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Information Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Im6, Nov 6, 2019.

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    If you are new to the server, it is recommended that you go through the entire tutorial at /warp tutorial by reading the holograms above to have a basic understanding of how the server works, prior to beginning to roleplay.


    How do I rank up?

    Play more on the server, you can use /grade to see how long it will take for you to next rank up, the maximum rank you may reach is Grade-12 which is aged 18.

    If you wish to become an Adult, apply for a job – They way to do it will be listed later in the thread. If you apply for the job, actually do the work and not just be there so that you may have the rank.


    How do I get money?

    You get a set amount of money every 30 minutes depending on your rank. View how much money you'll get and when with /rpmoney.

    You could increase the amount of money you earn through applying for a job on the server. (e.g. School Employee/Police-Officer etc.).


    How do I get food?

    You can get food from vending machines which are displaced server-wide. If you right-click the vending machine you’ll see a menu of different food options.

    Asking for food from players / characters could also be a way to get food from them, however bothering them consistently about it is not recommended.

    You may as well get food from the server through going to shops. You may as well find accessories or phones at these shops.


    How do I get into College?

    You can get into college through applying to become a student when Applications are open.

    You can view these in more detail by clicking the link below.


    When do shops open?

    Shops will open when the Shop Owners are available to open their store. You’ll see a message pop-up in chat when a shop is open

    To be able to distinguish the pop-ups from the other pop-ups that may happen in the chat; a shop opening which will have “[ADVERT]” at the beginning.


    How do I get Weapons?

    You can get a weapon from a Black Market Dealer on the server. However you can only purchase these if you're apart of a VERIFIED GANG - More information on this can be found in our discord.

    Find more information about prices of weaponry and prices or even becoming a Black Market Dealer through joining the Black Market Discord.


    How do I join the Roleplay Hub discord?

    You’ll have to do /discord whilst you’re on the server, after joining you may read through the #verification channel in order to get verified.
    • If the problem still persists after you attempt to verify yourself, contact a Staff Member in the #help channel, and from there you’ll be ready!

    How do I use colours?

    You must be a donator to use colours in In-Character (IC) chat and you have to be a donator to use colours in your character’s description.

    Once you've donated check out the colour codes here:

    As a donator feature you may as well have the /nick which gives you the opportunity to change your nickname, e.g:


    If you type in chat, your nick will show, e.g



    How do I change my RPName?

    To change your name, it's fairly easy, just use the command /rpname and type which ever name you wish to have! Once you press enter, you will be kicked - simply log back in and you’re name will be all set.


    How do I get an apartment?

    To claim an apartment, you need to click on the sign that states how much it is, after the time has run out - you either pay again or you lose the apartment.

    There are two different apartments

    Deluxe Apartments: ¥60,000

    Normal Apartments: ¥40,000


    How do I get a house?

    To claim a house, you need to click on the sign, which states how much it costs - after a period of time you will have to repay the house. Just like with the apartments.

    A house costs ¥200,000

    Penthouse prices vary depending on which penthouse you claim. Similar to apartments and houses, after a period of time you will have to repay the penthouse.

    A penthouse costs ¥100,000 - ¥150,000


    How do I get an estate?

    Here is all the information you’d need;


    What are the commands for my apartment?

    To access any apartment commands you have to do /apartment:


    The commands are rather self explanatory.


    How do I get a Custom Item?

    One way is to donate to the server and buy your own custom made model, once donated, you will have to contact MikeShotZ through Discord with your design.

    • It will take around a week (usually every Saturday) for the item to be implemented in the server.


    How do I get a car?

    One way is to donate to the server and buy your own custom made car, once donated, you will have to contact MikeShotZ through Discord with your design.

    Another way is to purchase a car from our 'vehicle vendor/store' which will be put into the game shortly.


    How do I become a Teacher/Police Officer, etc?

    Click on this link & choose whichever role you'd prefer.

    Follow the format given. It is recommended to bold the questions.

    Do not ask the Faction Lead or any Staff Member to check your application as it will lead to an immediate denial.

    If you’d like to become a Police-Officer, Black Market Dealer, etc. Check out #discords and information on how to apply for those jobs will be available within those Discords.


    How do I own my own shop?

    Click on this link and post an application for a store that's declared [UNOWNED]:

    Follow the rules & the format provided when applying for a store. Make sure you’ve filled out each question with relevant responses and then post it.The Shop Faction Lead will review it at any time they wish.


    How do I work as an employee at a shop?

    You should speak to the Shop Owners In-Game and instructions will be handed on the possibility of you being accepted.


    How do I become staff?

    NOTICE: Applying for Staff is different from applying to become a School Employee. To apply for that job, a Q & A has been provided above.

    You have to create your own format. You are more likely to be accepted by speaking to the Staff in Discord, but not persistently directly message (DM) them to prevent any sort of annoyance.

    You as well have a higher chance of being Staff if you’re active in the community, known to be mature and you’re well-known.


    My resource pack is broken, how do I fix this?

    Firstly, try to see if you’re using the supported Minecraft Version [1.13.2] - Also try downloading OPTIFINE, the link is here:

    If it still fails to work, go on %appdata% and go on your .minecraft folder, delete your entire server-resource-packs folder's CONTENTS (NOT THE FOLDER ITSELF) and retry it.


    I’m banned and really want to get back on the server, can I please be unbanned?

    If you wish to be unbanned from the server, click on this link:

    Follow the format provided & follow the rules.Submit the Ban Appeal on the section.


    Someone isn’t following the rules - but NO staff are online, what do I do?

    You may also report the player on the Forums using this link:

    Follow the format & rules provided. Submit the request and a staff member will tend to it whenever possible.


    I got myself stuck, how do I get out?

    If you are stuck somewhere in the map, simply do /warp spawn.

    If you can't do /spawn, try doing /espawn. If that doesn’t work then contact a Staff Member with /help.


    I'm stuck in jail, how can I get out?

    If your time is up in jail (check through /time), you’ll be automatically teleported to your last location before you got jailed.

    If you are infinitely stuck in jail, try typing /espawn. If that doesn’t work then contact a Staff Member through using /help


    I can't connect to the server, how do I fix this?

    The server is most likely down for everyone, however, you may have entered the IP address wrong. Ensure you’ve written it as so:

    To prevent any crashes while you’re on the server, we recommend for you to use 1.13.2, currently. (This will change as time goes on.)

    If you can’t click on the NPC to join a specific server you can do /server [desired server]

    If you’re still having issues with connecting you can contact a staff member through our discord in the discord channel #help.


    My Minecraft is very slow on the server, how do I fix this?

    If you are having issues on fixing your FPS (Frames Per Second)

    Try to use a wired connection to your router: A wired connection is a superior way of getting a faster internet connection.



    How do I buy a donator rank on the server?

    Do /buy, then click any of the options you prefer from that menu.

    Wait for 15 minutes maximum, if the rank hasn’t arrived contact an Owner on the server with valid evidence.


    I’ve lost my rank, how do I get it back?

    If you’ve lost your rank, go to the following sub-section under “Support” on the Forums.

    • You need to provide evidence of you owning the rank, and as well anything else recommended in the thread.

    I lost my custom item/car, how do I get it back?

    To get your custom item/car back, you'll need to fill in the format and post a request in this page of our forums.

    • A Senior Administrator or higher will review and return the item to you if the proof suffices the item you requested.

    How do I get a FAKE I.D?

    You can get a fake I.D from a Black Market dealer when they are online on the server itself.

    • These are only needed if you are below 20 in game; with this, you can purchase items such as alcohol and cigarettes without having to have the tag being 20+.
    More information about the Black Market and the process of purchasing can be found on the Black Market discord itself.


    How do I make a suggestion?

    Suggestions and Feedback are recorded on the forums here:

    Oftenly the thread will be checked every Friday. Note that some features/feedback may not be taken immediately as we prioritise certain aspects on what is needed.


    Where are the shops?

    Shops are mostly located in the shopping district. Which you can find by following the street signs! You’d see one at /warp spawn, as you go ahead, it will lead you slowly to your designated location.


    How do I join a club or sports team?

    You can attend tryouts when hosted; they will be announced in the Karakura Academics discord and the designated event channel, which you can locate through our Discord

    Clubs can be found through the same resource; joining their discord in those that interest you may land you a spot as a member depending on if they are currently accepting.

    If wanting to create a club, an announcement will be released along with an application to fill out when applications are open.


    How do I become an animal?

    You can purchase the animal whitelist here that allows you to be animals such as Dogs, Cats, Dolphins, and more.

    Note that if you are found abusing any of the perks gained by purchasing this your rank may be taken at any time without refund.


    Where do we apply to be a certain age?

    You can only get above 18 by applying for a rank/job on the forums; other than that, you can only age with


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