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ElliotRP's Art teacher application

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by ElliotRP_RP, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. ElliotRP_RP

    ElliotRP_RP United States Level 2

    Jul 27, 2020
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    5:57 AM

    Out-Of-Character Information

    What is your Minecraft username?:

    How old are you?:

    Do you have any previous bans?:
    No, No bans at all

    What Country are you from?:

    Do you have Discord (if so, what is your discord username?):
    NalaNumaYoko (KIOI!?)#0139

    Do you understand that most answers are found in the roleplay documents?:
    Yes, I do understand that most answers are in documents.

    Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:
    Yes, I do know that if I'm inactive I can be demoted.

    Do you understand that all classroom activity must be documented on the "Teacher Roster" thread?:
    Yes, I do understand.

    Describe your activity on the server & on the forums?:
    I'm on the server most of the day and night and on forums most of the day.

    Link(s) to any previous applications on the server?:


    What is your motivation for becoming a teacher?:
    What truly motivates me to apply for such a position is the incredibly organized community on this server. Everything from the good vibes to the roleplayers themselves,, in my opinion, is among one of the best servers on Minecraft. Disorganization scares me. When I joined the schoolrp server, I didn't have to deal with that fear. At all.

    Do you have any experience in Roleplaying?:
    I have a lot of experience in roleplay.

    Have you read the Faculty Handbook?:
    Yes, I have

    What are the classroom logs and why is it important?:
    The classroom logs are basically where you log your activity of what you are doing with your class. Every time you teach, you must write in it so the principal or vice-principal knows that you are teaching, active, and not inactive. It is important because like I said, it shows if you are inactive or active. If you do not write in it but you are active, the principal will think you are inactive and will demote you.

    You want to start a school field trip; how do you do that?:
    if I want to start a school field trip, I would go through different requirements than the last time I applied, firstly starting out by filling out an OOC application and an IC application, listing the date of the trip, destination, date of request, my (teacher, hopefully) name, the maximum number of students attending, leaving time, returning time, student fee, the equipment needed and the purpose of the trip. This can either be sent through DMs or on the thread appointed for “School Field Trips”.

    As a teacher, what are the strict rules when being in a class?:
    As a teacher, my strict rules when being in a class are listed below:
    1) Get to class on time, if you arrive late there may be punishments.
    2) Be sure to listen to teachers and other employees inside my classroom.
    3) Take notes, some of the information said may be used on other assignments/quizzes and/or tests.
    4) Be sure to participate in class, and the discussions/lessons.
    5) Refrain from talking to friends/classmates during lectures and discussions.
    6) Always bring the required materials to my class, unless said otherwise.
    7) Do not verbally abuse, harass, or annoy teachers and school employees in my classroom. Always respect them.
    8) Ask for help if needed, I will always assist you.
    9) No food and/or drinks.
    10) No use of electronics during lectures.

    Summarize your previous RP experience's (both in general and on SchoolRP):
    As said before, I have been roleplaying for a couple of years before I found SchoolRP, and have had lots of different experiences on SchoolRP, police officer, co-owner of a store, manager of a store, history teacher, lunchtime monitor, and office manager as of recent. I have a lot of experience in many different areas of roleplays.

    Describe the ranking system of teachers:

    - HD:
    in charge of the newer teachers and the newer QTLs, planning all of the lessons for the subject that they are assigned to be in charge of, also training the newer teachers and showing them how to do things, and getting them used to the way the high school works. “HD” means “Head of Department”, meaning it is the highest rank out there.

    - QTLS:
    QTLs’ is the second highest teaching rank and are practically in the middle of the ranking system, decided on what they’re able to do without permission. They are able to do classes whenever they want during their assigned period times (decided in the teacher's lounge) without permission as they are qualified, however, discussing with other teachers is still required, as to what period you are taking, etc. QTLs stands for Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills.

    - NQT:
    The lowest rank out there in the ranking system for teachers in Karakura, it stands for “Newly Qualified Teacher”. A must is for NQTs to get lesson plans from the Head of Department, and need permission to teach a class. Normally they watch over classes and take notes of how a higher teacher teaches. They also have to discuss what they plan on doing in the teacher's lounge with the other teachers to get permission and plans lined up with their lessons.

    Teacher Knowledge
    Present to us your knowledge about Teachers in-game and out-of-game, what purpose do teachers serve. What salary do they get? Include a paragraph about the way teachers teach, what they do in their spare time in general.Teachers in-game are very similar if not identical to teachers out-of-game. They plan their lessons ahead of time, prepare their workspace, wait for the students to enter their class, start their lesson, and by the end of the day grade their student’s work. Once on break, they are either planning their next lesson in the teachers’ lounge or grading papers. Possibly even talking to other teachers about their day or how the class went. They teach needed subjects such as English, Maths, Science, History, and elective subjects (what they call them in my country) such as Art, Technology, or Theatre. A teacher may teach only one subject, however, where I’m from some teachers would teach a needed subject such as English and teach an elective subject such as Art in different periods. Teachers, where I'm from, are usually underpaid and gradually get more pay depending on how much they work. In-game teachers are paid depending on how many classes they teach and log, 250k being our base pay for 15 classes and 50k extra for 5 more classes we teach

    Why are teachers important to a SchoolRP server?:
    Teachers in SRP set an example for their students. As previously stated, they can be a guiding force in the life of a troubled child. In moments of need, which arrive often in-game, a student should be able to contact a trusted adult. A teacher should be thought of as such.

    What lesson planning system does the school work on?:
    the lesson planning system does the school work on is MoSCo(Must have,Should have,Could have).

    Character Knowledge
    Tell us everything you know about the character you will be playing in a few paragraphs. How does he look like? What makes him unique and different? What is his outlook on Students? What about the other teachers? What is his personality like? What is his plan for the future?
    Kioi “KI” Mias is a male, his height is 4 '10 he would have short brown hair and light brown eyes, his blue jacket would hang off his left shoulder, he knows russian and Sign language.
    Kioi loves children. He has helped many children with disorders, he loves to help children with anything, he always respects all the teachers, he never wants to see a teacher hurt so he will always try to make them happy.
    His personality is very exciting he loves to express himself,
    He is very active and very happy,
    He plans on getting his dream job and making a family, and maybe moving into a house.


    You find a gang of delinquents in the hallway cursing and swearing, what do you do?:
    Firstly, I will politely ask them to stop cursing and swearing. If they do it again, I will change up my tone and tell them to stop in a harsh manner. Yet, if they continue with the foolish act, I will send them to detention. If detention does not change anything in the student, I will irredeemably send them to the VP or the Principal, depending on the availability.

    No one in your class is listening to a word you say, what do you do?:
    I will higher up the volume and tell the class to start listening to what I am saying. If that does not seem to be effective, I will intimidate them by clapping my hands together, hopefully grabbing their attention. If that did not do the job, I will hit the desk a bit hard to grab their attention fully. To make sure these acts do not happen, I will ask different questions regarding the topic that we’re learning by calling their names out randomly.

    When in the teacher's lounge, how does your character act?:
    When my character is in the teacher’s lounge, my character will act pleasant around other teachers. At the same time, this is his break, meaning he will relax as he is taking a rest. It is the place where he can put everything down and is segregated from the other world, the world where he has to take care of the students and be aware of everything that’s going around him. In the teacher’s lounge, he can be himself and take a break.

    Provide at least 5 detailed /me's of your character inside a classroom:
    /me he’d claps his hand together attempting to grab the class’s attention
    /me Puts bag on my desk and starts. Takes out the working book and notebook. opens workbooks and puts his finger on the most downward-facing.
    /me Walks up to desk. Rolls back the chair and starts sitting in a chair. takes out laptop out of back opens the laptop. and starts making notes about the class and what they find hard about the subject.
    /me smiles as he hands out the forms
    /me collects homework from students while they stay in their seat

    A male named Kioi “KI” Mias, him and his family lived in japan, his mother was a teacher her name was Numa Mias, she was married to a man named Andrew Lona, Kioi and his father had a great relationship so did him and his mother, kioi looked up to his mother alot he admire her job, some days he would go and watch her teach, as he got older he looked into it more and more he was a very good student, he would help other students, once he turned 21 he decided to apply for being a teacher, since his mother retired he was very determined to get this job.

    In-Character Information

    (Pretend your character is filling this out, not you)
    SECTION 1: Personal Details

    Full Name:
    Kioi “KI” Mias

    Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss):

    Given Name(s):

    Preferred Name:



    Religious Denomination:
    Marital Status:


    Current Location:

    SECTION 2: Academic Details

    Teaching Experience (# of years):

    Working Experience (# of years):

    Academic Degree:

    Year of Graduation:

    Art, English

    Mathematics, Culinary Arts

    Native Languages:

    Other Languages:

    Do you have a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certificate?:

    Preferred Teaching Subject:
    I prefer art than
    English so i would love to teach art classes.

    Additional notes about your application (if any):
    Do you have any questions?:
    no i do not

    Last edited: Jul 31, 2020
  2. Mistalee

    Mistalee Germany Level 113

    Jun 17, 2019
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    12:57 PM

    -ˏˋ Congratulations! ˊˎ-

    - Admittedly, the wording in this application is a bit informal, but I'm willing to give you a shot none-the-less.
    - To further your career as a teacher, please ensure that you have joined this Discord-Server.
    - After you've done the step listed above, please shoot me a direct message at; Knot#6368 to get you set up with your new role!

    Welcome to the Teacher-Team!