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Finneas Kartallozi King's Biography 3.0


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[Biography Format Credit: @Gamma Rose ]

[ Finneas Kartallozi King ]

[ Finneas ] [ King ] | [ 피니아스 카르탈로지 킹 ]

[ ” I wanna shoplift shit from Walmart with you while I blow my dab pen into your throat ” ]

♪ ♫ [CLICK] S O U N D T R A C K ♫ ♪


“ Most common nickname. Bit boring .. I don’t really have any special connection with it”
“ My mom used to call me Finnly when I was little. I remember how it used to make me smile, how it used to make me feel. I felt like I was safe with her when she would call me such. “
“ Just the nickname Finn but with a y. I don’t really see anything special about it. “
“ Please . . don’t ever call me Bunny. All it does is remind me of Iwamoto. “
“ Ezzelin started to call me this but it started to catch on with a few other of my friends! I really don’t understand how it came to be but, I mean I’ll take it “
“ Tobias calls me this but only when he’s low on energy or just feeling . . I don’t know how to describe it. “
“ Havn’t heard this one in a while. It’s the most ugliest nickname that someone could give me. Like be more creative. “
“ I call Tobias coffee because of how he energizes me and makes me feel better and so because of that, he wanted to call me something special too. The results were Curry! I think it’s pretty cute. “

G E N D E R | ♂ Male ♂
A G E | 21
P R O N O U N S | He/Him Xe/Xim It/Itself
H E I G H T | 5’7
W E I G H T | 121 lbs
B I R T H D A T E | July 5th
Z O D I A C • S I G N | Cancer
P L A C E • O F • B I R T H | Daejeon, Korea
R A C E | Korean
M A R I T I A L • S T A T U S | Taken
L A N G U A G E S | Korean, Japanese, French & Italian
M O R T A L • S I N S | Lust
A L L I G N M E N T |
Chaotic Neutral
S E X U A L I T Y | Gay
O C C U P A T I O N S | College Master + Swim Team Member


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[ Mental Illness ]


( schiz - o - phre - ni - a ) A serious mental condition of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.
Finneas was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at a very early age. His mother also suffers with Schizophrenia but on a much more stable level.

His Symptoms


Finneas has more of paranoid delusions which is the most common type of delusions a Schizophrenic individual can have. This delusion contains the belief of Finneas being harassed, harmed, or otherwise watched by others. A more common delusion Finneas tends to have would be the feeling of being watched.

Finneas deals with both visual and auditory hallucinations.
Visual Hallucinations Finneas undergoes - Seeing a pitch black cat like figure that could stand on it’s hind-legs. It’s facial features were a bright white, almost making it hard to look at it directly in the face. This hallucination tends to follow Finneas around during the day and usually ties with one of his delusional thinking of being watched.
- Finneas also tends to see two specific ex’s he’s had bad history with in the past, usually trying to harm him as some sort of payback for what Finneas had done to them at the end of the relationships. The two people being Araki Katsuro and Yokoyama Shou.
Auditory Hallucinations Finneas undergoes - One of the most common auditory hallucinations Finneas hears would be mixed-up whispers, the languages changing from Korean to Japanese in between each word.
- Not as common but sometimes Finneas will start hearing his own mother calling out to him from a distance before screaming interrupts her mid word after the 3rd time of her calling out for Finn.

Disorganized Thinking-
- Finneas’s Disorganized Thinking mainly ties in with his delusions.
- Finneas will have crazed thoughts on how everything is out to get him, specifically animals because of his allergy. He believes that all animals he encounters have this knowledge that he’s deathly allergic which cause them to chase Finneas around until they’ve touched him.
- A common thing that happens would be believing strongly that those around him don’t view Finneas as independent. When someone offers to pay for something or do a task for Finneas even as a kind gesture, it tends to aggravate him along with believing that the person who did such action, believes he can’t do anything for himself. So he’s always trying to prove himself to others, showing that he can take care of himself or do things for his own. He feels as if he’s charity if people do those things. A specific time to give a better example of was when he was dating Adrien Smickers Moloch. Adrien wanted to do a kind gesture and help Finneas with paying for something or simply offering to help/do a chore/task that Finneas was going to complete. This ended up pissing Finneas off, causing him to go off on Adrien about why he shouldn’t try doing things for Finneas. Of coures, Adrien didn’t understand, which wasn’t his fault, but this left a bit of a gap in-their relationship. The next example to give would be a time when Finneas’s medication ran out. Serena was trying to get Finneas to go to the hospital for a refill, but the man refused. Eventually, his current boyfriend, Tobias Green, picked him up and took him to the hospital himself. This frustrated Finneas, even if at the time he wasn’t able to express his emotion of frustration, but at the end of the day, he never received a refill on his medication.
- A not-as-common Disorganized Thought that Finneas undergoes would be how the ones closest to him are against him. More specifically, Serena Santarossa. Finneas believes that Serena has a need to get back at him for all he’s done in the past before meeting her. Despite Serena being the only one who actually knows about the truths of Finneas’s past, he still believes that she’ll one day be what kills him.

Extremely Disorganized / Abnormal Motor Behavior-
- A few examples that Finneas shows with this symptom would be the following;
Unusually active, self-absorbed, lack of interest or emotion, non-verbal behavior, engaging in repeated and purposeless movements and displaying odd gestures.
To get more into the specifics of these things ;
Finneas will randomly have burst to dive into the ocean or swimming pool and swim for hours until his body can’t handle it anymore when it comes to unusually active. When he becomes self-absorbed, he tends to accidentally block out anyone and everyone around him, muting out their words and blinding out their actions, allowing Finneas to go off and do his own thing. Finneas more commonly will show the lack of interest or emotion, going completely non-verbal. His expression goes completely dull, not seeming like he was listing whatsoever to what the other was telling him. He tends to turn away and typically sit or stand still, most the time lay down on the floor, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, letting his thoughts take over, thinking about everything but nothing all at the same time.

Finneas’s most common repeated and purposeless movements would include picking at the skin on his lips, rubbing his thumb against his skin.
Odd gestures that Finneas has would include things like fiddling with his fingers, moving his fingers around as he thinks, pulling the skin down from below his eyes.

- When it comes to Hostility, this more so happens when he under goes a psychotic episode which ranges from a 1 - 20 scale from being not so bad to almost if not lethal. This usually happens when he isn’t taking his anti-psychotic meds or if he see’s his own apperance in a mirror. Seeing his own reflection is the most common and easiest way of starting a hostile episode. Because of the scale from non - harmful to almost if not lethal scale, it’s hard to describe what undergoes these situations. But most commonly if it’s caused by seeing his own reflection, he aims for his own eyes, not wanting to have the ability to see himself. He almost removed one of his eyes once because of it but luckily it wasn’t that scenario to where he would do it in a 20/20 scale.

( ADHD ) Short for attention defictic hyperactivity disorder. An ongoing pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsitivity that interferes with functioning or development.
Finneas was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 6. He started showing signs of dissociation and small attention spans. It was a concern for teachers which lead to them pointing it out to Finneas’s parents who later on took him in for a scanning and got the results of being diagnosed with ADHD. It wasn’t to bad to where he only required a small dosage of medicine a day when he had school. He stopped taking the medication once he had gotten into college as he was able to work around his ADHD.

( em - e - to - pho - bi - a ) Extreme fear of vomiting.
Anytime Finneas feels nauseous or see’s someone vomiting or even gag, it causes his phobia to spark up. The sensation sends him into an overal panic, especially if he’s the one that starts vomiting. He starts breaking down, basically crying his eyes out as his head is stuffed in a trash can, filling it up with the fluids that came from his stomach.

Facial Dysphoria
Facial Dysphoria is a mental health condition where the sufferer has a warped perception of the appearance of their face. This commonly includes distorted views on how their nose, skin and teeth look.
Finneas’s Facial Dysphoria connects with his hostility symptom within his Schizophrenia. What Finneas see’s when he looks at himself is a distorted view of his face. It starts off at the eyes first, watching them slowly become distorted. He would see the skin below his eyes slowly tug down before the rest of his facial features join in on the distortion. He first experienced a Facial Dysphoric episode on 9/10/2022. Seeing his own face can get overwhelming and discomforting.

Compulsive sexual behavior is sometimes called hypersexuality, hypersexuality disorder or sexual addiction. It’s an excessive preoccupation with sexual fantasies, urges or behaviors that is difficult to control, causes you to distress, or negatively affects your health, job, relationships or other parts of your life.
When it comes to Finneas’s hypersexuality, it’s caused by a chemical imbalance in his brain. There are many ways to gain this behavior like trauma, developing certain conditions, chemical imbalances in the brain, medications, etc. Like everyone else, the brain controls almost all of your daily functioning, for Finneas, we’ll look more into the sexual behavior. The chemical imbalance could either cause a complete lack of interest in sexual urges or behaviors or the complete opposite which Finneas undergoes both of these things. There is clear evidence to suggest that a dopamine imbalance triggers this condition for Finneas.
- This was a cause towards the males addiction towards sexual activities. He has quite the body count.

A person with an extreme fear of germs and an obsession with cleanliness.
Finneas just doesn't like getting physically dirty. It's more of like messy foods, dirt, public bathroom toilets, stuff like that, that tends to freak out the male.

Personality Traits

[] + Positive Traits + []

Finneas doesn’t really come off as intimidating. He’s pretty easy to approach, especially when he’s taken his medication.
He can get pretty competitive. He doesn’t really like losing. He’s definitely a sore loser who hates to admit his loss.
He likes to come off as confident, just for his own sake but this also determines on the scenario. He can be pretty confident when it comes to Swimming or street racing.
When Finneas wants something, he will be determined to get what he wants.
Finneas is loyal when it comes to team spirit or most importantly, relationships. No matter how bad the relationship gets, he’s still staying loyal to the person, refusing any chances of cheating.
Being on the Swim team, he’s had to be physically flexible. When it comes to time management, he’s not flexible whatsoever as he can have a pretty tight schedule.
Finneas is an independent person, more because growing up, and even now, he feels as if people don’t see him as independent. So when someone offers to pay something for him, or do something for him, he’s always rejecting it or takes it as an offense, seeing as that person believes that Finneas can’t do anything for himself instead of seeing it as a kind gesture.
Finneas doesn’t have any closed-off thinking when it comes to sexuality, pronouns, religion, etc. The only time he’d be close-minded would be his own schizophrenic disorderly thinking, believing 1 or more persons think this way about Finneas or can see something that isn’t physically there.
[] - Negative Traits - []
People Pleaser

Finneas would do things for others just to please them, despite if he isn’t comfortable with it. I mean, how more detailed can I be.
When Finneas gets desperate, it tends to take over. This could be either falling back into toxic relations, going back to those toxic people, or if it’s a desperation for one of his addictions, he leaves unannounced to fulfill those desperations.
This falls with the desperation trait. His addictions tend to take over more then they should. Hypersexuality usually causes Finneas to be by himself for more then a human should be. Drug addiction isn’t as heavy as it used to be but he keeps a vape or juul on him in his swim bag at all times incase a craving for the thing hits and he can’t contain it.
Finneas gets jealous when it comes to his best friend and boyfriend. If Serena was hanging out with some other friend and Finneas overheard her calling them her best friend, he tends to see it as competition and a bit of rage comes through. Serena knows things about Finneas that no one else knows, not even his own boyfriend. So if Serena were to replace Finneas with a new Best Friend, he feels as if he was betrayed. When it comes to his boyfriend Tobias, if Finneas were to see Tobi playfully/platonically flirting or giving someone more attention than what he’s getting, he’s of course going to get jealous and territorial.
This ties in with his Hypersexuality. Finneas’s words or actions can be suggestive. This is only directed towards his boyfriend when he’s in a relationship. If he were single, he tends to do it with male friends he gets close with. But as he’s currently in a relationship, he tends to have a habit of acting a bit sexual towards his boyfriend, even though Tobi doesn’t catch onto most of them, but when he does it, he himself doesn’t really do it purposely.
Because of Finneas’s disorderly thinking from his Schizophrenia, he believes others around him know something or had done something to cause Finneas to show a strong desire for revenge. This trait was the reason to Finneas’s relationships before he moved to Karakura to end so horribly.
Finneas is pretty secretive. He hides a lot about his past and has never told anyone about the things he has done. Only Serena Satnarossa knows of a few events from connecting the dots that she’s witnessed or seen. Finneas has made her sware not to say anything and so far she’s done just that.
Finneas tends to have a hard time choosing between things, mainly activities to do with a friend or partner.

[] • Other Traits • []

I mean how much can I get into without repeating myself through this whole biography?

Character Feats

[ Becoming a street racer ]

- Finally, after watching so many illegal street races, when Finneas was 18, he was finally legally allowed to drive a car which meant he was able to sign up for street racing. Despite it being illegal, thats what drew him towards it. The adrenaline and fear of getting caught reached him to his high with his addiction for it.

[ College ]
- Getting accepted into college was a huge deal for him and his family. He was only accepted into one college which was a college in Karakura.

[ Manager of K-STXRM ]
- Finneas felt this responsibility when he was honored the role of being a manager of a K-POP group. Starting with them from the ground up, all the way to their fame in Korea. Despite only getting recognition with the group in Korea, that was all he needed!

[ Swim Team ]
- Once he moved to Karakura fully, he tried out for the swim team with one of his best mates, Akina! They both got in at the end!

[ Raising his daughter ]
- Raising his daughter so far alongside his parents has had it’s challenges but so far, she’s came out to be a pretty goofy little thing. He’s so proud of who she is as a person despite being only 2 and a half.

[ Finally getting the man he wanted ]
- After being told he wasn’t his type, then being asked out by the guy to only end up in heart break. The two eventually tried again as it was finally their time in the timeline. Finennas is finally happy that he’s with Tobias. Someone who was an unexpected love interest but a good one at that.

The 5’7 Korean male with red dyed hair had two dyed black strips that was held in a messy pony tail. His face had two horizontal scars on the left side of his face along with very light freckles. The bigger scar on his face ran from the bottom of his left eyelid to then leave a space between a smaller scar that followed down to the chin. The piercings the male would have would include industrial, forward helix, orbital, lobe, venom, belly button, snake bite, and a smiley. The male often smelled of cotton candy! His tongue would be freakishly long and pointy and his canines appeared to be rather sharp. His build remained a swimmer build.

O V E R A L L: 78 / 130
Credit: @Totoro_Sam

S T R E N G T H – 7
P E R C E P T I O N – 10
E N D U R A N C E- 9

C H A R I S M A - 9
I N T E L L I G E N C E - 5
A G I L I T Y - 8
L U C K - 5
H E A L T H - 10
M O R A L I T Y - 3
P R I V I L E D G E - 5
O B J E C T I V I T Y - 2
S A N I T Y - 1
S O C I A L - 4


Character Voice / Mannerisms
[ Sasaki Shuumei ]
From the anime Sasaki and Miyano
Voice Claim ] < -- the orange haired man

Non-Combat Skills
[ Swim ]

“ I’m in the college swim team at Karakura’s college! I guess swimming would be a skill? I mean, I can swim pretty fast and can hold my breath under water for the longest. “
Combat Skills
“ I don’t like fighting/combat. I refuse to take part. “


[ Mother ] Mun-Hee King [ ALIVE ]

“ My mother. The one who raised me and was always there to support me. Always so loving and nurturing. I’m glad we have such a good relationship “

[ Father ] Young-Jae King [ ALIVE ]
“ My father. We never were close. I was more of a mamma’s boy then a daddy’s boy. You’re always working or out on some business trip. Is it so hard to show me some love and presence? Where were you when I needed a loving father growing up? “

[ Daughter ] Seanna King [ ALIVE ]
“ You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Thank the stars I have you in my life. I love you the mostest cupcake. “

L O V E - I N T E R E S T S

[ Ex-Boyfriend ] Araki Katsuro [ DEAD ]

“ Why would you do that? You knew where it was going to lead. You really screwed us over. Good fucking job Kiki “

[ Ex-Boyfriend ] Yokoyama Shou [ DEAD ]
“ You didn’t deserve the amount of kidness I put you through. I should have done worse to make up for your screw overs “

[ Ex-Boyfriend] Takeda Nobu [ DEAD ]
“ I hope you rest painfully in guilt and pain. “

[ Ex-Boyfriend ] Adrien Smickers Moloch [ ALIVE ]
“ Don’t fucking speak to me ever again. I don’t want anything to do with you or your little friends. You’ve done nothing but cause me stress, and I’ve tried so fucking hard to have an okay relationship with you but you keep fucking that up. I’m tired and done putting up with all your shit. Move on from me like I did with you. You’re lucky you didn’t have to go through hell the other ex’s before you did before their final moments of life. You’re lucky you got that peace. “

[ Ex-Boyfriend ] Carlo Makoto [ UNKNOWN ]
“ You died earlier then expected. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you in your final moments. I’ll miss you forever. “

[ Ex-Boyfriend ] Iwamoto Yukui [ ALIVE ]
“ I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. When I told you I wanted to shove your heart in a jar and surround it with photos of you with it placed up on a shelf I meant every fucking word of it. I want you dead. If I ever see your face again, I’ll be getting what I want out of you. I’m getting that fucking heart on my shelf asshole. “

[ Boyfriend ] Tobias Green [ ALIVE ]
“ My coffee to my mornings. I’m so glad we tried again and it working out after all. I love you till the ends of the earth. “


[ Friend ] Quinn Jennings [ DEAD ]

“ I liked your vibe, it’s sad you left this world the day after we met. “

[ Friend ] Ishi Yastumari [ DEAD ]
“ I wish I got to know the real you “

[ Platonic-Lover ] Jebediah F. Koijin [ ALIVE ]
“ Thank you for shopping at walmart. Remember when you lubed my whole ass arm anc forehead up with lotion? LIKE HELLO!? HAHA! Also don’t take viagra anymore. They aren’t what you think they are “

[ EX-Friend ] Atorasu ‘Atlas’ Shibata [ ALIVE ]
“ I made things so fuckin awkward. That’s so embaressing. I didn’t want to say anything but you just kept on asking. I should have stayed silent “

[ Friend ] Nagato Yuki [ ALIVE ]
“ You are a really good friend. I feel as if I could trust you with anything. You make me feel . .safe? Thank you for everything you do for me. It means more then what you could imagine “

[ Friend ] Ricky Hargeeves [ ALIVE ]
“ My platonic husband. Took my hand in marriage all over a RING POP! What a W “

[ Best-Friend ] Serena Santarossa [ ALIVE ]
“ You know way more then you should about me. So be careful but you’re also my best friend. Man is this complicated. “

[ Friend ] Venus Yamada [ ALIVE ]
“ I like how she speaks her mind “

[ Friend ] Faera Matsuzaki [ ALIVE ]
“ She introduced me to Nylu and Tobias. I’m more grateful about the Tobias side of it as we’re dating. “

[ Friend ] Cassiopeia Helvete-Marie [ ALIVE ]
“ A great mother and an ex-pink haired women. The pink hair was so iconic. “

[ Friend ] Sefu Y. Tanaka [ UNKNOWN ]
“ What the hell happened to you? Also, I liked your bat more then I liked you “

[ Friend ] Nylu Kurishiyro [ UNKNOWN ]
“ Where did you go? Are you and my friend still dating? “

[ Friend ] Blitz Chinatsu [ ALIVE ]
“ I’m not your personal seat. Stop sitting on me “

[ Friend ] Daisuke ‘SUKI’ Miyazaki [ ALIVE ]
“ Not sure where you are at the moment. You were the first friend I made in Karakura. You also introduced me to Adrien. .I wish you never did. “

[ Friend ] Emiri Miura [ ALIVE ]
“ Even though we don’t hang out much, you’re hella cool. Also Gardening Club president! I never got to properly congratulate you. “

[ Ex-Friends-with-benifits ] Takida Katukuri D. [ ALIVE ]
“ You fulfilled my addictions. You were my addiction. You were a craving that was fully satisfied each time we got together. I wish you never left. My craving for that attention you gave me still burns. No one’s been able to satisfy me the way you did “

[ Friend ] Akina Hara [ ALIVE ]
“ I’m forever in your debt. Thank you for agreeing to being the surrogate to my cupcake. Also, you need a new mattress. “

[ Friend ] ‘Beni’ Maçon [ ALIVE ]
“ You made things awkward. Stop running away. I’m not going to chase you. “

[ Friend ] Ezzelin Santarossa-Corsetti [ ALIVE ]
“ My favorite co-worker at Sayonara. You’re good people to me. “

[ Ex-Friends-with-benifits ] Sei Kirigaya [ ALIVE ]
“ You can’t just tell me that you love me and then disappear. Also we were just hooking up mulitple times despite me growing feelings for you towards the end. I was going to ask you out but you left just like Takida did. “

[ Friend ] Laurel H. Tahahara [ ALIVE ]
“ Stop hitting me wit snowballs or shooting me with your water gun before I drown you “

[ Ex-Friend ] Skunk ??? [ ALIVE ]
“ You’re annoying “

[ Friend ] Sid Omori [ ALIVE ]
“ Thank you for being patient with me. I’m glad we’re friends and have good conversations “

[ Friend ] Ace O’Sullivan [ ALIVE ]
“ Stop booping me. I’d fight back if you didn’t find everything a turn on. . and- . . why would you say you'd do that to me. . Wouldn't be surprised if you followed through. "

[ Friend ] Matteo Santarossa [ ALIVE ]
“ Bit awkward innit? “

[ Friend ] Fae S. Blackburn [ ALIVE ]
“ My drug buddy. Also, do you still have that eyeball in your bag? “


[ Acquaintance ] Roman Popovitch [ ALIVE ]

“ Bro that washing machine didn’t do justice to my poor old swim jacket. “

[ Acquaintance ] Miyashiro Tsukumo [ UNKNOWN ]
“ We would stare at each other. “

[ ??? ] Polinsky Tubbiesmith [ UNKNOWN ]
“ I can’t tell if you’re real or not. “

Daejon, Korea. The year 2001, a baby boy was born into the King family. He had black natural hair with the sweetest hazel eyes. Mun-Hee and Young-Jae decided to name their first and only child Finneas. Despite it not being a Korean name, it still had a special meaning towards it. The newborn boy was named after Young-Jae’s brother who had passed away a few days before the baby boy was born. The new parents had always dreamed of living and raising a child in Tokyo, Japan and that’s exactly what they did. Once Finneas was 1, the three of them finally moved to a cute apartment in Tokyo, Japan that was placed right above a convenience store that was ran under the King family name. The King’s always had a convenience store that was passed down ownership for generations.

Around the age of 4, Finneas and his parents had learned that the boy was highly allergic to Animals. Finneas was at the park with his mother, playing with her on the swing set until a black cat with the greenest of eyes slowly approached. Finneas felt frightened by the thing. He told his mother that the animal was the cause to his fear which led Mun-Hee to taking him off the swing set and crouching down next to her son. “Don’t be scared my son. Look, they seem friendly.“ Mun-Hee reached a hand out towards that cat which caused Finneas to hide behind her, poking his head out as a hint of interest kept him watching. The cat slowly approached Mun-Hee’s hand, giving it a few sniffs before rubbing his head against the mother's hand. “See! Friendly! Come here Finnly.” She used her free hand to slowly guide Finneas to her side. “Now reach your hand out but be gentle and steady.” She took the boys small hand and slowly reached it out towards the cat. The black feline repeated the actions he did with Mun-Hee, sniffing the boys hand before rubbing his head against the small hand. The cat wrapped around the boy's legs which sent Finneas into a small panic, waving his hands up and down an inch before reaching out to his mother, tears running down his face. “No it’s alright! That mean’s they like you! The cat’s not going to hurt you!” Finneas didn’t seem to listen to his mother's words of comfort and continued to cry until his mother picked the boy up. She gently ran her middle finger soothingly up and down the boy's spine as she let out words of comfort. Things like “You’re okay! Shh, it’s alright, mommy’s got you.” As she had done so, she watched the cat for a moment before realizing her son had fallen completely silent. “You feeling any better?” She held Finneas in that certain way to where she was able to see his face. Her eyes grew quick to panic as she noticed her son’s face turning color, showing signs of suffocation. “Finnly?!” She panicked, yelling his name in fear before making a run for it with her son in her arms. She took her left hand and pulled out her phone, calling for an ambulance. Skipping forward, the King family was informed that Finneas was deathly allergic to animals, it was something that they carried but no one was sure what. Finneas was A-Okay, in the end, just the family was now aware of his allergy, not sure on where it came from as his family was huge into having pets but sadly, this generation of the King family wasn’t able to have one.

Finneas’s school life was alright. Not much really happened besides concern with his teachers about the boy's behavior. It wasn’t anything bad, it was more of his ability to focus. Teachers recommended the family to get the boy a scanning for any disabilities when it came to learning. Eventually, the boy was examined and tested which led to his diagnosis of ADHD. It wasn’t high but it was still enough to affect the boy’s learning. He was quickly started to a low dosage of medication which helped him in the long run.

When Finneas hit year 6, parents, teachers, and friends began to worry for Finn as he showed signs of no motivation for anything, seeming emotionless, and reclusive towards others. People believed he was simply just depressed but it was more then just that. Finneas was taken to many scannings not able to find a reason. Eventually, they were sent to a specialist in mental health who quickly was able to find out the issue and gave the boy a diagnosis for Schizophrenia. Now Finneas wasn’t the only one with Schizophrenia in his intermediate family, his mother was diagnosed with it to but when it came to Finneas’s mental illness, it was higher on the scale then it was with Mun-Hee. Of coures this had it’s difficulties and highly affected Finneas’s life from then on, but the family managed to find a temporary solution of handling it which didn’t last long. Everytime Finneas showed signs of his Schizophrenic symptoms, he was locked in a home-made padded room until he seemed to be back to ‘normal’.

When Finneas reached year 7, Finneas had developed romantic feelings and fantasies of those of the same sex. This confused and frustrated Finn, feeling like everything was wrong with him and he couldn’t ever feel ‘normal’. Eventually, he was able to identify himself with being gay. This took him a few years as he found it hard to accept his own self along with not telling anyone until he felt ready. When he came out to his family, they were confused but felt as if they had no choice but to be okay with it, despite being confused, they just knew that if they were to react poorly, it would only tear their relationship apart with their only son.

Towards the end of year 8, he had met his first ever boyfriend, Araki Katsuro. Araki and Finneas got along well, and eventually introduced the boyfriend to his parents. Once summer hit, they spent every day together, being completely inseparable. Towards the end of the summer, Araki experienced one of Finneas’s Schizophrenic break downs. This caused fights and irrational actions to happen which lead to Araki’s kidnapping. The boy was locked in a small compartment hidden within the Convinent store that Finneas’s parents had owned. When Finn’s parents asked about why he didn’t hang out with Araki anymore, Finn excused it off as they broke up. A month after this event, Araki was found dead on the floor of that locked compartment, never to be found after removing the body from the premises.

During the start of freshman year, Finneas was exposed to the excitement of illegal street racing, Finneas grew addicted to the thrill, managing to sit in on a few races which kept him busy late at night. Each night he watched the race, the more and more invested. He couldn’t wait to sit behind the wheel, foot flat on the gas, racing with full speed. When it came to driving rules in Tokyo, the person must be 18 before getting their license. This really tested Finn’s patience but he just had to wait. At the age of 15, he became more social with those who worked/set up those races. He met a few of the racers and asked for any tips when it came to street racing as he wanted to be apart of it when he was older. As he grew more social, he met a regular who always showed up to watch the races just like Finn did, appearing to be around the same age as him. The boy being Finneas’s new best friend who eventually became a new boyfriend. The boy’s name was Yokoyama Shou. The two were inseparable just like the first boyfriend Finn had. They always sat together when they went off to watch the street races. Eventually, just like the last, they got into constant arguments, of course, started by Finneas, eventually leading to the murder of Yokoyama Shou. When Finneas turned 16, he was hired to work within the races, not as a racer, but as someone who would take the money from the watchers who paid for tickets. He saved and saved for when he was able to buy his own car. From the times between Finn not being at school or at a race, he’d study up upon cars, especially when it came to horsepower and acceleration. He only cared if the car was fast or not, and how to improve it’s speed. Once Finneas finally turned 18, he got his license as quick as he could and began to be a part of the racers, being a driver. Finneas bought his very first car with the money he saved from working at races, selling tickets, and bought himself a cherry-red car with black stripes. It was customized to his liking and preferences when it came to interior, exterior, and machinery. Finally being a racer, he grew quickly and highly addicted to the sensation. It drove Finn to his high, satisfying his needs. During these races, it was everything he imagined and more. Being the driver instead of a watcher was 10x better. His favorite parts were when he and the other racer were at risk of getting caught by police. It was another whole sensation that took him way over his high.

When it came to addictions, Finneas grew a few of them. Besides illegal street racing, there was also his hypersexuality and drug addiction. When it came to getting high, it was an addiction that stuck with him for a while. He managed to quit the drug addiction but it never fully went away as it still lingers within Finn.

In the middle of his year of being 18, he met Takeda Nobu. Takeda and Finn were senior friends! It was second semester for those who want exactly when they met. It was January. Like they tend to be, Finneas and Takeda grew pretty close and you guessed it! Started dating. They shared a few classes and were together for a few months but of course, they ran into some pretty heavy issues once summer started. Finneas was going on about how happy he was to be accepted into a college while Takeda had no luck. This caused a bit of jealousy to rise within Takeda taking action to attempt to sabotage his own boyfriend's college career which failed quickly once Finneas caught on. Finneas had a slight suspension that the guy was secretly not as nice as he seemed but then again, that was also just his Schizophrenia actually coming to real-life play. The two eventually tried talking it out which didn’t end up happening as things grew violent quickly. Something triggered Finneas into an aggressive episode leading Takeda to his death.

Pretty quickly after that, Finneas was given the role of Manager to a Korean K-Pop group called K-STXRM! To this day he still manages the group. Despite them only growing popular in Korea, he still has a job to do! He kept himself busy during his free time even after moving to Karakura.
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After being told he wasn’t his type, then being asked out by the guy to only end up in heart break. The two eventually tried again as it was finally their time in the timeline. Finennas is finally happy that he’s with Tobias. Someone who was an unexpected love interest but a good one at that.
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