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Level 32


16Percs [MAIN]

Previous bans/warns/kicks:

[BANS] - This was used in one of my previous applications, the KPD one. I am just using it again as it explains everything.
2019 or 2020 | Fly hacking ; Flaros

This ban was 100% valid, and I admit to doing this action. Back then, I was a dumb individual who ignored the rules and was pretty new to the server. I still look back on this and feel embarrassed about what I have caused on the server, and I sincerely apologize. I like to also look at this as a way to become a better person and learn from my mistakes.

2021 | Failrp, Metagame, AvoidRP ; Hebwig

This ban was complicated, but I will own up to it. There was a crime at the powerplant, and we were viewing it from a distance, but a few minutes later just decided to leave as it was getting quite dull. We were on our way back to the plaza when we decided to warp spawn as we did no crime, so we assumed we weren’t restricted in doing so. I guess we were wrong, and I am very sorry for that. Before we warped, I saw a KPD officer running towards the area for a split second, so I guess that is why I was convicted of this act. I never wanted to do this and never wanted to ruin their day. I am very sorry for this action, and I hope this never happens again. I also learned from this act to never warp spawn after witnessing a crime as you may get questioned & searched for it - which I will always make sure not to warp spawn in the future.


I had one recent warning 1-2 days ago that was a rule-break for removing limbs without them being knocked out, which I was unaware of. I just returned to GangRP a week or two ago, so I am not so new with the Combat RP rules, Although that is not an excuse. And it is 100% my fault for not reviewing the Combat RP rules a second time.

I may have other warnings, but I do not remember them. But I am certain that I do.

List any applications that you have created on the forums: [ACCEPTED] [DENIED] [DENIED] [ACCEPTED] [ACCEPTED]

Describe your activity on the server:

My activity on the server is excellent! I log on around 1-3 pm every day, then play for the whole day until around midnight. When I am on the server, I usually hang around friends or do stuff for my gang. I do such things as getting activities to show off the newly branded gang to become possibly more known. I love logging onto this server every day because It is my passion, and I'd love to try the opportunity of leading a gang that is adverted.

If I do perhaps get this gang adverted, I will not let it go to waste. I will make the gang as active as possible and take dedication into this.

Specify your Discord name and discriminator (USER#????):

My discord is: Jay!#5959

Specify the link to your gang's Discord: (This link must be permanent and have unlimited uses)

Specify the amount of members currently in your gang:

There are about 17 members in my organization. They were picked from their reputation, and skill within the faction. (Some people may have a bad reputation, but a chance was given to redeem themselves as not a toxic person - In other words, placed on trial.)

Specify one (1) idea for an event your gang would do:

Two on Two Gang fight.

This Idea may seem a bit optimistic, but it may be something to consider. The two gangs will be in a brawl, one gang having a rivalry and the other assisting them for back-up. The fight will be in ample space, such as the power plant or the Akihito parking lot. The leaders of the two gangs that have a rivalry will start a speech in which a stand-down between the four gangs will commence. A warning will be given before one of the gang leads yell "CHARGE" and start a brawl with each gang. In my opinion, this will be quite a huge fight and a significant event. To make it better, it will be p2l (Depending on the party's vote.) However, it will be pretty messy, so do not get confused. You will toggle focus on the individual you're fighting, which will hopefully help you.

Before the gang fight, there will be flash events with the four gangs or just the two rival ones. This creates tension between both organizations and prepares them for what is to come.


This one is quite a classic, but it is still interesting.

First, we will get permission from a store or possibly even a club to do an event involving robbery. Once we get that consent, we'll start discussing it with the event team. Once the event happens, Sumairu will group up in an area they're known to be in and start discussing what they will do. They will then get into attire with their ballistic masks and start storming into the store, weapons in hand, demanding everyone to get onto the ground. One will watch the exit for cops and make sure no one escapes. The others will be demanding yen from the cashiers. Once they get the yen, the one watching outside will yell, "COPS!" to which the whole group runs away, and a chase ensues. This will make it fun for the KPD and the members of Sumairu, and overall will be good roleplay. The rest is all ICly, which means it's not certain for someone to escape or get arrested.

What is the name of your gang?:


What are the themes/morals/beliefs/motives of your gang?:

The motive of Sumairu is to cleanse all gangs from the town of Karakura until they're the only ones left standing. The reasoning on why they want to do so is because they want to be the only gang standing in that city to show power and dominance over the civilians. Even if that means killing some of the KPD, they believe that gangs in this city are just a waste of space in the town and that the mask will guide them through it.

What differs your gang from the rest of the unverified gang roster and other applicants?:

What differentiates the gang from most is the concept of Sumairu. It revolves around a "smiling mask" in which that represents their gang. Sumairu is also not a crime-hungry organization. They're a business. They may commit a crime then and there, but that isn't the concept around their organization. Sumairu is also more of a gang that doesn't give a fuck about others' opinions, they could dog the organization all they want, but it won't affect them. They will be the ones who fall in the end. Like all the others.

What reputation does the gang uphold in-character at the moment? Where are they most actively present?:

The gang is quite known for running away from the KPD and doing criminal activities like removing individuals’ limbs or knocking them out cold. Sumairu is active all around the town but most active at the Old Kishi Hideout. However, the gang will be more known once they start doing their “events.”

Write a paragraph describing your gang and showcasing what they are capable of: (This is for the unverified gang roster. This section must have under or a maximum of 120 words and cannot go over this number; otherwise, your application will be denied)

Sumairu is a gang of Delinquents and business people. Sumairu is based around a white mask which they use to represent their organization. That is what Sumairu stands for. “Smile.” Sumairu believes themselves to be superior to others, especially gangs. However, they do not always pick the first fight. They only retaliate when someone messes with them. Sumairu is capable of many things, including making someone disappear, removing a limb, and doing personal business in the shadows. Sumairu is more than capable of taking down a gang. They’re all skilled individuals, don’t let the mask fool you.
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Level 74
Crime Lead
Authorization Team

Thank you for taking the time to apply. Sadly, after discussion with my BMDs we have decided to reject this application at this time.

We are searching for more unique gangs with unique goals and plans, sadly this gang whilst not a bad gang does not meet those standards, if you would like you are free to message on discord at LEWK#0666 if you would like to discuss further regarding the denial and the reasons behind it.​

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