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║ ~ ✤ Elyana Suzuki Lavigne ✤ ~ ║
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~ ✤ Basic Information ✤ ~
Name : Elyana Suzuki Lavigne
Age : 18 years old
Occupation : Student
Gender/Pronouns : Female ✤ She/Her
Height : 5’8”
Weight : 121 lbs ✤ 54.8847 kg
Nickname : Ely, El

║~ ✤ ~║

Skin color : Fair white
Eye color : Honey colored
Hair color : Blonde
D.O.B : June 13th, 2006
Place of birth : Nantes, France
Nationality : French

║~ ✤ ~║

Religious beliefs : Apatheist
Political beliefs : N/A
Sexuality : Bisexual

~ ✤ Appearance ✤ ~
Description : Elyana would stand at roughly 5’8” with a lanky and toned build, having a top hourglass. Her medium-length blonde hair would typically be slightly curled, swept to the side, shaping her heart shaped face. Her bangs would fall over her narrow forehead and large sage green eyes. There’d be a sparkly diamond tooth gem visible in her mouth when she talked, along with a small diamond nose stud. Her ears would also be double pierced, she'd always wear hoops paired with studs. Her nails would usually be bitten down to the skin, the skin around her nails would usually be picked at as well. On the inner side of her left wrist there would be a small tattoo of an ace icon. Her heart shaped lips would be glossed at all times, her bottom lip being heavier and usually making her look as if she was pouting.

Style : Elyana would usually wear classy yet comfortable clothes... Although she frequently wears a Mike Wazowski onesie that belonged to an old friend of hers.

Personality : Elyana would be oddly bubbly, usually acting like a bimbo.. She would be the type to make irrational and stupid decisions often, not really thinking before she acts. Elyana can be a little apathetic at times but tries her best to be kind. She can get a little short fused with people she doesn’t know, although she’s working on that..

Voice :

║~ ✤ ~║

~ ✤ Traits ✤ ~




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~ ✤ Backstory ✤ ~
Elyana S. Lavigne was born the only child of a family of two in Nantes, France. She was born on the thirteenth of June in the midst of night being born into a dysfunctional family in a backwater hospital on the outskirts of the city. Her mother, Amour Lavigne, had tragically passed away at the young age of twenty-one due to complications from the procedure of childbirth, as well as the use of infected utensils at the hands of a recently hired nurse. Elyana’s father, Louis Lavigne called for a lawsuit against the hospital, yet his case was dismissed within a week. Elyana was born into the world at the cost of two-thousand euros and her mother, who never saw the face of her newborn daughter.

With the Lavigne family’s income being cut in half, Louis Lavigne was forced to abandon the home he had purchased with his late wife, as the expenses of living outweighed the amount of money that was at his disposal. Louis decided that he would not become a bum like others in his family, thus he opted to live inside a cheap apartment in a crime ridden neighborhood on the outskirts of the city, very close to the hospital in which his late wife had passed away. He was very bitter about this decision, blaming Elyana for ruining what little ‘good’ aspects of his life there were, for taking his wife away and replacing her with someone who was only an extra expense for him. Every day when he returned from his job at a local liquor store, he would refuse to even say a word to Elyana. Rather, he would retreat to his room and spend the entire day watching television and drinking away his sorrows from a bottle that was rarely purchased.

Elyana’s childhood was packed to the brim with relentless bullying from her peers. Whether it be her smell, her sense of style, her looks alone, or her constant disconnect with reality, Elyana was always at the end of the smoking gun of harassment. Elyana fell into a deep depression as the bullying continued. Often she would not even show up to school, and her father would never return the school’s calls regarding her uneven attendance. Often the school board would hold meetings regarding the expulsion of Elyana, yet they could never come to an agreement. The only friends Elyana could make happened to be ones that were in the wrong crowd. They began to fill her head with the ideas of crime and the money that came along with it. Money that would fix her issues of not being able to afford stylish clothing, money that would fix her issues of not being able to afford soap, shampoo, makeup and other beauty products.

One night Elyana would make a decision that would forever change her. Armed with a kitchen knife she had stolen from her school’s cafeteria and a black shirt tied around her face, she marched into an Eleven-7 and demanded the cashier for everything they had in the register. The cashier complied, even handing over an envelope of cash that was meant to be dropped into the safe under the counter. Elyana fled the area, and in a single night she had made more money than her father had made in a month of work. The police investigated a robbery, yet no arrest was ever made.

The next week after a long shopping spree, Elyana walked into her school looking like she had just won a beauty pageant. Her peers immediately changed their attitude towards her, offering her their phone numbers, invitations to parties, even lifelong companionship. Needless to say this was the end of Elyana’s struggles… at least externally. She spent the next few years of her life in a mix of crime and clout, eating away at what remained of her innocence. Elyana became one of the ‘popular’ kids at the cost of everything that made her human.
One night, when Elyana came home from a night on the town, she would find her apartment to be completely empty, the television in her father’s room turned off for the first time in what seemed like forever. While for the first few hours she waited for dinner to arrive in her room, it never did. Elyana, confused by the loud silence that echoed throughout the house, decided to open her father’s door for the first time in years. There, Elyana saw the fresh corpse of her father, who had died due to his chronic alcoholism. In the next few months, the courts struggled to find this teen any connecting family that she could go to. This was until they decided on the Suzuki family, who had resided in a small mountaIn city called Karakura.

Freshly off the boat, Elyana spent the next few months spending time with her cousin, Aubrey, who had been blinded due to the rampant gang violence that plagued the city. She had gotten to know the girl quite well, and the two formed a bond over their shared love of stealing from the dumb and clueless. Yet, Aubrey always seemed sad that her life of crime had been cut short. Elyana tried to make her cousin proud, stealing and stealing and stealing until she had made a name for herself on the streets, even if few knew it. Elyana had gotten off with one of the biggest cons she had ever pulled off, racking up nearly as much as she had taken from the Eleven-7 all those years ago. She came home to gloat about her heist, yet only found the bloodied corpse of Aubrey Suzuki, a blood covered pocket knife on her dresser. Elyana claimed it to be murder, yet the local police department decided that the wounds were self-inflicted, thus never giving Aubrey the justice Elyana thought she may or may not have deserved.

Now, Elyana walks the streets of Karakura. Trying to make up for the life lost in vain, yet always doubting herself over what is the right thing to do and what chaos Aubrey would have wanted.

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~ ✤ Relations ✤ ~

Myles 'SPADE' Suzuki [Friend, Family] [A]
"You really get on my nerves from time to time, but I couldn't ask for a better cousin. Thank you for always sticking by my side- Even when they didn't."

M. "Yari" C. Aemi [Friend] [A]
"I don’t know why I did that to you.. I’d tell you I’m sorry but I don’t think you wanna hear it."

Julian K. Alawa [Lover] [A]
"..You're so stupid it's concerning. But, you are seriously one of my best friends and I can never repay you for the lessons you've somehow taught me."

Francesca Minamoto [Friend] [A]
"I'm sorry that I replaced her.. To this day I still feel horrible for having to be the one to break the news to you. I hope I'm fulfilling her spot to your expectations."

Tao Ngyuen [Friend] [A]

'Honey' [Bear..] [A]
"Raaahhh.. I think you understand that?"

Hellam Kimura [Friend] [A]
"You’re annoying, but I cherish you as a friend! Thanks for everything."

Nora Z. Faheem [Friend] [A]
"Nobody can beat our matching onesies. You kinda worry me sometimes, but I'm really happy to be able to call you my friend!!"

Yumeko Elyon [Friend] [A]
"I always do your apartments.. But I enjoy it and I'm glad you trust me with that, yknow'?? You're an amazing friend!”

Gryaz' R. Voronin [Friend] [A]
"I miss you! I hope you come back into town soon."

Kaoru Miyazono [Friend] [A]
"I'm happy whenever I'm with you, you're a really good friend of mine and I'm glad we met! I love playing volleyball with you, too."

Marilyn Tominaga [Ex-Lover] [A]
"I should’ve treat you better when I had the chance. I’m sorry."

Ige Tomoko [Friend] [A]
"I haven't even known you that long yet, like whatsoever, but I already feel like I've known you for years! Thank you for everything."

Karl M. Acton [Friend] [A]
"I am literally horrible to you, sorry about all of the uh, broom stuff. I think we made up a little for that, and you do seem cool, but sorry again!"

Hou Zhi [Friend] [A]
“I don’t regret shit.”

Ha-Neul H. Seo-Jun [Friend] [A]
“You’re so sexy and get so many bitches.. I want to be as rich and cool as you are one day!”

Byeol Seo-Jun [Friend] [A]
“I LOVE YOOOU! I'm glad that I met you, and no matter what happens I'll always cherish you as one of my closest friends! ”

Celeste Hiraoka [Friend] [A]
“I don’t see you as much anymore, I miss you!”

Aubrey Suzuki [Friend, Family] [D]
“I miss you.. I’m sorry I wasn’t there.”

Blue Hemsworth [Friend] [D]
"I MISS YOU NEIGHBOR! Screw whoever did.. That."

║~ ✤ ~║


║~ ✤ ~║

Credits to FadedMoonlight for the backstory part of the bio! Amazing writer, go comm them rn ong


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