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English Teacher Application

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by iKawaiiPotato, Sep 1, 2020.

  1. iKawaiiPotato

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    Oct 23, 2016
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    OOC Information
    : WeeabooTrashlor
    Age: 17
    Previous Bans: I’ve been banned once for fly hacking. As it was a misconception, I was unbanned.
    Country: United States
    Discord: WeeabooTrashlord#1054

    Do you understand most answers are found in the roleplay documents?: I am aware, though as I have been doing periodically for the past year, I will be using prior knowledge to fill out this application.

    Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?
    : Yes, I acknowledge this. If I am to be inactive for any long period of time, I’ll be sure to report my inactivity beforehand.

    Do you understand that all classroom activity must be documented?
    : Yes, I will be sure to log my classes appropriately.

    Server / Forum activity: Prior to issues with my computer preventing me from logging on as often as I would like, I was active as a teacher, councillor, and track team member. Typically, I would play on SRP for an hour or so daily, though this hasn’t been the case for a few months. However, with my new computer I will be able to teach much more frequently in the future.

    As for the forums, I typically don’t find it interesting enough to browse regularly. I’ll visit to read up on new changes or player applications on occasion, but I rarely add my own contributions.

    What is your motivation behind applying for a subject change?: As I have proven to do before, I have grown bored of Physical Education. I’m running out of ideas that interest not only myself, but the players who attend my classes. As such, I wish to move on from the Physical Education department and try my hand at teaching English.

    Do you have any experience in roleplaying?: Outside of the few years experience I have on RPH, I have roleplayed through both tabletop games (such as D&D / Pathfinder) and text based mediums (such as Discord).

    Have you read the Faculty Handbook?: no

    What are the classroom logs, and why are they important?: The classroom logs document how many classes a teacher has taught within the span of a month. They serve as the proof of a teacher’s activity, and determine how much they are paid.

    You want to start a school field trip, how do you do that?: Once I have a solid idea, I would bring it to an SLT member (probably our Event-Team Coordinator, Banter) through DMs and discuss it with them there.

    As a teacher, what are the strict rules when being in a class?: The majority of the CoC.

    Describe the ranking system of teachers:
    Head of Department: The teachers who have taught in any one department the longest. Since they have the most experience, they are responsible for coordinating their subordinates, and are expected to be a role model for newer teachers.

    Qualified Teacher in Learning Skills: Experienced teachers who typically don’t require assistance with their lessons or with handling situations. A step up from NQT.

    Newly Qualified Teacher: The rank given to those who have never taught before, they are essentially new and thus inexperienced. They typically receive supervision from higher ranked teachers or the SLT to ensure they are learning to do their job properly.

    Teacher Knowledge
    Present your knowledge of teachers:
    Knot, I’m going to be straight with you: I don’t want to re-word this question again, because that would require far too many brain cells on my end. I think I pretty strongly described what a teacher is in my previous application, so I’m just going to go ahead and rely on my good old friend Ctrl+C Ctrl+V.
    Teachers are essentially the backbone of society, having the responsibility of providing both an academic, as well as a practical education for the next generation of the human race. On SRP specifically, they serve the same purpose ICly, though also have a strong OOC reason to exist (refer to second trivia question).

    In the real world, teachers are paid little for the education and time they have put into their career, which clearly changes on where the location is. Once they have experience, they will receive more payment and opportunities, thus creating a higher salary. On SRP, teachers are simply paid 250k upon teaching 15 classes, and 50k for every 5 classes after.

    Teachers often teach based on a specific model; said model could be enforced within a school or district, or it could simply be how they personally wish to teach. And while some are better than others, there is no one “true” way of teaching, as everybody understands and remembers information differently. This fact is true even on SRP; some people enjoy other classes more than others, simply because of the content and how the person teaches.

    Why are teachers important to a school roleplay server?: From the perspective of the server, the most important contribution teachers make is providing the classroom as an environment for roleplay. The classroom is a place where players can meet and interact with one another in character, all while doing some sort of interesting activity. In addition to this, the classroom is a great place for newer players to learn OOCly of the rules and how the server works, as there are typically experienced players who are willing to guide them.

    What lesson planning system does the school use?: MOSCO is a lie, and I’m tired of pretending that it isn’t.

    Character Knowledge
    General Information
    : Pierre-Julien Augustine was born the 9th of March, 1991 (29). He is of French lineage, made blatant through a prominent accent. He is typically uninterested in life outside of work, though he is diligent in maintaining his mental and emotional stability through hobbies and regular exercise.

    Personality: Being brought up in a strict environment, Augustine is a man of class; he does well not to disgrace himself, nor any group he is a part of. The man is agitated rather easily however, causing him to be quick to reprimand for one’s foolish actions, regardless of the severity. He is typically cold towards those who have proven to act up, but is willing to acknowledge positive change when he sees it.

    Outlook on students: Students are simply people who are still ignorant to the world, and Augustine sees it as his job to fix this; he sees it as his responsibility to pass down his ideals and knowledge, so that the generation ahead of his will be more prepared for the future than his own.

    You find a gang of delinquents in the hallway cursing and swearing, what do you do?: Augustine would approach, politely yet sternly telling them to behave. If they were to refuse, he would raise his voice, threatening detention and commanding them to clean their act immediately. Due to FearRP rules, the situation would then be over.

    No one in your class is listening to a word you say, what do you do?: If nobody is honoring the FearRP rules set in place for school faculty, I would simply remove those who refuse to listen, and call staff if necessary. I see little purpose in roleplaying out punishment with people who can not acknowledge the rules. I would much rather spend my time roleplaying out a genuine class with those who actually want to participate.

    When in the teachers’ lounge, how does your character act?: Augustine would rarely visit the faculty office, though on rare occasions he may have certain business to attend to or a goal he wishes to accomplish. He would make his visit as brief as possible, before promptly leaving. He wouldn’t go out of his way to initiate conversation, but would engage if somebody started one up with him; that being said, he would excuse himself as soon as he had completed what he had set out to do.

    Detailed Actions:

    Born to a well-off family, P.J. had spent his early life doing essentially whatever he pleased. With his parents both pursuing their careers, P.J. was often left at home with a sitter, who fortunately for him was not attentive in their work. This allowed for the young P.J. to essentially do what he wanted, causing endless amounts of trouble for his parents.

    Aware of this behavior, his parents did what they could to control him; however, all of their futile attempts were met with more trouble. No matter what punishment the boy was met with or what restrictions were placed on him, P.J. never failed to find a way to wreak havoc. Fed up with their child’s behavior, his parents mutually agreed to send him to a certain boarding school, at the recommendation of a trusted colleague.

    At the age of nine, P.J. was taken off to a more remote town, where he would live and attend school for the next seven years. In particular, this school’s specialty was reforming problematic boys, ranging through ages eight to fourteen. Upon arrival, P.J. was stripped of most of his former privileges, preventing him from enjoying himself through destructive activities. The boy could only partake in the cultured activities that the school provided, such as casual sport or one of the many arts.

    Over time, the young Augustine adapted to this environment, learning to be proper and cultured through attending class, interacting with his more “converted” classmates, and through the occasional one-on-one lecture with faculty. While he had once despised this environment, he learned to enjoy the culture and ideas which this school had introduced to him.

    After his graduation from this particular school, P.J. was sent back home, where he would continue his education in a more traditional environment. His life moving forward would follow the strict rules of his previous living, and likewise his will would match the will of his former teachers. Passing both highschool and college with flying colors, Augustine had few issues moving into the life of a working man, as a teacher at a private academy.

    However, strong morals and strict rules continuously brought stress to Augustine; over many long nights of endless study and work, the man developed a habit of stress drinking, which hastily evolved into a significant issue. The man was unhappy with his life, which was little more than upholding his image at work, working at home until his preparations were perfect, and then drinking himself to sleep.

    After two years of working, his contract was over and he resigned from his position. Knowing he needed some sort of significant change, Augustine decides to teach abroad, in a more relaxed environment. He was determined to live in accordance with his ideals, while still having a personality and the will to be fun. Augustine moved to Japan, where he applied at different schools, eventually obtaining the position of French Teacher at Karakura High.

    Augustine accomplished what he set out to do, becoming a more fun and lenient person; unfortunately, this did not stop his problems with drinking. Similarly to how he was constantly in trouble as a child, Augustine’s drinking would prove to land him into trouble frequently. Though instead of receiving a slap on the wrist, the man would constantly receive jail time for committing numerous crimes in his drunken state.

    Augustine inevitably lost his job, and was financially cornered into returning to France, where he would go on to live with his parents. While they weren’t typically happy with his return, they accepted him as an individual as he figured things out. Augustine spent little time moping over his failures, and instead decided to take a small period to think of the direction he wanted his life to go. Ultimately, the man decided to work hard and uphold a strong self image, maintaining high morals and a good work ethic.

    After working as a substitute teacher in the surrounding area for over a year, Augustine returns to Japan, applying once more to teach at Karakura High, determined this time to succeed in truly achieving his self actualization.

    IC Information
    SECTION 1: Personal Details
    Full Name:
    Pierre-Julien Augustine

    Title: Mr.

    Given Name: Pierre-Julien Augustine

    Preferred Name: Mr. Augustine

    Age: 29

    Gender: Male

    Religious Denomination: Catholic

    Marital Status: Single

    Nationality: French

    Current Location: Tokyo, Japan

    SECTION 2: Academic Details

    Teaching Experience: 3 years

    Working Experience: 8 years

    Academic Degree: Master’s

    Year of Graduation: 2015

    Majors: Psychology
    Minors: Modern Language, Music

    Native Language: French

    Other Languages: Japanese, Spanish, English

    Do you have a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certificate?: No

    Preferred Teaching Subject: English

    Additional Notes
    : I’m aware that my previous few months of inactivity could turn you off from accepting an application for a subject change, which is understandable. That being said, I foresee nothing preventing me from playing regularly now that I have a reliable computer, which will undoubtedly lead to me being an active teacher once again.

    Also, PLEASE come up with a new application format, this one is outdated as HECK and I’ve filled it out six times, I don’t want to fill it out a seventh in like five months please I am begging you I will build an altar of you and pray thrice daily praising your name, PLEASE.
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  2. Mistalee

    Mistalee Germany Level 113

    Jun 17, 2019
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    12:19 PM
    - Goes without saying that your applications are always more than up-to-par, pretty neato.

    • I'll work toward making a new format, in fact, a new thread dedicated to more information regarding how to apply in general, (FAQ, Rules, etc.). It's been on my agenda along with the disciplinary guide for teachers, but I'm just lazy and haven't gotten around to getting either done yet. (Maybe a new format to switch subjects as a teacher, too..)
    • Your previous weeks of inactivity haven't gone unnoticed, but I think it'd be a bit stupid to let you go from the teacher team for something you can't help.
    • Can I get a screenshot of the altar you mentioned in your extra notes too?
    That being said, please contact me on Discord for further information regarding your status as a teacher at KHS, my tag is; Knot#6368
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