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Flozey Doctor APP

Discussion in 'Hospital Applications' started by crea, May 23, 2020.

  1. crea

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    Feb 4, 2019
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    B] flozey

    What timezone are you in?: BST

    Do you have Discord? If you do, list it here:

    Yes, my discord is Flozey#4723

    How long have you been on the server for?: Since around 2016
    and I am usually online every day-

    Do you have any previous bans or kicks?:

    Recently Got banned for ERP- For 15 days- But I put in a ban appeal and got unbanned after 2 days- I understand my mistakes and Know something like this will never happen again.
    Ban appeal [Acepted] -

    List your past and current applications: - college application [Acepted] - epilepsy application [ [Acepted] - Gaelic Application [Acepted]
    - Korean Application [Acepted]

    These 2 applications I realised I submitted them for the wrong thing but have learned from my mistakes: - medical id [Denied] medical id [Denied]

    What’s your motivation for applying?:

    At the moment I am doing biology and medical science in college at would love to apply my knowledge to the roleplay, I also would love to help the community, give back and provide them with the health care they need. I also see a little of a staff member during the morning around 9 am BST so I would like to be there to provide for anyone who needs medical attention. Also, I am not saying the medical staff is inactive I am saying that I can be there to for fill that time/ role if needed Its also so I can experience new things in the RP, Its also been my long time goal to get a doctor role in the RP. Mainly though I really enjoy helping other people I have witnessed gang events and other medical emergencies where I have been in that helpless position before so I would love to be able to finally help people when they need help.

    I am also usually on the server/ active every day for around 5 hours + and would love to spend my time on the RP server doing what I love and helping people in need and learning and developing my medical knowledge.

    What are you applying for?:

    Doctor role

    What do you know about the role you’re applying for?:

    I know that usually, doctors are the people who help find out a possible diagnosis and check for symptoms that could be related to. They help communicate throughout the team what's going on and give guidance to nurses and support if needed. The check the amount of medicine used and need to communicate clearly with the medical team and the patient- family etc. As well as treating the patient so they can recover or get better. I know that doctors need good communication skills to communicate with the patient and the team they might be working with. I know that doctors need to Have respect towards there patients as well.

    Do you know the basic Color Codes for medical emergencies?:

    Code blue- Medical emergency happening

    Code pink- Child or infant

    Code orange- Spill incident or Hazardous material

    Code red- Fire

    Code black- Bomb threat

    Code green- Emergency activation

    Code silver- Active shooter

    Code yellow- Disaster

    Code brown- Severe weather

    Code white- Evacuation

    Are you aware that each position has a set minimum age limit? (N: 23, D: 25, S: 28)*

    Yes, I understand the age requirements
    Nurse- 23

    Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:

    Yes, I understand if I am inactive I will be demoted.

    What do you know about basic medical knowledge?:

    As I am currently studying it at the moment I would hope to say I have the base knowledge of practice in the medical field. But hoping to learn more and progress in my knowledge of medicine. I understand stuff like the colour codes, How to provide a proper diagnosis, Different medical condition- How drugs are made - medication side effects and How to spot symptoms of illnesses Like- extreme fatigue could be a sign of Iron deficiency or possibly Diabetes.

    List all the EMS roles and their jobs:

    Clinical Lead- Clinical leads have usually been promoted and now are in charge of the role they used to have; Eg if you were a nurse and got promoted to clinical lead you would be in charge of nursing staff in that clinic or as a whole. They have the 3rd highest ranking in the hospital staff. They are in charge of managing their role as well as keeping them all in check.

    Clinical Manager- They are mainly in charge of administrative and managing recruitment. as well as managing clinics too. They help the establishment run smoothly working with most roles in the hospital. The clinical manager is the second-highest-ranking out of all the other hospital staff. They have the power to suspend workers and also help when hiring workers. They are in charge of mainly every role besides the head physician- head doctor.

    Head Physician - The head doctor or Physician who is in charge of the hospital itself and has the most important role/ highest ranking out of all the other medical roles. Mainly in charge of all the medical roles and making sure that the hospital runs to its best ability- they are also in charge of internships and can be in charge of other stuff like hiring staff.

    Psychiatrist - Usually makes the diagnosis and helps treats patients with Mental/ Emotional health disorders. They can help keep patients mentally stable and make sure they are ok as well as comfort and reassure patients that it will be ok.

    Surgeon - Surgeons Usually help fix and treat patient's injuries, They could perform different types of surgeries like a Tumor removal surgery / Primary surgery. They could also carry out other surgical tasks as well and give the best help to [atients when needed.

    Doctor - Also known as a medical practitioner. They help with the diagnosis and treatment of disease as well as supervising nurses and the use of medicine. It would help with helping to treat injury and hand out prescriptions if needed.

    Nurse - Have a really important role in a hospital they help with many roles like helping patience, treating disease, and communicating between the other hospital staff mainly, doctors. Nurses provide check-ups for patience when needed and comfort patients when needed.


    How are you like during and off shift?:

    During the job, Oce is Hardworking, determine, cooperative and mainly professional. She always has a positive attitude ad makes the best of her job. Off work, she is loving a caring to her friends and family, Off job and on the job she still enjoys helping people and being kind to everyone. Outside of work, she likes to socialize and go explore.

    How would you describe your personality in summary?:

    Oce has an outgoing and Brave personality. She is outgoing snd courageous and provides encouragement and comfort when needed. She is friendly and kind and always try to have a good outlook on the situation.

    How would you describe your appearance?

    Oce has Blonde long hair which is slightly wavey, her eyes are a light blue, She stands at 5'8 and is quite petite with chiselled features.

    Do you have any mental or physical illnesses we should be aware of?

    Oce has epilepsy but her seizures are controlled by medication

    What makes your character unique?

    She enjoys learning new things and having new experiences, she doesn't enjoy failure but understands some times you have to learn from your mistakes. She enjoys the company of others and meeting new people. She is originally from Ireland so she has a different accent to most people which people find interesting about her and hope to travel to different counties and help out people whilst she is there.

    Oce had quite a tough up bring her dad left her when she was young due to him being a drug addict so at the age of 3 she moved from a small beautiful town in Italy to a small home in the country of Ireland. Whilst in Ireland she had her first-ever check-up in a hospital where her mother discovered that she had epilepsy which was heartbreaking for her cause all her mother could see was the struggle her only daughter has already been trough. Oce was in hospital around once a month but didn't dwell on the fact she was ill but looked forward to the opportunity that she could be surrounded in what she wanted to do when she was older. Since she was still young when she moved to Ireland by the time she could talk as well as being surrounded by people speaking Irish she developed an accent and can speak some Celtic. From a young age, she was fascinated with Medicine and everything about it. Her mother after 5 years with no job went to college and got a PhD In midwifery so she could provide for her family. Oce continued to work hard throughout her school years and got accepted into Karakura so she could pursue her dream in medicine. Her mother still works hard every day in Ireland and visits possibly once a year. Her mother has taught her to say strong and achieves her dreams so she can give her family a better upbringing then she had.

    SECTION 1: Personal Details

    Full Name: Oceana O Zen
    Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss): Miss
    Given Name(s): Oceana
    Preferred Name: Oce
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Religious Denomination: Atheist
    Marital Status: Singel
    Nationality: Irish
    Current Location: Karakura, Japan

    SECTION 2: Academic Details

    Years of Residency: 15 years of residency

    Working Experience: She used to volunteer in a hospital she used to live by handing out drinks and refreshments to the elderly and kids

    Academic Degree: BSN

    Year of Graduation: 2019

    Major(s): Biology, Anatomy

    Minor(s): Biology

    Native Languages: Irish
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