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eeena's police application :::))


Level 3

IGN (In-Game Name):

Previous bans:

Describe your activity on the server:
I personally believe I’m extremely active within the server. Due to the current situation [CoronaVirus], I’m on maybe around 8 hours a day. . . I tend to be AFK due to not doing anything at all on the server & I do online school at the same time. I do not have any specific days where I’m usually unavailable unless something comes up. I only play on versaches, my volleyball-team account as my main serves no purpose.

Which timezone are you in?

Do you have Discord?
Yes, my current tag is: ena#8172

Do you have a microphone [Obligatory]:
Of course.

List your current and past applications:
Staff application - Denied
French language - Accepted
Korean language - Accepted
Police application- Current

What is your motivation for applying?:
I’ve always seen the KPD was a nice concept, a nice role to be able to roleplay. I’ve been thinking about applying for a different role on the server, eg; EMS, KPS or school employee and the police force was the one that caught my attention the most. I’ve seen both OOCly and ICly multiple scenarios where police would be involved: their collaboration with EMS, patrolling in pairs, having to manage bails, etc. I suppose you could say the ‘thrill’ is something that I find pretty intriguing as it’s different from what I do on a daily basis when bored. . Hitting a slime ball over and over again. I’ve also had multiple acquaintances who have been/currently a part of the KPD who’ve suggested applying as they’ve personally enjoyed their time in the force. If I were given this role, I'd obviously give it my all.

Do you understand Japanese Laws and Basic Conduct?
I understand that the Japanese Laws are not the same as where I live, however I am willing to learn more about Japanese Laws & Basic Conduct. I’ve never had any police learning experience within SRP itself although I am willing to be extremely dedicated & hardworking to this matter.

What are the Police ranks?
Police- Patrol officer

What knowledge do you have of Police Work?
I understand that Police is a high maintenance position where it tends to become overwhelming due to certain GangRP situations. I am also aware this job requires patience, dedication, maturity, precision along with loads of training in order to become a good employee for this role. I have talked to a couple officers, whether they still are or were, where they’d describe scenarios and what they would do as an officer. I know that cadets are to stay in the stations behind the counter the majority of the time answering any questions or having to communicate to a citizen in need. Cadets are also to attend training, then take an exam in order to pass on to the next level. Regarding patrolling, cadets are not to patrol outside alone but to go in pairs. There may be much more scenarios that are bound to happen whilst being an officer that takes a much longer time to deal with or a lot more work. Although I do not know too much of police on SRP, I'm more then willing to learn everything.
Police basically need to enforce the laws, protect the citizens, detain the criminals, assure there is nothing illegal going on, and respond to 110 calls.

Why is Police important to SchoolRP?
In my eyes, police are important for several pretty obvious reasons-- Thus being, keeping the town. . .legal. Making sure everything is safe for the citizens, keeping criminals locked up (reducing crime rates), dealing with emergencies. Without Police in SRP. . .It would be pretty chaotic, there would be constant crimes with no absolute consequences- Everything would be a tad bit of a mess, especially if someone needs immediate help due to witnessing a murder-- There would need officers. Apart from that, it’s pretty much a huge factor to GangRP. Where’s the fun in GangRP when there’s no opponents to go against? Actually. . I’d assume GangRPers would love to not have any officers in roleplay but if we were to speak realistically- in a sense.

Do you acknowledge that you're subject to being demoted if accepted at any given time?
Yes, I do. I will assure that I respect all the given rules, I will try my hardest to be active on both accounts & dedicate all I can to this role; that is, if accepted.

Do you acknowledge that applying for this role, you are agreeing to be 100% dedicated to the Police Officer role?
Absolutely, as stated above. I will try my hardest to not disappoint and present my best self at all times.

Do you acknowledge that if training is held whilst you are online, you are authorized to attend or you will be punished [Demoted]?
Of course, I will always try to attend all training-- I will definitely be attending if I am ever online already.

Do you acknowledge that you’re subject to IC harassment, and you are NOT to take things OOCly when dealing with training & situations?
Yes, I believe I’m already used to this matter after a while of being on SRP. IC harassment will not be affecting me OOCly no matter the case.

In-Character (IC) Section


Tell us about your character, how he looks, what makes him unique?
Aoi Iwasaki would be a rather tall japanese female standing at 5’8 with a mesomorphic build. At first glance, you’d be shocked-- You wouldn’t quite expect such a girl to have a dream career as a police officer. Where do we start? Her hair. . . The color of pink seemed to have always been her lane-- Even at this age of hers. Sounds a bit childish although it seemed to suit her quite well, personality wise as well. Pink hair has always been her go-to color, reasons would never be told by her, personally- No one would know why she chooses pink out of all colors. Aside from that, she is fit, strong and no doubt suited for this job she’s been training for ever since she was called ‘chopsticks’. She would not obtain any special skills apart from being extremely flexible. . .Doubt that would ever come in handy.

What's she's like on and off the job?
On the job, Aoi would always make sure the best of herself is presented-- Would it really be her best self? She would never want to fool herself in public; even less in her work environment. Due to this mindset, some may say she’s cold hearted-- Dry, no sense of humor, blunt with her opinions. Probably one who would reply to ‘How are you?’ with a ‘yes.’ She’s always thought that was the way to go, the more formal you stay, the better. Maybe it came in handy when talking to opposant, her adversary-- This has also made her focus much more on her tasks rather than having to socialise with her co-workers. However, despite all this she’s had that little part in her that has always wanted to break character and just talk endlessly with those she works with. This goes without saying, when she’s found talking in privately, off duty, she’s surprisingly much more caring and comforting. Some may say she’s a whole party animal, she’d love the word ‘YOLO.’ Strange.

Outlook on his co-workers? Plans for the future?
Co-workers to Aoi would mean almost nothing more. Co-workers, those in the same workspace as her-- Lots of times where she’d need to work with them, discuss situations etc. Despite her rather uptight personality, she’ll still do anything to get the job done correctly under a professional manner. Aoi would never consider her co-workers as someone below her, she’d always see them as an inspiration- She’d always be eager to improve & learn off of those she finds impressing. Deep in her mind, she’s always wished to be bestfriends with one of her co-workers- Do crazy stuff with them no matter the occasion. Of course. . That would interfere with her mindsets.

Iwasaki wouldn’t have any specific plans for her future-- Nothing would interest her after a dream career in police. She’s never given a serious thought to what would happen to her; ‘See where time brings me and we’ll go from there.’- Her often said phrase. Her life has always revolved around her dream, she’d love to work her entire life as an officer-- But good things never last.

Yet another, not too interesting-- Maybe, story; not everyone has some crazy life story. Aoi Iwasaki was born November 15th, 1994 in Hakone, Japan. She’s lived there her entire life up to the age of 18. Hakone has always been her favorite place in the entire world, this town was known for it’s beautiful views/landscapes. For this, Aoi has always had a loving passion for outdoors, she’d go hiking almost on a daily basis with her childhood friends and families. Iwasaki was born in a small family, she was a single child with both her parents. Didn’t sound so bad, did it?

However. . . Not all good things last. At the age of 13, 5 days before her birthday; her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. This had shocked the whole town, the news spread out fast- She’s never stopped her addiction to smoking. Aoi could not have thought of anything else but her mother's state for the next few weeks- The thoughts would anger her, why wasn’t Aoi able to stop her own mom from her addictions? She’d lock herself in her rooms for hours every day, ignoring her father's calls. Her mother started to spend more time in the hospital then in her own home, her case would not get better over time. Slowly after 2 weeks, Aoi would finally open up to the public once again taking on her normal habits, going outside. She’d avoid talking to anyone, cutting off all her social links, this would make her very concerned along with her father.

At the age of 14, exactly one year and 4 months; Aoi’s birth mom died regardless of all the treatments and dedication. At that moment, Aoi received a small package that was handmade by her mother before her death; A pink wig. . .This made Aoi laugh a little due to it reminding her of their relationships of jokes and laughter. Ever since then, that’s exactly why Aoi would have pink hair.

Where does her father stand in all this? Ever since Aoi was a young child, her father has been insisting her to keep in touch with japanese laws-- He's always loved politics. This led them to having the News on when watching the television as a family- Although, politics never really touched Aoi. She found it rather- Boring, what did peak her interest was when they were violence or crimes being shown on footage along with the aftermath involving the autorities. She's always loved the suspense of what would happen next. However, she's never thought about actually studying in this topic until later. .

At the age of 18, Aoi finally decided it was the time she moved on from Hakone; start a new life in a new town- Start fresh. She’s wished to have a little thrill- excitement for once in her life, something to keep her entertained. Of course, she had to start by finishing her college studies. Aoi moved to Karakura, Japan after deciding karakura’s college was the best choice- She’s settled in the town.She’s decided to take on criminal justice & criminology after all the stories she’s heard on the news-- She’s never been more interested in her entire life. Once she graduated, there wasn’t any more obvious path she should’ve followed- It would just make sense to continue and apply for Karakura’s police department.

SECTION 1: Personal Details

Full Name: Aoi Iwasaki.

Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss): Miss.

Given Name(s): Aoi.

Preferred Name: Aoi or Iwasaki.

Age: 26.

Gender: Female.

Religious Denomination: Atheist.

Marital Status: Single.

Nationality: Japanese.

Current Location: Karakura, Japan

SECTION 2: Academic Details

Years of training: Two. (2)

Working Experience:
1 year in police work.

Academic Degree:
Bachelor degree in criminal justice & criminology.

Year of Graduation:

Criminal justice & Criminology.


Native Languages:

Other Languages:
Korean & French.

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Level 173

- After a recent discussion with other officers of the KPD, we've come to the decision that you are suitable for the Police Cadet role.

- DM Loooper#8469 to get your introduction and rank.

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