. Without anyone looking after them Don had to take care of them all, he was the oldest, perhaps the most impotent, but he kenned what to do. This commenced to Interest he, the wounds, the urge to avail people, he enrolled himself in a school, it wasn’t a good school, but it would do for now. It was tough for him, the days his brother peregrinated home with wounds, it would keep chipping away at Don's noetic health, it wasn’t salubrious for anyone.

Don needed to get a job, well, he had to commence putting the peace’s of his life back together ineluctably. It might be gradual but it was working. He got a job I’m a few stores, and as a babysitter, at least now he was peregrinating somewhere in life. He didn’t stop providing for his family, but, one day she got a letter, it was a scholarship, He was so shocked, how could she have been so fortuitous to get a scholarship. This was it, his life, determinately taking off. Albeit, he had to leave Karakura behind, for the time being anyway. He waited until his brother got a job, now Yujiro was the one providing for the family, determinately learning some responsibility.

He moved away, enrolling at the college, He got subsided there, made some incipient friends, met all kinds of people. The same image rolling on repast in his mind, the image of his brother wounded, he availing him, the smile that spread across his face when he succeeded. He has to do it, for them, for himself, he got this opportunity and he sure as well wasn’t gonna waste it. He studied hard, He was taking the subjects Human physiology, biology, medicine and pharmacy. Ineluctably he got his majors, and got his PHD. He did it, all those years of suffering determinately over, well she mentally conceived.

His first thought was getting back home to his family, and without a doubt that’s what he did. All those years in college that same image, of himself and his brother, sitting down, then it struck him. all those years at college no one was there for Yujiro, no one it was him by himself, rejuvenating himself, but that was the quandary, he didn’t know how to look after himself. Albeit he cerebrated Yujiro was going to be in pain. All this time, he’s forgotten about him, his youngest brother, him, no one was there for him.

He arrived home after a long flight, rushed into the building, into their dormitory, probing for her brothers. They weren’t there, but then, the neighbour from the next dormitory over ambulated in. Shed told Don that Setsuki, his youngest brother was In hospital, with an encephalon tumour. He couldn’t believe it, he fell to the floor, on the spot. breaking down into tears, this news was heartbreaking to aurally perceive, to anyone it would be. He regained her emotions, he didn’t hesitate to spring back up to onto his feet, and begin his run to the hospital.

He launches herself through the hospital doors, screaming, probing for his brother. He was affrighted. Yujiro came to her, exhibiting him to their other brother. He was laying there in a hospital bed, asleep. Albeit it was an encephalon tumour and it can always be surgically abstracted he needed more test afore then. On the door, of the room. A designation, reading ”doctors needed, apply now.” The sprinted to the hospital reception, asking for more details about the job, they gave him paperwork to sign, all she had to do was prove her phd etc. waiting for months, she determinately got a replication. He got the job, WHAT- he got the job, she couldn’t believe It. he sprung to her feet jumping with ecstasy.

*Couple of years later*

Svetlana now works in Karakura, as a medico, availing patients replenish themselves to their full health. She dotes her job, her colleagues and the smiles she put on all the families faces.

SECTION 1: Personal Details

Characters Full Name:

Don'Eladio Salamanca

Characters Title (e.g, Mr. Mrs. Miss):

Characters Given Name(s):


Mrs. Mawji

Characters Preferred Name:

Characters Age:

Characters Gender:

Characters Religious Domination:

Characters Marital Status:

Characters Nationality:

SECTION 2: Academic Details

Years of Residency:

4 Years of Residency.

Working Experience(s):
Several Shops

Academic Degree:

Year of Graduation:
Highschool: 2011
College: 2014
PHD: 2020

Human Physiology



Native Languages:

Other Languages:
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Portions of this application are plagiarized from someone else's. You are now blacklisted from EMS until further notice.

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