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ena's school council application :D


Level 3

What is your Minecraft username?:
eeena, zagti, TBD (If accepted, the account used will be chosen then however ATM tbd, it won’t be a problem once it comes to it!)

Any previous warns/kicks/bans?:
Currently, none at all!

What is your timezone?:
EST, however I’m up really late and available very often no matter the situation I’m sure I’d be able to make it. My schedule is very flexible during the weekends!

Do you have Discord (if so, what is your Discord username)?:
Currently, adore#4747, but it could be changable within the near future

Link(s) to any previous applications on the server?:
Police application x1 [Accepted]
Police application x2 [Accepted]
I also had a korean & french language application on my previous forum account which I no longer have access to. They were both accepted.

Describe your activity on the server & on the forums?:
I am far more active on the server; I currently have two accounts which both hold important roles such as Cheerleader and Police Officer. Under my personal opinion, I think I’m extremely active for both accounts equally. I do my best to balance out these two accounts whenever possible, so council would not be a problem under any circumstances. From a general perspective, I’m on daily as much as I can to RP or even just walk around pointlessly. My activity on my eeena account is definitely higher due to more interesting RP aspects. I do not check the forums very often, however when necessary I check it regularly.


What is the student council?:
A student council is a gathering/organisation of scholarly engaged students (either elected or voluntary depending on the school systems.) who learn to work with each other in harmony and promote a good reputation for whatever school they attend. These students represent the best of the school, and represent a certain authority to the students. Meetings are held regularly to discuss school disciplinary topics and to plan all sorts of events for the school. The student council also works closely with the higher authority of the school board, such as the teachers & the principal etc.

Who or what brought you to applying for the student council? (e.g. a friend, colleague, etc):
I have numerous friends currently on the council, and it seems really interesting to take part in & a cool environnement to be engaged in!! I find the concept of both council and KPD rather similar and a really vague point of view, and I really do enjoy KPD & council seems to be really interesting to take part in!

What does the school council of Karakura do?:
After my observations, the school council of Karakura often patrols school-wide every school day. These patrols have a role of making sure everything between the students is in order, keeping fights away, making sure there are no intoxicated students ETC. These councillors are just like role models, abiding to every single Karakura School’s rule along with applying them verbally to the students. They have a couple of responsibilities which only entail SCHOOL issues, such as reporting any situations if can’t be dealt with & planning school events regularly. As these students are seen as leaders (good leadership and social skills), it is also their goal to keep the whole school system and board up to date, voice their opinions during the meetings as it is crucial to be organised.

How would you describe your work ethic?:
A good description for my work ethic is simple; strong.Obviously to past OOC situations and scholar experience, you obtain certain skills throughout these years- Where I believe I now hold a couple very important ones. Having a strong work ethic means knowing to be dedicated to work & have determination to pursue it, which I can fulfill during my time! Having a good grasp of certain skills come in handy for a role and I believe the 8 main ones can all suit me. 8 being; Reliability, dedication, discipline, productivity, cooperation, integrity, responsibility, professionalism. I believe these are somewhat self-explanatory, when it comes to a matter asked to maintain a certain disciple; these eight values become my priority at all times.

What interests you the most about the student council?:
There’s no set answers if I were to really pin it onto a certain aspect, the whole student council is something that interests me. I look forward to being able to attend meetings, patrolling school-wide and bringing up any disciplinary topics! The fascinating chance of team work you get to involve yourself in whilst being on the council, requiring you to enrich social skills & teamwork skills with everyone and those you’ve never spoken to before. I find myself that one person who likes to. . PIN a certain topic and really go into details & be impulsive with the arguments for the better (ICly of course) , though it would be nice for a change if I addressed new topics but on a better scale!

Do you have past experience in roleplaying (if so, summarize your experience)?:

Yes, I do and in multiple different roleplay sectors. In terms of different characters I’ve created and engaged myself in: My goal is to ALWAYS create characters with different personalities and physical looks to explore new paths. This applies to every single of my past characters & I always try my hardest to seriousRP when I’m online. Throughout my time on SRP, I’ve settled for two different roles through applying such as: Police officer (twice now)and shop-owner. Both these roles hold completely different expectations and offer different learning experiences.


You are on the student council and a member submits an awful idea. What do you do?:
I personally never think any idea is awful, but there’s always space from improvement. Firstly, I’d explain the situation from my point of view to the student, saying why I don’t think it’s a good idea, in addition, I would offer suggestions to make the idea blossom into something better, cooperate with this councillor and compromise rather than completely skipping over the idea. Being two, it would surely be much easier to find a better concept, or enrich the original. If the other member still seems to disagree with my offerings still, I would discuss with other members to see if the idea could be maybe put into their preference and still have a good outcome.

You submit an idea - everyone hates it. How do you deal with the situation?:
I wouldn’t take it personally, I don’t think I’m the brightest to come up with creative ideas so I wouldn’t be angry or hurt. As the first question, I would ask if there’s still a chance to improve the idea; turn it into something everyone can work with. Explaining WHY I submitted the idea, going into depths of how the presentation of the idea could become something successful, see if it changes their point of view. Having constructive criticism is always something I accept, especially if both parties are helping each other to build something strong and have wonderful ideas in the near future.

There is a split decision on an idea. The councillors begin to debate if the idea should be accepted. As time goes on, the debate turns into an argument! How do you handle the situation?:
Me already being me, ‘Hey! Calm down!’ is probably my most used current sentence. It’s often used to only tease my friends around, however it does come in handy for scenarios such as these. Having a conflict over a split decision is the absolute wrong path to no surprise, and must not carry on before it goes too far. My reflex would be to put a pause on the whole conflict, shut both parties up (I’ll literally do whatever it takes). Once it’s calmed down but tension is high, I would ask both parties what the problem is, what’s causing the dispute, is it something that could be compromised? If we were thinking from different points of views, which would come to an advantage? Could these ideas be brought into two different lanes? These would be examples of questions I would ask myself, a thought process, before applying it to the situation and doing my best to handle the situation calmly and successfully work something out with the others.

A councillor is stirring up problems and abusing their position on school grounds! What would you do?:
Firstly, I would take screenshots or a clip for any form of evidence to then form a report quickly for a vice-president or president of the councillors to take action. However, this councillor is not to continue abusing their position while consequences are discussed, so I would ask them what they are doing & if they are aware they should not be acting this way as it reflects a bad outlook on the student councillors. I’d advise them to quickly put their actions to an end and to start taking matters seriously in the rightful way. If a rulebook exists, a set of rules, I’d also advise them to retake a look on it before continuing on, apologising to those they’ve been causing issues to.

The council president says something you completely disagree with, how would you combat this?:
Similar as one of the previous scenarios, I’d ask what their point of view on the aspect is and see if I could end up on the same page as them. If not, I’d take into consideration and come up with a few reasons as to why I don’t think it’s a good idea and kindly put the word towards them, seeing if we could discuss it more thoroughly then it already is. Voicing my opinion and having them voice theirs in a fashionable manner is crucial, especially on the council as it’s MAINLY all about teamwork. Now of course, my goal is to never cause a scene or make a fuss about something; I would never drag anything into a argument as it is the president's words.

There’s a staggering amount of tension/drama between two councillors. It’s beginning to affect their work ethic; how would you try to help?:
Before handling the situation in my own hands, I would alert the higher rankings about the situation (Presidents & Vice-Presidents) to see if there’s anything that could help prevent this in the future. My first reflex is to DM both the councillors and see the problem that’s causing the tension/drama between the both of them. Possibly it’s something they can talk out in a VC or to each other, work something out- Have them realise it’s affecting the environment around them, the other councillors way of behaving (distraction). If the situation can be sorted out, I would do my best to have it done quickly in the calmest manner. However, it may be necessary for either both of them to take a short break from their socials or just the chat as a whole, give them air the breath before talking to each other.


Character Name:
Tamiko Maihara

Character Gender:

Character Age:

Character phone-number:

Brief summary of how they act- your character’s personality:
Tamiko is a refined and proper lady to those she first meets, mannered from the outside view. This meaning no one in public would ever catch her at her worst despite being on the insides. Raised in a strict ‘wealthy’ household, Tamiko knows how to respect the elderlys/respect those who hold a higher importance than herself; somewhat of a suck-up. However, despite seeing this character with ‘good’ traits, she is in truth a manipulative, psychopathic individual with little regard for anything but herself. This includes knowing how to manipulate others into her advantages, getting what she wants and how she wants it. Maihara also values having friendships, attentively choosing those she will get close with to bring her somewhere she desires to achieve. All these characteristics (Leading, voicing a proper opinio n, being observant, calculating all sorts of situations, etc.) compliment somewhat a good leadership sense (maybe in a bad way), leading her to fit the council position well.

Character appearance/attire:
As mentioned in the previous question, Tamiko is seen as a refined and proper girl which applies to how she dresses and looks every day. Her luscious brown hair almost always kept beautifully fresh/voluminous down, complimenting one of her most noticeable features- Natural wavy hair. Her hair would never seem tangled, always beautifully brushed into place for each single strand. An accessory always seen in her hair is a head band, mostly her common spotless white one, adding a touch of feminism and chic to her everyday look. Onto her facial appearance, a round head shape which complimented her lips and eyes perfectly. Her naturally light pink wide lips were coated with a clear lip gloss that sat perfectly every hour of the day, giving her one of the prettiest smiles. Her nose sat flat on her face, not anything noticeable nor would it be her favorite feature but it never bothered her which came out well with her soft rosy cheeks. Her Brown/blue eyes stood out with her almond shaped eyes, completing her look. Being 18 and looking so pretty, it may not be genes but artificial help..

What separates you from other applicants seeking your position?:
“I value this position with my entire heart, I may be new to Karakura but this position is what will make me feel at home once again. Such a position demands role model students who can be the face to Karakura, everything I could describe myself to be and here’s why. Growing up in my environment, a family who knew how to raise leaders and futur grand success, it’s taught me more than enough to win this position. Teamwork through all the hard days I’ve spent in my extra curricular courses at my previous school & countless projects I’ve accomplished for my town under my name. I desire to be a well known CEO of a business company, this requires holding the proper skills from a young age, knowing how to communicate with your employees and with your co-workers. I can assure you I have such talent. Of course, seeing where I come from- Teamwork is not the only thing that has given me advantage but also a sense of leadership. I know what needs to be improved, I know how it can be improved and I surely know how to help improve it. This separates me from other applicants in more than one way, one thing that should be kept in mind is the experience.”

Why do you want this position?:
“I know what’s awaiting me in the future, my career, the obstacles and my goal is to strive towards it with every possible advantage I can hold in my hands. Starting at a new school you’ve never been is hard, it’s difficult but you are tasked to make it into what you want it to be. For this, I’ve always known taking a position on a student council was absolutely crucial, taking the knowledge you learn throughout the year and then applying it to reality. What better opportunity is there then the one now? Upon my arrival to Karakura, I knew there was one thing I was meant to cherish: the students, the society. This position can secure my goal, to make sure the one and only Karakura high school rises to the top having good disciplinary and administrative positions. Knowing there already is one, being an addition would only mean the best.”

What interests you the most about student council?:
“Maintaining the school in the proper order. It’s only right if strict rules are properly applied and supervised! I look forward to meeting all the councillors if this is to get accepted: Work and adapt to this new environnement without a problem. I look forward to working alongside my new peers and discovering the deets to the administrative side of this wonderful school. Staying aware whilst patrolling, ensuring all students are away from dangers and warning those who are! I’m very interested in it’s system, a less vague view of the system and more knowledge on how to manipulate it, work with it!”

What could you contribute to make the school a safe and fun environment?:
“I would contribute my entire dedication to this position, all my devotion. Without being too harsh I’d create a fun environment while discussing to the students about ANYTHING really, making new relationships and keeping them! While being a patrol, keeping an eye out on students will not be my only task but too look out for any changes that can be implemented to make the school better with the other councillors and come up with wonderful ideas!’’


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