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event team app!

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by meneaterchan, May 17, 2020.

  1. meneaterchan

    meneaterchan United States Level 51 Moderator

    Nov 17, 2016
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    Explain your activity on the Server:
    I have two accounts that I am mainly active on, which would be meneaterchan, the account I am applying with, along with loveagain, my EMS account. My EMS account which I try to be online at least one to two hours a day, as that's what the role of EMS requires of me, sometimes I'll be on for longer, sometimes shorter than two hours. My account which I would consider to be my main, meneaterchan, is the account I'm on most. Yes, I currently don't have any role on that account requiring me to be active, but I usually am on that account for two to three hours, sometimes being more or less. Altogether I get on SchoolRP at least three hours a day, if not more depending on my schedule that week.

    I do realize that for a lot of roles on the server, they have channels for you to be able to log your inactivity. I do fill these out from time to time, but I try to fill it out only when it's absolutely needed that I go inactive, whether it be for mental health reasons, school reasons, or physical health reasons. I try my best to not go inactive a bunch, but I will from time to time, like said. And another thing to add, if America's restrictions on COVID-19 lift anytime soon, especially after the summertime, my activity will go down due to school, and just going back outside to do anything and everything.

    What previous experience do you have working in a team?:
    Although I may not have much serious experience on a team, I have been on hospital staff since the beginning of December 2019, and have been a clinical lead since April of this year. EMS requires a lot of hard work and dedication, along with the ability to effectively communicate with your fellow co-workers. I would say it's a hard-working position, requiring you to know a lot, especially for people who work as surgeons. I've always put my best into hospital staff, being on for many hours each week, taking patient after patient, and as of recently, I was promoted to the clinical lead of the surgeons at the hospital, which required much more of me. Requiring me to be able to efficiently train people who are new to MedicalRP, and be able to prepare them for their test, which would then result in them becoming an official surgeon and not a trainee. I may not have much experience on a team, but I know that I will quickly learn and adjust to being the best that I can be.

    What makes you different from other applicants:
    Starting off, I have been lucky enough to fully plan and see through a school event of my own, the blood drive. I was able to pull together a team of people from my own club, along with several members of the hospital to pull off an event that I would say had at least 200 people attend. It's no dance- or major event that brought over 400 people onto the server for just that event. But just that alone shows the quality of work that I can bring to the event team, along with being able to work hard, and altogether show what I have to offer to the team. It's not just the blood drive that I have on my plate, but bundles of other event ideas that I will work my hardest to think of every second of my time on this team. One very important part of being on a team is being able to take criticism of anything you bring up to the team, and with that criticism, you need to be able to work with your team on an idea, one that may be yours, or an idea from a fellow team member that you gave criticism on, you need to be able to effectively communicate with your team members to give the best that you can give to the server, and that's what I promise to give.

    Provide a detailed event proposal that would be seen by the Event-Team:

    Blood Drive
    Yes, I know this event was already planned out and completed by me, but I still feel that it is valid to use for this application.

    I originally got this idea from my school's own blood drive that they do twice every school year. Obviously first I had to get hospital staff which was no trouble at all, then I had to get the help of my own club members, which had people pulling in and out at times, but was no trouble at all to fill every spot needed at this event. This is what I wrote and event to ulkuva for my official plan.

    'Students will come in and speak to one of a few people set up at the front, checking students in, getting their name and age, then they’ll go into a said booth that they’re directed to by one of our club members, then the hospital staff will draw 470 ml of blood, which is the average amount taken at blood drives in real life, they'll get their blood drawn, and then be redirected out of the booth to the resting area and food stand, where snacks will be handed out to students who got their blood drawn, so they don't faint. They should get their snack, sit or lay for a bit with any friends they came with, and then out of the gym to continue the rest of their day.'

    Mostly everything went successful, but one internal problem rose, there were lots of people there, and the line wasn't moving fast enough for people to get in. On the event team, you would be expected to be able to think quickly incase anything may go wrong, and luckily I was able to do this. Along with the two people who stood at signups, I joined them forming a second line in which I was able to make the line go much quicker, helping the event go way smoother. For my club members, I had three positions, signups, directory, and food. Signups at first were to right down names for everyone who came, and they continued to do that until I changed it up, to just making sure they were here for the blood drive, and sending them to the next place, which was the person doing directory, so it would be clean they were directing people to line up in front of the booths that didn't have insane lines. When my second line was empty, I would walk up and down the line of booths, making sure people knew of the snack booth, which they did! People at the food booth would ask them if they had already donated, and if they have, they would get to pick the food of their choice. And for EMS, I had a full guide of everything they needed to know and had to do. Which you can read right here.

    Usually blood donation requires you to be a certain age/weight, but for the sake of including the entire server in this event, there will be no age/weight requirements.

    Make sure to edit all /me’s presented here to fit your character’s gender and feel free to add your color code.

    • Ask the student if they have any diseases/disorders. Anything that may comprise the donated blood, like an STD or cancer, etc.. They will not be allowed to be donating their blood, and you dismiss them.
    • You will then do a short exam on their health, taking their pulse, temperature, and blood pressure.
    /mec He’d/She’d check the patient’s pulse, by placing his/her stethoscope over their heart. Then they’d take their temperature, by placing a thermometer on their forehead.

    /mec He’d/She’d pull the student’s sleeve up, wrapping the cuff of the machine around their upper arm, squeezing the pump to let the cuff tighten around the patient’s arm, then reading the measurement.

    • Clean the site where the needle will be injected with an alcohol wipe, then wrap their upper arm with a rubber band to expose veins, then insert the needle and start drawing blood, the needle will take out exactly one unit of blood, which will be in a freezer to preserve the blood once you have finished collecting it.
    /mec He’d/She’d use an alcohol wipe to clean the student's arm, then wrapping a rubber band around their upper arm to expose veins for blood drawing.

    /mec He’d/She’d insert a needle into the student's arm, which would be connected to a bag on a machine, blood would start to flow into the bag.
    • The blood donation process takes 6 - 10 minutes, but this is Minecraft, and we have a lot of students that will come, and not all of the time in the world, so you will first tell the student that the process of the blood going into the bag- will be skiprped. Then sending this into chat.
    /itc [!] F2B the process of the unit of blood filling up!
    • After this, you’ll remove the needle, placing a band-aid on the site of the needle, and sending them out of the booth to the snack area!
    /mec He’d/She’d remove the needle from the student, swiftly placing a band-aid on the site the second the needle is out, removing the rubber band from their upper arm.

    /mec He’d/She’d move the unit of blood to the freezer next to them.

    NOTES: With being a club leader, I have only hosted a single event as of now, but have an open sign-up debate planned, along with a hospital funraiser.​
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  2. WiffyBanter

    WiffyBanter United Kingdom Level 236 Senior Administrator

    Jan 24, 2017
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    - Great application, a lot of the team agreed your previous experience in event creating is your best suit. This shows without even being in an official team you are able to do your best to create an event.​